Part 29 the wishes

Graham Melinda thankfully had cleared offI couldn't wait to see Emily this weekend. I decided to ask the matron to drive her to the bus station. These compulsory weekend are shitty cause now I have to use the little money I had for her bus and food for the road. Bathabile has been good too there hasn't been anything off with her. The following day was a Friday in the morning my sister was arriving I woke up as tired as I was and drove to the bus station. She didn't look changed although she had a few pimples on her face which I doubt she likes. Me:"Baby girl " I hugged her and kissed her head. Emily :"Can I have the bed please ?" Me :"You are not even happy to see megee sis" Emily :"I just had the longest trip I ever took Graham please " Me:"Fine come" She followed me Emily :"You need a new car" Me :"You need a new mouth" I got in and drove off I love this car a lot. It reminds me of both my mom and Bella my heart still throbs. Emily and I sleep together but I will be putting a bed in the living room soon. Emily:"Nice place " Me :"The bathroom is there and that's the bedroom you can go sleep I'll make something to eat " She went to bed I don't like greasy food but she does. I am one stuck up person when it comes to food I don't like junk so I made something meaty but added a lot of veggies. She woke up at night. Me:"You should stop wearing my t-shirts why did you steal that one too" Emily:"You my brother it's legal to steal from you " Me :"Whatever you can dish up for yourself if you want to" Emily:"No hospitality " I ignored her a knock came through. It wasn't Jack I know how he knocks. Me:"Bathabile" Bathi:"Hey are you busy?" Me :"Why are you here?" She looked hurt but recovered. Bathi:"It's Fridaythere is no party and we usually meet Fridays" I scratched my head. She had a lunchbox in her hand. Me:"Uhm can we postpone? " She squinted her eyes. Bathi:"Why?" Me :"I'm in the middle of something actually I don't think we can have sex today but I'll pick you up when I'm free " Bathi:"I thought you didn't date?" She signalled for me to take the lunch box of which I took. Me:"I don't date" She pushed past me and got in. Emily was now on the couch having her food. Bathi:"oh wow" Me :"What?" She folded her arms. Bathi:"I called a cab and baked you muffins so I can find you with another girl" Me :"Excuse me

you and I aren't dating and I can fuck whoever I want whenever " She opened her mouth and blinkedgreat she has caught feelings. Bathi:"So you don't see me the way I see you?" Me :"No please leaveyou didn't even ask who this is. I will come to you when I need a fuck for now I'm good" She hit Emilys platethen walked out. I crouched infront of her I know my sister doesn't like cold food so she probably warmed it a lot. Me:"Come" Emily :"Who was that? " I should have listened to Melinda when she told me about her. . . . Bathabile How dare he? Who does he think he is? Fuck I can't believe I have been played once again.I really thought him and I had some kind of connection now this. I was so furious I wanted something to hit. I didn't even wait for the lift. I ran past Grahams car but turned back when a thought came to my mind I looked around for something like a bottle which I quickly found. I kicked his mirrors first then I busted his wheels unfortunately the glass cut me the second one but I did manage to leave his car with scratches. There was no one in my room which gave me enough privacy to scream the cut in my hand was really deep. I washed in the sink I looked at my self in the mirror I was even sweating. I pulled myself together and smiled. Me:"Look at youyou are beautiful you have a big ass and boobs why can't he love you? Maybe you didn't give him time" I went back to bed but was woken up by Mel who pulled my blankets. I blinked before opening my eyes fully. Me:"What the hell?" Mel:"It was you wasn't it?" Me :"That did what?" Mel:"You crazy bitch you wrecked Grahams car" My eyes widened. Me:"What? Is Graham okay?" Mel:"Cut the act?" Me :"What act ? What do you even mean by wrecked?" Mel:"You burnt his sister with food because you assumed they are dating" Me :"His sister? " Mel:"Oh here we go again so I have to spell everything out to you?" That was his sister? damn my only ticket to winning his heart I should have brought her closer to me. Me:"I did do that but the car shit I don't know aboutmove I need to go apologise to Graham " She was ready to hit me I wish she would have tried just so I could shown her what a human flame looks like.


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