Part 26 the wishes

Bathabile He undresssed me and he also undressed. If I could take a picture of him while he is naked I'd take dozens . He looked at me his eyes were turning dark with every glance on my skin I immediately got goosebumbs. We had 1 used condom on the floor I didn't even hear him put it on I just felt it. Graham:"Please remove your hands" I had them against my breasts he stood in front of me and brushed my buttocks. My vagina was really painful but that didn't mean I wouldn't go again when he wants me to I threw my head back when he started rubbing my clitoris with his mouth on my shoulder. He was making me really vulnerable I held on to his waist. Graham must be exercing his body is so toned and incredibly hot. He stopped doing what he was doing.. Me:"Why did you stop?" Graham:"You flinched did I hurt you?" Me :"I haven't had sex in a long time" Graham:"Dress up I'm taking you to your place" My mouth hung lowdid he just tell me to leave? He better make some plans to see me again cause I aint letting go of that dick. He came back dressed in shots and a vest. I followed him out There was just too much silence and awkwardness you could cut it with a knife. . . . Graham I have always been one to do sex roughly and girls loved it Bathabile seemed to enjoy it too but I saw little blood on my finger which meant I hurt her. She didn't seem to mind though but I do I know my limit and I might have went over it.I stopped the car at her place. Me:"I'll see you right? " She smiled . Bathi:"Uhm okay" Me :"You do know what we agreed on huh? " Bathi :"A no strings attached relationship I got it " I placed my hand on her neck and kissed her lips. She blushed and walked out of the car. She probably expected me to take her number but I rather not keep in intact contact . I will tell Jack to bring them next weekend as well it won't be something we do regularly like lovers we will just have a routine. Bathi isn't the type of girl to fall in love with I hope she doesn't fall for me cause I won't fall for her. . . . Bathabile My inner thighs were really painful I thought I could take another round but I'm glad he didn't allow us to do it again or I'll be paralysed. I had no energy to bath I just threw myself on the bed. Mel wasn't around. I woke up so hungover I could eat an entire bucket of wings. My phone rang it was mom I closed my eyes. Me:"Ma" Mom:"Bathihow are you?" Me :"I am fine mama" Mom:"Is school okay?" Me :"Yes everything is okay" Mom:"Okay we got a mail from your doctor

we got a mail from your doctor they say you are bipolar" I laughed trust my mom to tell you these kinda news over the phone. Me:"Bipolar? What is bipolar ma?" Mom:"I don't know I stopped school in Grade 7 you should know" Me:"So what should I do now that I am bipolar ?" Mom :"You'll have to take medications nanathey are saying that it can be bad" Me :"Can you just give me money so I can come back and hear this for myself?" Mom:"Go to a nearby clinic I can't afford to bring you home then back to school " Me :"Okay mama" She hung up I drank water. Mel was already back I didn't even see her come in. Me:"Hey" Mel:"Hi" She looked scared is it possible that she heard me? . . . Melinda She just said she is bipolarin my world if you are bipolar means you are crazy and I refuse to have a crazy room mate. I am going to ask my room to be changed. Bathi:"Are you okay?: Me :"Yeah why?" Bathi:"You seem shook" Me :"No no don't worry I am fine just tired" She stopped frowning and smiled. Bathi:"So how your night since you decided to disappear with Jack ?" Just don't make her mad Mel. Me:"We did things You know. And you where did you go?" She bit her lip and lied on her side with her face on her hands. Bathi:"Someone I have a crush on" My eyes widened no this cannot be he has already moved on ? Me:"Graham?" Bathi:"Yep and here I was thinking he didn't even know I existed. I guess God works in mysterious ways let me go bath" She leftI took my keys and phone I called Graham. Graham:"What? " Me :"Send me your location" Graham:"Why?" Me :"Please" He ended the call and sent it to me immediately. I knocked on his door like a mad person He opened looking sleepy he was in shorts only. Graham:"What do you want?" Me :"Let me in" He moved aside his room was cleaner than expected. Graham:"Why are you here Melinda? " Me:"You have moved on really with my roommate? " Graham:"Who?" Me :"Bathabile? Ring a bell?" Graham:"I fuck her once and someone is already at my door furiousgeez Mel" Me :"I hope her bipolar ass fucks you up " I shoved his chesthe grabbed my hand. Graham :"Who is bipolar? " Me :"Bathabile I heard her over the phone " Graham:"Okay so you didn't come here because you wanted to tell me off for fucking her you came here to warn me" He grinnedI huffed. Me:"You dated my sister I do care about you" I blinked looking at his eyes I leaned closer and kissed him he did kiss me back. I think I might care a little too much.


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