Part 23 the wishes

Melinda I really expected less from my roommate but she disappointed although she had no make up on she still looked good. Me:"Do you have a car?" She curved her lip. Bathi :"No I don't think I will ever own it unless I buy it myself" I think I might have just made a wrong impression but I believe no friend of mine should not be able to afford but it's the way they grew up and I can't change it . I'm pretty sure Bella would take her in if Bathi understood her of which I doubt cause no female understood her. Me:"It's not a sin if you don't have it you lucky your roommate has it" We got inside and drove to the park where the party was I found Jack and Graham wasn't anywhere. Jack:"Hey" He hugged me then Bathi. The way he looked at me he was shocked clearly I am guessing being with the room mate was a shocker. Me:"Hithis is my roommate Bathi Bee this is Jack a friend of mine" Bathi:"Nice meeting you" Jack:"Same to you tooAre you going to drink? " I gave it a long thoughtwould having some fun be a bad idea? I need to forget about my sister just this once. Me:"Come " I pulled Bathi Jack was walking inbetween us I think to make things less awkward he was joking with Bathabile how she laughed irritated me .And knowing Jack he might drop her panties right now. Jack:"You want to drink?" Me :"Yep" Jack:"I gave Graham the cooler bag let me go find him" . . . Bathabile I must admit this Jack guy had the looks and he was really sweet I've never spoken to a white person before and I thought I would bite my tongue at some point but I didn't which I am thankful of. Melinda became sour all of a sudden. Me:"Your boyfriend is sweetyou two suit each other" She laughed. Mel:"He isn't my boyfriend " I wanted to confirm that The guy literally made my stomach turn into knots the only person I have dated is Lwando who fucked me up all I'm hoping for is change.. Me:"Oh please I can see how you two look at each otherthe love is all over" She didn't stop laughingI saw Jack approach with some guy who looked like the exact version of Dylan O'Brian. He had a stubble beard he had really short hair he was clearly well built and he had to be white. He had this scowl on his face

he looked up he had brown eyes if they aren't hazel they were somewhere in between. He really had cute lips but he didn't look like the sweetest of people especially with his bad boy attire God he was breathtaking. Mel:"Graham " Graham:"How are you?" Mel :"Surviving you?" I really wanted to be introduced but guy ignored me flat. Graham:"Still the sameunfortunately I need to leave I can see you'll be sloshed. would you mind if Jack takes your car?" Mel:"Not really I want to get drunk" Graham :"Okay I'll take Jacks car then" With that said he left. Mel:"Forgive him he doesn't do well with new people or people you'll get used to him" Me :"It's okay" Jack:"Let's just get drunk and party" The bash was really buzzing there were people everywhere I couldn't even see the DJ clearly but music was loud enough. I have a crush on Graham and I am going to go for him. . . . Graham I can smell crush for miles away and the girl with Mel was just something else she stared at me .I used to enjoy that because it meant sex but now nothing really excites me. The bash just gave me a headache I guess Bella really did have an effect on me. My phone was vibratedIt was Emily I didn't know that they were given phones especially at this time. Me:"Ems" She sniffed Emily :"I started my periods" My eyes widened I know well what periods are. I used to help mom when her time came but I felt like they came too early for Ems.She haven't learnt about them at school well maybe she is about to.. Me:"uhm okay are you scared?" I scratched my eyebrowit hurts hearing her cry. Emily:"My waist is sore and you didn't buy any pads for me I don't even know how to put it on" Me :"Your friends? " Emily:"They haven't started yet " I am sure she can find someone to help her but it's late and she only lives with grade 8 students. Me:"Do you have your body towel with you?" Emily :"It's on my waist" Me:"Go to the Matrons room tell her your brother needs to speak to her" Emily :"Okay" I could hear her breathing then voices then a lady spoke. Matron :"Hello" Me :"Good evening ma'am sorry for bothering you at this time" Matron:"I chose this job because I knew these things happen " Me :"Thank you uhm my sister has a little problem she has reached womanhood and she needs sanitary towels if that is what they are called" She laughed a bit. Matron :"I'll have it taken care ofand your sister isn't supposed to have a phone " Me :"But good thing she did" Matron :"Yes let me take care of it" She ended the call Raising a young girl is going to be really difficult. Now I will have to have the talk with her which I didn't get but I want my sister to be a good girl then a good woman.


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