Part 4 the wishes

Isabella I was out of my world I even forgot I had company I'm just used to being alone Jack:"Besides I love what you wearing I think it would blend in well with my floorknow what I mean" I was in my uniform Me :"Yes I do" I replied in between laughs. Graham:"So can you come?" Me :"I'll have to confirm tomorrow " I thought they would leave but they sat with me and ate my food. For the first time in forever I had a good laugh and felt no need to be awkward To say mom was thrilled would be an understatement she was over the top. For the rest of the week Graham Thabs and Jack spent their breaks with me. I asked if people won't notice that they aren't in sight but they said next week it will be my turn to go to their spot. Mom:"Did you pack your repellent I don't know will there be mosquitoes " Me :"Mom I'll be okay" Mom:"I'm just happy I haven't seen you smiling like this " Me :"I hope I will have a good time" "Good time where? Mel asked when walking in.. Mom:"Mel is going camping with boys from school" Mel:" And you are letting her leavewait did you say boys?" Mom:"Yes I trust she will not do anything" Mel:"Yeah because she isn't like me?" I continued packing I am not one to argue especially with Mel who has a tongue that can run a 100 miles. A knock came through at the kitchen door... Mom:"Come in" Graham and Thabiso walked in. Mel:" Oh wow " . . . Bathabile My mind was fuzzy as always I wanted to walk to the shops just to clear my head and I wanted to do it alone but what if someone kidnaps or what if I get mugged so I just decided to seat outside not for long though because mom sat besides me. Most people assume woman from rural areas don't do pep talks but my mother does them. Mom:"Bathi" Me :"Mama" Mom:"Are you okay?You've been down and that's unlike you" Me :"I'm just worried about leaving home next year" Mom:"You might get help if you leave but if it's a boy nana no thing with 3 legs is worth your tears okay?" I laugh and smile with a small nod. Me:"I get it mom thank you" Mom:"And tell that boyfriend of yours to not dare break your heart " Me :"He won't mama" She grabs my arm and stands up

I sigh after she leaves. God knows I love Lwando to bits I can't break up with him. Seeing him with other girls is way better than us not being something. All I need to do is show him how much I love him and make him change his mind about what he said. He needs to see that I have a back bone and I can stand up for myself with or without his insults. Either way at school I went to him during break I couldn't read whether he was confused or surprised. Me:"Hey" He stood up straight and fixed himself. Lwando:"So no hug?" I scoffed Me:"Really?We haven't been talking for days and you ask if I won't give you a hug" Lwando :"It was a simple question " I sighed . Me :"I'm here to ask if you really think I'm an idiot" He scratched his head curving his lip not in a smiling manner though. Lwando:"No I don't think you are an idiot but you can be clingy" Me:"Ouch I didn't think you'd throw my illness back in my face like this " Lwando:"You see that's the problem guilt tripping me with your illness love doesn't work like that" I folded my arms and looked at him. Me:"Since you are an expert fill me in on how love works because I'm certain no one can define or tell you how love worksthey have their own hearts you have yours so I'm listening " Lwando :"Are you here to fight with me?" Me :"No but it seems like it's going there slowly" Thing with me is that I can stay with you and let you shit on me but don't think you can get an easy exit. If Lwando thinks I will just let him leave simply because he is tired of me means nothing. He will leave because I'll be forcing his hand.He grabbed my wrist and looked around before tightening his grip. Lwando:"You will not talk to me anyhow syevana?"I nodded "Say you are sorry" He pinched me. Me:"I'm sorry " He loosened his grip Lwando :"I'm the one with balls in this relationship okay" Me :"Fine but just so you know simply because I let you beat me and I watch you with girls doesn't mean I'm weak dare walk away with my virginity you will get a taste of my wrath " With that said I walked back to Liz some skin piling off where he pinched me. Liz:"You okay?" Me :"Just wish Lwando had a car " Liz:"Oh finally she stops being a doormatwere gone burn it" I look at her she stops laughing. I clicked my tongue fixing my eyes on Lwando. .


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