Part 3 the wishes

Isabella If I was your typical girl I'd probably scream in happiness but I was just me awkward so I screamed mentally..I am not pretty or have a body to die for even if I were to were make up nothing would change. Graham isn't that handsome too but with his body and how he wears his uniform not forgetting his charming smile we all bow down to him. I was thankful that tomorrow is Saturday which meant I don't need to stand school politics. When I got home I went to my horse. Me:"Did they feed you?" I took a spade and cleaned up his small house yes he has a house at the backI put it in a bucket..I took the brush.. Me:"You like that don't you?" He nodded Me:"Good boy " He was really growing getting bigger by the minute. I fed him his sugar cubes and went back to the house. Mom:"How was school?" Me :"Nothing new" Mel was looking at me I know she is waiting for me to tell mom and dad what she didthen she can murder me that's how bad she is. Dad:"You don't seem fine" So now he decides to notice. Me:"I am fine I swear it" Mel:"We spent the whole day outside it was sports " Dad:"And she didn't know it was sports?" I shook my head and stood upI was full. Dad doesn't understand me he never will. I watched tv in my room. Saturday for me means walking my house around the yardit's pretty huge. "Isabella you have a visitor" Mom shouted from the front yard. Me :"We have a visitor hm" I ran inside the house mom was smiling like a retarded person. When she moved away I knew why. Me:"Graham" I said in a high pitched voice I hate it when it happens. Graham :"Can I come in?" Me :"Yes please " He looked at me. Graham :"Are you going somewhere? " I shook my head he was supposed to make me nervous but he is probably the only person I have spoken to this much. Me:"No just walking my horse" Graham :"You have a horse"I nodded "Can I see him?" Me :"Okay" He placed my book on the table thay was nearby and we walked to the back. Graham :"Your house is so huge" Me :"Thank you" I untied horseys rope. Graham :"What's his name ?" Me :"It's a she and it's horsey" He nodded and brushed her He was walking besides me. Graham :"Is it weird that I don't know you?" I chuckled and shook my head. Me:"No a lot of people don't know me" He stood infront of me refraining me from walking any further. Graham :"But you look like someone " Me :"Melinda perhaps ?" Graham :"Wait your sisters " I nodded "She's a bitch" Me :"I know " Graham :"Can we be friends?" Me :"I have never had friends before " Graham :"Then we can be friends I'm sure you are fun" I laughed Me:"Not at all" I returned horsey back. Graham :"I can make you fun if you give me a chance" He even followed me back to my room he was talking and he didn't even mind my short responses. Me:"You can take another book if you want to" Graham:"I didn't take you as someone who does romance" Me :"I know right " He stayed longer only because he was reading my book I too was reading. I gave him a sandwich he ate it and left. On Monday I was in my sport during break when Graham and his two other friends Thabiso and Jack sat besides me. Jack:"So I hear you are single?" I laughed Jack was the flirt amongst them Thabiso too but he was loyal to his girlfriend and Graham was the type that doesn't even need to flirt to get a girl.. Me:"Yeah" Jack:"Well I lost my virginity can I have yours? I found my self laughing well that was good. Graham:"I think she likes you she didn't laugh like this with me" Thabiso :"She is pretty though my type of girl" Me :"Why are you guys here?" Jack:"I thought you were enjoying our company or should I get rid of these two" Graham punched him while laughing. Me:"I didn't say I wasn't " Graham:"We wanted you to come with us this weekend well with me since I'll be lonely " Jack :"He'll be lonely I'll be cold and I will need you to warm me up" Thabiso :"Don't play with Bellalisten baby girl we are going on a road trip and Graham really wants you to come you can bring someone if you want to" I bit my lipI'm pretty sure mom would agree because she will see that I have friends are they even my friends either way I needed this.


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