Part 20 the wishes

Graham Ryder I shut my eyes and listened to the slow tug of my heart it was panging with hurt over and over again. The blood on her hand was still warm but her pale skin told me she was no more I thought I wouldn't cry as much as I have been doing previously because I was done but knowing the love of my life will never smile for me killed me a thousand times. Ever since she told me that she is dying I've built strong walls around my heart only she was locked on the other side of it A side no one could ever know. She was like an angel on earth the sweetest and kindest person I doubt she even has enemies she remindes me a lot of my mom and sometimes I assume that's why dad made her a door mat because of her kindness. Me:"You weren't supposed to leave me not like this"The nurses walked in I knew all the stages of grief and her warm hands in mine made me go straight to stage one which is denial maybe she was resting . I was pushed out of her room I saw her sister make her way towards the ward . Me:"What the fuck are you doing here?" I've seen her cry a lot of time but she is a pretentious bitch and I know better that to believe her. Mel:"Is she dead already? " Me :"Oh please don't fool me we both know how much you loathed your sister your blood you the very same person that let your bestfriend get away with it . " Mel:"I loved Bella " Me :"Look at you talking as if you already know that she is dead" I walkes away angry I punched the wall on my way out. I was fuming and hurting I have always cared of how people see me in public but I didn't care. I kicked my car wheels so hard I head a toe break I jumped in and rested my head against the wheel. Not even an hour ago we were outside talking as if she would live but she had to leave me and take my heart as well they say it's an organ of life but I know well that my life was Isabella. . . . Melinda Zungu. I saw them wheel out someone covered in a black body bag I had no energy to do a follow up. My knees went weak at the sight of my sisters lifeless body My dad got to me before I could hit the floor I yanked him off. Me:"You and your wife didn't even come to see your own daughter I hate the two of you so much" Dad:"Melinda" I pushed him off me Dad has never sat down and had a father daughter conversation with Isabella . Maybe his reason might be the same as mine but if it is then he is shittier than I thought. Mom was hauling on the bench I would hear her cry herself to sleep.She always blamed herself for Isabellas sickness and I do too but mom has problems of her own She has her own demons. I sat besides her. If there is anyone I feel sorry for more than us it's Graham

She has her own demons. I sat besides her. If there is anyone I feel sorry for more than us it's Graham he connected with Isa more than anyone has ever connected. She wasn't a talker but Graham changed all of that about her. My family is made up of very powerful and rich family members which is why people hardly visit but when the day of the funeral came they arrived in large numbers. Graham was the first and he had a black suit on his friends were there too and one of their girlfriends I think it's Thabisos. Me:"Graham" He looked at me with the most lifeless eyes I saw him at school when we were writing our papers. He always finished first and left us there he was a well known trouble maker but that was him hurtnot trying to make trouble. His eyes had dark circles even his lips were chapped. Graham :"Can you please not talk to me" Me :"Can I seat beside you?" He didn't say anything I don't know who was ushering the seating plan but I didn't want to be at the front. MC:"Can all close members come see Isabella for the last time?" I stood up and held Grahams hand he too stood up. Bella was never bad looking but she was unaware of her looksGrahams grip tightened he wasn't aware of it I know so I let him be. My sister laid there looking as beautiful as any butterfly would look. When we sat down the MC asked a friend to stand up and I thanked Jack for standing up instead cause Graham looked ready to collapseHe kept sniffing and wiping his tears. Jack was crying too but he was stronger than Graham. Jack:"Isabella ZunguBells as we would call her. None of us her friends knew her but when we did it was worth it I am guessing it was Gods plan to make her our friend cause we have learnt to appreciate people more. She wasn't a person only but a life lesson she never made jokes but her smile was a joke enough. She didn't even mind that she was the only girl in our group she was just happy as they say that diamonds don't break easily in this case Bella was a broken diamond that was warm enough to put her diamond heart back together by just being warm enough. She was never a gloater neither did she have prideI am happy she got to die knowing what having a friend is like. Fly away little butterfly" That was a nail to the coffin for Graham who hid his head inbetween his knees and cried even more.He had lost his voice from crying the words Jack said were enough to kill me for not befriending my little sister.


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