Part 19 the wishes

Melinda Zungu I looked through all the pictures I had of her from my phone the only pictures we had together was when we were kids and our parents usually forced us but when I grew up I realised that she wasn't like everyone else she didn't talk to much neither did she communicate a lot I was thankful at times for me being ahead of her because different grades chill at different areas in our Primary school the same thing happened when we changed schools she would have only have one friend that usually got bored with her. At some point I did deny her being my sister but our looks were almost the same so they were a definite giveaway. I did take pictures of her when she wasn't looking and I am thankful of that because I wouldn't have been looking at her right now. . . . Graham Ryder The minute I stepped out of her room I couldn't walk any further my knees felt weak I had trouble breathing . If this is what heart break feels like then I don't know what will happen to me when God decides to take her. I really don't know what God was doing to me Emily is the only person I'm going to be left with and I am going to do everything in my power. A nurse crouched infront of me when she noticed my breathing rate I have always had to be the strongest at home when growing up but now I was weak no matter how much I tried telling myself everything will be okay I couldn't. I woke up in the hospital with Bella on a wheelchair besides me her hands were on mine she was asleep when I moved her almost dead eyes sprung open. Me:"It wasn't a dream wasn't? " She bit her lip and looked down I used to smile when she did that but now she was biting it because she was hurt. Bella:"You know you have to do well in school right" I knew she wanted to be a doctor I on the other hand had no idea but I wanted to be rich. Bella:"I have always wanted to do surgery and help people maybe open a None profitable hospital for people suffering the same thing as I had done" Me :"Why are you telling me that?" Bella:"I don't know but I want you to see that I too had my dreams I have seen myself in future though I knew I didn’t have it. Graham keep this for me please" She gave me a necklace with a butterfly. Me:"What does it mean?" Bella:"It means I have lived as a catapila my entire life but when I die I will be a butterfly and fly freely Give it to anyone who deserves your love. I want you to move on and love someone else when you feel they are the right people I want to be the last one to break your heart give no one else a right to break it. I love you Graham and forgive me please" She was making me weak I never wanted to cry infront of a woman but here I was crying infront of a girl. It was just not fair that she had to die before she even turned 16 why did my heart fall for her. . . . Isabella Zungu Graham forgave me

He was here all the time. When schools reopened I would feel him study besides me I was really close to death it wasn't before when I was fine I spent all my time in bed tears had stopped falling I could hear well but replying came seldomly.I had accepted my fate. Graham got in besides me The doctor gave me something to go for a bit longer I don't know how long though but I was happy it kept me alive. Graham :"I only have two papers left" He kissed me deeply without caring of my stinky breath or chapped lips it was unbelievable how long I kept pushing myself to live together withe the pills. it is said that when you die from sickness you are usually chatty and today I was too talkative. Me:"Language I hope" Graham:"Yep and I'm sure I will pass with flying colours all thanks to you with helping me study" Me :"I didn't do much I only stared at you" He smiled and squeezed my shoulder. Graham:"Either way I love it soo I spoke to the doctors and they said they can give you something to make you strong enough to let you go out with me for the last time" I did feel somehow infact I could even move the blankets myself. Me:"Oh is it?" He got out of bed there was always a wheelchair for me a nurse walked in and help me to the chair Graham put his blazer over me and pushed me out. Graham:"I thought we could have one last dinner together" Me :"That's fine with me" It was at the park the table looked good I wish I had known how he did it but I just enjoyed the food and spoke about our previous encounters. He laughed at me wanting to give him a ring and other wishes but was glad I gave him a necklace instead. Graham :"Are you okay?" Me:"Take me inside I'm not feeling too well" Graham:"Okay " We were already done with eating So he pushed me inside whatever medication they gave me earlier on was wearing off and my soul was leaving my body slowly. He covered my body. Me:"Graham" He sat at the edge of his seat My hand on his he kept kissing them over and over tears fell from his eyes. Graham:"Are you feeling it?" Me :"It doesn't hurt I feel like I'm in heaven" Graham:"I'm glad it doesn't hurt" His voice broke. Me:"I love you forever " Graham:"I love you" If after that little conversation I died the surely I died with a smile on my face


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