Part 17 the wishes

I had told security to not allow Graham inside and I did hear he has been coming many times. He even went as far as getting Melindas number who got very pissed everytime he would call. Me:"I don't want to school anymore it's of no use" Mom frowned. Mom:"Why did something happen? I've seen footage of Graham trying to jump the fence" My mouth fell I was suprised I know he is crazy but not to that extent. Me:"His friend saw me at the hospital I ended up telling him about my sickness gave me an ultimatum either I break up with him or tell him" Mom:"I think telling him would be good" Me:"I'm not like that mom and you know me" Mom:"I know baby girl just hope you breaking up with him won't hurt as much as knowing you will die" "Time to go" I looked at mom she gave me an assuring smile. When I got to school I covered my head with a beanie and went to the back of the classes I could feel my body was slowly giving in to death I was always disorientated and I lost weight. I stood up when the bell rang but almost collapsed someone held me I didn't need to open my eyes to know it's Graham when he said"You Okay" Me:"Thanks" I looked down unable to make my eyes look at him. He made me look up using his index he looked grown like he was years older. He looked hungry. Graham :"What did I do?" His voice a lot hoarse The bell had long rang but then Graham is a known trouble maker. Me:"I'm sorry" Graham :"Do I even get to hear the real reason why you sent me a text please forgive me .I love you I need you in my life" This would probably get us in trouble but I hugged him anyways. Jack would have to pretend as if he knows nothing because I'm doing none of the things he told me to do. Me:"I shouldn't have done that I just got cold feet I'm sorry" I heard a deep chuckle. Graham :"So you still love me?" Me :"More than life itself " He gave me a short kiss. Graham :"Would you like us to go back to class or bunk?" Me :"The gates are closed " Graham :"I know places come " He held my hand as we ducked camerasHe took me to the part school that hardly had people he pushed me out then gave me my bag. Me:"You need Jesus " Graham :"The only person I need is you" We took a taxi to his house and changed clothes. I had no idea where we were going but I just kept looking at the side of the road Looking at Graham I saw that no one will ever seperate me from him. Me:"What's this?" Graham:"It's where I usually work" Me :"Work I don't see work here" Graham:"Come " He opened the door for me we walked out of the car into the stadium that looked like it hasn't even been taken care of inside it looked like a scrapyard car parts were all over. Me:"What is it that you do? Everything here looks dangerous " Graham :"I know but I'm just a bet setter I get paid really good

rich boys usually bet on which car will survive and I am good with everyone I know how they drive and hit so I tip them but I do it privately " Me :"How much do you make? " Graham:"R2000 a week if the police don't come" Me:"And that doesn't worry you" Graham :"My moms money isn't out yet since my birthday hasn't passed yet so I wanted something to keep us going till then. But now that trial exams are close I have stopped this and been trading and buying shares" Me :"How is that going? " He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me closer. Graham:"Very well seems like I will be sending Ems to boarding school and I might be paying for that trip to Abhu Dhabi " I laughed and nudged him lightly. Me:"Oh yeah Well I would never allow you to do that" Graham:"Why not you my future and life itseld why wouldn't I? " He pinched my chin a bit then kissed my cheek. Me:" This place is dangerous it's giving me weird vibes" Graham:"Okay let's go somewhere else then" He drove to a mountainous place there were hardly any carsit's amazing how much he knew these places. I wasn't spontaneous but with Graham he made me want to explore everything. Me:"How do you know all these places?" Graham :"Mom knew them she used to find her peace here and every other place I've taken you to" Me:"That makes me feel really special thank you for the chance" Graham:"You are my first love and most probably my last. I want to give you my whole life" I smiled at him After begging Jack to understand my situation he finally let me be. Graham was scarce due to the exams but he always saw me late I couldn't see him during the days. I was home people were busy with September exams but I stayed in because I was unwell I was on the kitchen when my legs became weak. I took my phone and speed dialled mom she was in her bedroom and would not hear me I hoped she would found me sooner because I collapsed right after calling. When I woke up I had pipes all over and Lindsay was above my head. Lindsay :"Hey" Me:"Is it my time yet?" I couldn't breathe on my own My chest wasn't even moving normally. Lindsay gave me a sympathetic smile and brushed my forehead. Lindsay:"I don't even know your parents have paid a specialist to come. It's too soon" Me :"So it's true not even the greatest of doctors know anyone time except God?" I closed my eyes I didn't want to die anymore. I wanted to live and be with Graham. He won't survive this.


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