Part 28 the wishes

Bathabile I has just came from my consulation room I was instructed which medication I needed they didn't guarantee it treating the bipolar but they would keep my moods in order I didn't even understand this .There were just too many definitions' manic depression it is a mental illness ' I didn't even know its course. Too bad I couldn't even afford a good doctor to take me to the hospital. The first thing I did when I got to res was drink my pills Melinda wasn't there. For the entire week I would sleep in middle of lessons honestly speaking I felt normal as I was previously I didn't understand the need for pills. It was another Friday which means it's been a whole week since I haven't seeen Graham Melinda was nowhere to be found. Jack had come to her earlier. I opened the door and almost collapsed when Graham stood there with his arm on the wall. I was a mess I had just woken up. Graham :"Aren't you going to let me in?" Me :"I uhm sure come in" I closed the door and wiped my face. Graham:"So you alone?" Me :"Yeah how did you know my room number? " He furrowed his eyebrows when he saw Mels side of the room he took on the many pictures Mel had . Graham:"Mel" He touched it with so much love I think that was weirdness on another level. Me:"Owkay" Graham :"So are you available for me tonight? " Me :"I really expected you during the week but you ducked me and I mean every time" He put the picture down and put his hands behind him. Graham :"As much as I have wanted to have sex with you we shouldn't let that distract us from school work" Me :"Yeah I get it so I'm like a weekend special? " He craned his neck. Graham :"If that's what you want to call yourself then yeah" I raised my eyebrow I really thought he'd tell me otherwise. I guess there's a lot I need to know about him. Me:"So what brings you to my room? " Graham:"I thought we could hang here but I don't think I want to anymore " Me :"Mhhm you wanted us to have sex here? " Graham:"If you want sex you can just dress up and we can go" Me :"Okay " I wore my gown over my pyjamas and locked up. . . . Graham There was too much Isabella in that room I couldn't stay there and have sex with another girl. I didn't want to take her back to my place again after hearing she is bipolar but I don't seem to have much of a choice. Today she wasn't as shy as the other day the minute we walked inside my apartment she started being all touchy but avoided my hair at all costs. I liked how she moaned my name even time I hit her hard I did get carried away once again but I bruised her neck this time around. I just get so much rage when I have sex and I feel like I should take it out on her. Me:"You okay?" She was leaning against the headboard the sheet clutched on her arms.. Bathi:"Why do you do that and look apologetic? " Me :"Do what?" Bathi :"Bruise me" Me :" Why do you think I look apologetic?" Bathi:"Okay maybe you get curious but you seemed worried when we had sex last week" I brushed my hair this girl talks a lot. Me:"Dress up I'm taking you home" She groaned but didn't argue against me. Which I am happy about? She was leaning on the door when I was driving her back. Me:"See you tomorrow " She banged my door

this girl talks a lot. Me:"Dress up I'm taking you home" She groaned but didn't argue against me. Which I am happy about? She was leaning on the door when I was driving her back. Me:"See you tomorrow " She banged my door I bit my lip. I love this car her banging it pisses me off. I saw Jacks car on the parking when I walked up he was standing there with Melinda. Jack:"Where were you?" Me :"Why are you here?" Jack:"Mel suggested we check up on you you have been scarce" Me :"It was during the week of course I'll be busy" Jack:"Oh so you aren't dating " I furrowed my eyebrows. Me:"Am I in some kind of interview here?" Mel:"We are just worried about you" Me :"Oh really? Are you worried Melinda?" She didn't say anything I clicked my tongue and walked inside my room leaving them outside. . . . Melinda Jack:"Why did you insist on coming here again?" Me:"I was just worried about him" I exhaled I was holding my breath when he if I was really worried. I really thought he would tell Jackhim and I are in a serious relationship and I can't let one mistake ruin that. Jack :"You must have been extremely worried to get me to drive here at this time is there something going on?" I looked at him as he drove back to his place. Me:"Something like what?" Jack:"I don't know you tell me" Me:"No there is nothinghe is just close to Bathabile and well she is bipolar" Jack:"I am sure Graham has is under control" I just wanted to see Graham and he acted like an ass it's harder to ignore him after we had sex. But he is a very good ignorer I give him that. . . . Bathabile I thought Graham was lying when he said he wanted no relationship he showed flames last night.I was really pissedmaybe I should put in more effort to this arrangement of ours. I have to do something about himmaybe he might have change of hearts.


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