Part 6 the wishes

Isabella Graham:"Are you getting in?" Me :"The water is really -" I didn't even get to say cold because he had thrown me inside already. I surfaced his face had turned red from laughing. Graham:"Your expression was priceless " Jack :"She made a cum face " Me:"A what?" Thabiso:"Ssh she is only 16" Lindsay :"You are 16 I didn't know that Graham went for the babies too" Everyone except me rollds their eyes and ignored her my guess is they are used to her behaviour. Thabiso :"Guys we going to the nearest store" They took his car and left Lindsay and Jack were in their tent so it was just me and Graham. Him:"I've been meaning to ask" Me :"Ask what? " Him:"The Wishes you wrote were they genuine?" I swam away but he caught up with me . Me:" Yes they are" Him:"But how does someone like you love someone like me?" Me :"I have never really been with anyone so I do not know" I got out and sat on the rock the my feet were still in the water He was floating .. Graham :"But I'm badfor you and everyone else" Me :"I know " Graham :"But you never threw yourself at me" I chuckled and bit my nails. Me:"I'm not your type you always date white girls with petite bodies" Graham :"I don't date them we only fuck besides what if I'm meant to date a black with a little bit of flesh? " I swear my face turned red from blushingwhen I looked up his eyes were fixed on me. We kept inching closer and closer till we closed the gap. I was shivering but as soon as his cold lips met mine it was as though fireworks were set between us I suddenly felt the warmth not only in my mouthbut on my thighs where his hand was currently located In between my thighs where I had no idea what the hell was going on but it felt so good He was nibbling and pulled on my lower lips slowly I tried doing it the same way and when he groaned I assumed I did a good job. Yey first kiss strike 3. His hand left my thighs only to grip my waist and pull me back to the water He was nibbling and pulled on my lower lips slowly I tried doing it the same way and when he groaned I assumed I did a good job. Yey first kiss strike 3. His hand left my thighs only to grip my waist and pull me back to the water He pulled me up then made me wrap my legs around his waist we weren't on the deep side so it was nice really that hard for him to stand. The kiss was out of this world and I am assuming that him like me he didn't want to break it but we had to catch our breath which I didn't know I held till we broke the kiss. My lower lip was rather warm very after the kiss. Graham:"I don't want to use you I don't even know how long you have had those wishes" He was still holding me . Me:"This is the 3rd year" He raised his eyebrow and smirked I have been crushing on him for 3 years now. Graham:"Okay are they really that important to you?" Me:"Very" He looked down then back at my lips lastly my eyes Graham :"I will fulfill them for you if only you promise that none of us will get hurt" Me :"Why do I have to be the one promising you that?" Graham:"Okay I promise you won't get hurt" I laughed Graham is a fuckin player I don't know if he will survive this. Me:"And the girls"? Graham:"I know potential when I see it and right now it's in my hands" He squeezed my bum I jumped off him and fell back inside the water.He laughed I clicked my tongue and got out...He followed me . Me:"They took the towels and I am shivering cold". Graham:"You can squat here in the meantime " I shook my head and sat on the camp chair instead Indeed they came back just a few minutes later. I was still thinking about the kiss I can't believe I had my first kiss not to mention my second wish is coming true. Enhle:"So we brought booze" Just then Lindsay came our of the tent with her hair looking like a bed nest. Lindsay :"Did someone say booze?" Enhle gave each of us snacks the boys were setting up the alcohol on the stretch table. Jack:"I missed you so much" Me :"Jesus Jack where did you come from?" Jack:" You didn't miss me?" Me :"No" Jack:"Too bad cause I might go crazy if you don't kiss me mama" Graham:"Leave her man" The boys laughed. Thabiso :"Finally " Me :"What?" They ignored me Graham :"Juice? " Me :"Thanks" I drank it but spit it out. Enhle :"Jesus Graham" Me :"What's this?" Graham :"Alcohol" Me :"This is alcohol? why does it taste so bad?Does everyone who drink it enjoy the bitter taste? " Thabiso:"I told you to get something sweet maybe brutal fruit" Me :"I'm never drinking in my life" They gave me juice Truth be told I had a great weekend. Something I've never had before even though I had to watch Enhle and Lindsay twerk while I sat on Graham lap I still enjoyed it. At night they deprived my sleep because it was party time and the were shooting fireworks unfortunately we had to part ways. Graham :"I'll see you on Monday" Me :"Sure" We hugged and I went inside 2 wishes down 6 to go before I turn 16 in December.


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