Part 30 the wishes

Melinda Jack has just confessed his love for me at some point I didn't believe the words he said but as soon as I saw the look on his face I knew that he was being sincere. And he was definitely scorned. Me :"Jack you want us to date" Jack :"I really love you Mel" Him and I have been having sex for a pretty long time and well there was some chemistry one I couldn't deny. Me:"I love you too Jack but we need to start our relationship on honesty " Jack:"I have been honest with you" Me :"But I haven't. .Graham and I had sex a while back believe me I'm the one that insinuated it" Jack:"You and my bestfriend had sex " Me :"It was a mistake one I regret happening We promised to not tell anyone but I am telling you because I do love you genuinely " Jack :"I need some air " He walked out of my room I sat down and sighed well this didn't go well. Jack looked hurt. . . . Bathabile I was walking to Grahams place to apologise when Jacks car passed me. Me:"Show off" He was really driving fast. When I got there I could hear shouting from the door I still went inside because the door was opened and luckily there isn't much security to stop me from going in. Jack :"You knew that I loved her but you still slept with her" Okay this is a show to watch. Graham:"Of course I knew but she knelt in front of me a gave a head I can't say no a head" Jack:"She gave you a head and pussy" Graham :"Look man Melinda is loose but if she say she loves you then believe it Just don't bring her anywhere near me" Jack was the one with the red face and Graham still looked like he usually does. . Jack:"You are not going to apologise " Graham didn't say anything Jack punched him. Jack:"Fuckin moron" I ran to Graham and held his cheek but he grabbed my arm and pushed me to the floor. Graham :"what the fuck are you doing here? " Me :"I came to apologise " He chuckled and wiped the blood off his mouth. Graham :"Is it ? You burnt my sister and I'm sure you the bitch the wrecked my car" Me :"I didn't wreck your car" I'm not losing a guy like him because of one stupid mistake and honesty no ways. Graham:"Get out" Me :"No not until you hear me out" Okay now he was fuming with anger he grabbed my neck and strangled me. I would choose pain over leaving him anytime when he saw that I wasn't budging he stopped I dropped on the floor and coughed. Graham:"Leave now" Me:"Fine but don't regret what's coming to you" I kicked his door and walked out. . . . Graham Really? Two times in the morning what the fuck did I even do to the universe? How did I even end up with an insane girl like this one? I was about to sleep when my phone rang it was Jack which was surprising. Jack :"Come to Mels place now" Me:"Why?" I heard noise on the background "Never mind" I wore my jacket and jogged to their residence since I couldn't drive my car because it was being fixed. My eyes widened when I saw Bathabile at the balcony. Me:"Holy fuck " It seemed as if I wasn't running fast enough was she going to kill herself. Me:"What happened? " Melinda was wrecked she was bleeding I think all over her face. Bathi:"Tell me you love me or I'll jump" My eyes widened. Me:"What?" We had an audience now

which I didn't like one bit. Bathi:"Tell me " Jack:"Just tell her man" Me :"How when the only person I ever told I love is Bella?" Mel:"I don't want murder in my hands" Me :"Suicide this is suicide " Bathi :"Shut up all of you just shush" We all stopped and looked at her. I wasn't going to tell her I love her I can't lie with a big words like that. Me:"If you jump you and I will never be together again Get down so you and I can solve this together " Her face was wet with tears and mucus I don't know if she was obsessed with me or she is just crazy. Bathi:"You aren't lying to me?" Me :"No ways why would I lie to you come" She placed her hand in mine then she jumped down I hugged her. I didn't see the ambulance arrive but I saw her being taken away. She literally went ballistic I sat on her bed and buried my head in my hands. Jack :"I've never seen something like this before" I looked at Jack. Me:"I'm sorry man" Melinda was cleaning herself in the bathroom. Jack:"It's okay man" Me :"Thanks so what really happened here?" Jack :"After our argument I left your place and came here it wasn't even 30 minutes later when Bathabile walked in. It's her room so I wasn't worried well that was until she jumped Melinda and damn that girl can fight. I tried pulling her away but she grabbed her hair I honestly thought she'd lose her head She finally let go but when I looked out she was climbing the balcony. She wanted Graham here " Melinda came in and sat down. Me :"I am sorry for what she did" Mel:"Yeah she thought me that I must learn how to fight and stop talking a lot" Jack laughed. Jack :"Never arrange this sort of thing man better have one night stands" Me :"I'm going to take a small break from sex from now on" They laughed I look at Bellas picture and smiled Funny how I knew Bathabile wasn't the one yet I still went for her.


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