Part 27 the wishes

Melinda Graham is what a good boyfriend is like I saw how he treated my sister and part of me really hoped he could treat me like her. He broke the kiss and pinched his nose bridge. Graham:"That wasn't supposed to happen" Me:"But it happened" Graham:" I know but you are dating my best friend I can't do him like that?" I was suprised dating?we have sex and I might feel something for him but he doesn't give me sense of belonging. Me :"Jack and I aren't dating we have sex" Graham:"I know you think that but I know that's not the deal" I placed my phone and car keys downhe had a morning bulge when I walked in but now it was mixed with arousal. I rook off the vest and remained in my bra. Me:"What deal?" I heard him gulp. Graham:"You really putting me in a tight spot here Melinda " Me :"If you mean your shots then I can help you with that " Honestly what I was doing made me feel good It reminded me of what Nosihle and I used to do in high school. I haven't forgotten my sister and I'm not going go to replace but she is gone and I might take her place now I locked his door and walked back to him. I removed the bra. Graham :"Mel" He called breathlessly I knelt in front of him .His eyes widened when I lowered his shots. When they were on his knee it was my turn to widened my eyes. Me:"Wow" I wrapped my hand on the last end and put the remainder in my mouthhe was huge he made me gag. Guys like it when you gag it boosts their ego because that's confirmation that they are as big as they want to be. Graham:"Faster" I was bobbing my hand his rod was wet from my saliva. He grabbed my weave tightly then exploded in my mouth. I stood up and licked my mouth he sat down and looked at me. Me:"Should I dress up?" His eyes went to my breast. He didn't reply instead took me to bed and put on a condom He was so hardcore I gritted my teeth from time to time. I wondered if he fucked my sister the same way or it's just me But either way he was rough. Unlike JackJack makes love; either way I would give it to Graham again if I wanted to. . . . Graham I closed my eyes this wasn't going to work. These two girls just decided to come into my life now this wasn't going to work. These two girls just decided to come into my life now one of them my bestfriend is in love. I feel absolutely nothing for both of them Melinda was just a moment of weakness as for Bathabile I just want sex from her. Me:"You should never seduce me again" Mel:"Oh don't act like you didn't like the blow job and the sex Me:"If your vagina could take my dick then maybe yeah" She wasn't moaning from pleasure but pain I want a girl who can take me I mean all of me. Mel:" Oh are we fighting " Me :"Leave please" Mel:"Fine" She was about ro go to the living room to retrieve her clothes I grabbed her hand. Me:"And don't even think of telling Jack go that? " Mel:"Fine" She stormed outthis is some bullshit. I got dressed in my jogging attire I needed to let go of the steam. Girls can drive you crazy. . . . Melinda Unbelievable Graham is so unbelievable he was nicer when he was with Bella and now he is worse than the time he was single. He fucked me then threw me out of his place just like that I even gave him a head. I know blow jobs drive guys crazy When I got to my room I found Bathi looking fresh. Bathi:"Hey Jack was here for you" Me :"What did he want from me?" She shrugged Bathi:"I don't know" Me:"He is just out to irritate me" Bathi:"Irrritate you? I would kill to get attention from a guy. Do you know how many of us wish they had that?" Me :"Don't know don't care " I took my things and went to the bathroom what got over me? I found myself tearing. I'm obsessing with everything Bella wanted and had so much I can't even think straight I shouldn't have done that. And this bipolar girl is scarying me I do have feelings for Jack just that I don't trust him but he hasn't given me any reason to doubt him so long. But Graham is likeable I should just forget we had sex and start a solid relationship with Jack. After showering I decided to call him. Jack:"Linda" Me :"Hey I heard you were here" Jack:"I wanted to take you out to lunch since you left without eating " Hearing him say that made my heart clench goodness what have I done to such a lovely guy this is the same person who spoke at my sisters funeral he is the guy that made everyone cry. How can I let him go like that? How can I have sex with his girlfriend knowing him and I are in some kind of illegitimate relationship. Me:"Are you still up for it?I am really hungry" He chuckled. Jack:"I'll come pick you up" Me :"Okay see you " I put the phone next to me I am going to start something with Jack and I will forget what Graham and I did. I'll act as if it never happened.


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