Part 32 the wishes

Graham I felt bad really bad I looked at the money she had just given me.It was a lot but honestly I don't need money to fix my car I have money all I wanted was for her to apologise. The car didn't even have a stretch and it happens to be a Dodge Viper which was mine and Isabellas favourite car. The poor girl looked really hurt I didn't bring it to myself to follow her I just took out my phone and called my sister. Emily :"Brother" Me :"Where the hell are you?" Emily:"I am right here" She was standing behind me I slid my phone back inside my pocket and handed her the keys. Me:"No partying at my place" Emily :"Why would I even do something like that ? Knowing your security they'll tell you everything " Me :"Oh good thing you know that and don't bring any fuckers" Emily :"Okay can I have the keys I have work to get back to" I gave her the keysshe kissed my cheek then left. I wonder who the crying girl is or where she is going. . . . April I usually help at the job but I decided to clean myself up before going there I wasn't even close to looking presentable so I had no idea when I might actually go help. A knock came through I can't ignore the workers though. Me:"Come in" A beautiful girl with dark brown hair walked in it's weird how familiar she looked. She was smiling widely. Her:"Uhm hi I'm Emily the new girl" I stood up and shook her hand. Me:"Uhh welcome I'm the temporal manager so you are a small right your uniform came in yesterday " I am usually shy so I don't talk to people while looking at them cause most of the times I end up stuttering or being unclear. Emily :"Yes that's me" I handed her the t-shirt. Me:"Uhm you will be helping the customers with showing them where certain items are and their sizes you'll be in the aisles with two other people so it won't be much of a problem " Emily :"I am actually good with people" I smiled at her. Me:"Uhm have a good day" The rest of my day was just dull although Emily kept looking at me and smile whenever I went to the shop you could see she was concerned but these things happen. My father came in just as I was closing up. Dad:"April" Me :"Pa" Dad:"What happened?" I turned around and hugged him he hugged me back..The tears just came back once again. Me:"I left him I finally left him" He pulled me off him then looked at me.. Dad:"Then you should be proud of yourself you were brave enough to end things with him . You will find love again" Me :"I don't think I want love again " For real I won't be falling in love anytime soon not only is the wound fresh but love ruined me. Dad:"Don't worry you will fall in love when you found the right person" I laughed.. Me:"Says someone who has been single ever since I was born" Dad:"I have been busy" I scrunched my nose. Me:"I don't want to know I might need a knew place to stay seeing that Vusi might decide to stalk me" Dad:"And I know just the place " Dad got the place for me within 3 days and I was moving there today I found Emily waiting for me at the gate. Me:"Hey" Emily :"Hi you the one moving here?" Me :"Yes you own this place?" Emily :"I wish it belongs to my brother and he is hardly around. You also happen to be my neighbour " I smiled she was really sweet but I wouldn't know if it was real since I have never been one to have lady friends. Me:"Then I'll have someone to ask sugar from " She laughed. Emily :"Let me help you with your things then I'll go party" Me :"Okay thanks" She help me put everything inside

I unpacked and looked around. The place was spacious and really clean I doubt they had any cockroaches here it was already furnished which I happen to be happy with. Unfortunately I had no groceries because Vusi cleaned me up and I don't eat a lot sometimes I just forget to eat. Emily came to say goodbye I had a quick shower . My hair was so thick I really needed to plait it I was blessed with afro it doesn't look good when it's silk though. There was a knock at the door as I was busy drying my hair I stayed in a Bachelor flat so everything was out thereI wasn't dressed I took my gown which didn't reach my knees it was a little above them. I opened the doorthere stood a tall man who looked like a dream. He was dressed in a suit but had no tie his hair looked neat he had a nicely shaved subtle in his cheek .His skin was so tan. Me:"Hey" I smiled hoping he'd return it but all he did was scowl. Him:"Are you the new tenant?" Me :"Yes can I help you?" Him:"I'm Graham Ryder I own the place and this is a contract you have to sign " He handed it to me. Me:"Please come inI would offer you something to drink but I only have tap water" He was making me nervous he seemed so calm.I looked behind me he sat down and stared at me his look was so intense I thought he'd move his eyes when I looked at him but he didn't. I cleared my throat and read through itsatisfied I signed and gave him one copy. Graham:"Do I know you from somewhere? " Me:"No I don't know you unless you have come to the shop " I stood up and wiped my hands in the gownI sweat when I'm nervous. He sat still and looked at my face then went to my legs his eyes stayed there before they came back up.He was sitting in my room like a boss he even had his leg over the other. He stood up still scowling then left I shut the door behind me and held my chest. My heart was beating really fast.


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