Part 25 the wishes

Graham Whoever the girl I was approaching was saw me before I could even reach her her eyes widened. She stood up and ran offI literally laughed.Am I scary or is she afraid of guys? I shrugged maybe she isn't the person I was supposed to go for because if she was she wouldn't have ran away. I just needed to clear my head a bit after classes I called Jack. Jack:"Yo" Me :"Do you have any plans for tonight?" Jack :"I was thinking of going to some house partyit aint far from school. Wanna tag?" Me :"Sure why not?" Jack:"We'll meet there then" I hung up and looked for something else to wear I am not one to give an outfit thoughts but I decided to do just that. Jack had used two parking spots on purpose I shook my head and laughed when he parked his car right he came out all hype. Me:"So you came alone I see" He chuckled brushing his beard. Jack :"Mel and her friend are here that girls crazy about you " Me :"Don't start with that shit" He threw his hands in the air we both walked in. I had bought my own alcohol I currently had it in my hand. Jack:"I'll go tell Mel you are here" I nodded and looked for her I saw her from a distance she was standing with whom I surely haven't met. She was a bit dark and really beautiful she didn't have those fancy hairstyles but her hair didn't look natural either it wasn't love at first sight but she would be a good candidate for what I want for now. Mel:"Hey" I didn't even see her in front of me I blinked and drank some of the alcohol damn she looks so much like Bella. Mel:" You are drinking " I chuckled. Me:"I needed ithow are you doing?" Jack stood besides her . Mel:"Goodnice seeing you here I'll go back to my friend now" I noddedJack smiled like an idiot. Me:"You love her" Jack :"Hm?" Me :"Melinda you love her" He looked at her I rolled my eyes. Jack :"I do?..Yeah I dowait I love her man like I am inlove with her" I punched him shoulder. Me:"Go tell herI'm going fishing " He smiled when I said that

the girl was now alone against the wall she was clearly drunk I on the other hand was tipsy.I stood infront of her and stretched my free hand. Me:"Hey" Her eyes widened with surprise or was it happiness? Her:"Hi" I rubbed my thumb at the back of her hand she breathed out loudly which made me raise an eyebrow . I haven't been much of a smiler I doubt I'll ever be. Me:"The name's Graham" Her:" I know who you are " Me :"Oh? " Her:"Yeah I am Bathabile but you can call me Bathi" Me :"I can't hear in this noise mind if we go outside?" She was obviously drunk because she had trouble with removing herself from the wall she looked down. We stood besides my car I put the alcohol back and gave her one bottle. Me:"Looks like Jack and Mel have left you" The car wasn't there anymore. Bathi:"Yeah seems like I will have to walk" I laughed and stood right infront of her she looked up to my lips. I needed to see if she wanted this as well cause she bit her lip giving me a go ahead. . . . Bathabile I couldn't believe he came to meI couldn't even believe that he spoke to me. Him brushing the back of my hand with his thumb was a total turn on now he has just placed his cold lips on mine. He brushed the tip of his tongue on my bottom lip before sucking on it I totally lost each and every sense I have. I was about to brush his hair which is something I have always wanted to do but he grabbed my hand and put it on his back. He broke the kiss and looked at me. I was still trying to catch my breath when he kissed my neck. Graham:"Would you like to go back to the party?" Me :"Noyour place maybe? " I was drunk and this is the guy I am crushing onbesides I have been craving for sex since I left home to the school last year. We got inside the car his apartment wasn't far from where we were so in a few minutes we were in the elevator. Graham:"Are you smiling?" Me :"I don't knowam I?" He wasn't smiling but his eyes screamed amused. Graham :"Yeah you are smiling" Me :"I didn't smile intentionally" Damn he intimidated me He made me nervous I found myself peeling my nails luckily we were already at his apartment. He placed his hand on my neck and locked the door I didn't see his place clearly because the minute we walked in he pushed me to his couch and got inbetween my legs. I was in denim skirt which made it hard for me to spread my legs he pulled it up to my waist. He caresssed my breasts and put it in his mouthhe bit my nipples a little then sucked on each one of them He unhooked my bra and kissed my chest he pressed his thumb at my clitoris. I moaned in his mouth I heard a zipper sound . Graham:"I'm going to do this on one condition" Fuck seriously now?He is talking about conditions now when I'm dripping wet. Me:"Okay" Graham:"We will only have sex and nothing more " Me:"I don't want a relationship anyway" I lied I just wanted him to have sex with me already. When he thrusted in roughly I couldn't help the scream or remember what the reply was or what was I replying to. He was so aggressive I could feel the cramp inbetween my thighs and this was my new love. Rough sex.


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