Part 15 the wishes

We decided to take my car since it had more fuel Graham was really keen on helping me fulfill my wishes and well it makes me happy that he is doing it with no questions asked or deep questions. Graham:"Favourite Place" Me :"Abhu Dhabiyou?" Graham:"Korea Favourite car" Me :"Dodge Viperyours?" Graham :"Dogde Viper toofavourite person" Me :"Graham you?" Graham:"Graham" I hit his arm playfully we were playing a get to know each other game. He had been driving for a really long time well an hour is long right? I noticed that we were driving to where we camped. Me:"You are your favourite person such arrogance " Graham:"That's what you love about me right?" Me:"I love everything about you" He smiled and took his eyes off from the road to give me a few seconds. Graham:"Can you be specific? I'm sure there's parts you love more about me" Me :"Does is have to be parts?" Graham :"No I just got used to it being parts" Me :"I do love your parts but I love how you handle things being a well known player you kept your grades on a good level you care for your self and your sister and you ambitious I know you are trading. You are cocky but would definitely make a good boss some day" Graham :"Why didn't I make you my girlfriend even sooner? " I laughed and hid my face in my hands He makes me talk a lot. Me:"I don't know" He parked the car and came to my side he opened the door for me and helps me out. Graham :"You are the only person who has ever said that to me how did you even know I am into trading and forex" Me :"You told me " He cocked his eyebrows I didn't want to come out as a stalker . Graham:"Okay I believe you " It was really chilly outside but Graham undressedI followed his lead till we were completely naked. Me:"What if someone comes?" Graham :"Can you stop worrying for once babe please?" I looked aroundhe touched my hand immediately I calmed down and followed him with one hand hiding both my boobs. The water was weirdly even in winter.He led us to the middle

he was standing on his food the water around his neck while I had to float in order to remain afloat. His hand wrapped around my waist he brought my body to his then used his free hand to hold my thigh wrapping it around his waist. Our foreheads touched I closed my eyes I wasn't waiting for a kiss but some moments are enjoyable when your eyes are closed. Graham :" I want to stay like this forever" He gripped my waist "You make me weak you make me want to drop everything on earth and find a place where you will leave with me only" Me :"Graham " He embraced me in such a warm hug if I'd have seen Graham with a girlfriend before I would say that this is his lines. But I know differentI've seen different . By the time we got out of the water I felt it I was getting weak and sick. Me:" Turn on the heat please" Graham :"Are you sure you okay?You shivering like crazy" Me:"Yeah just the cold I'm not used to it I think I might have to go home early" Graham:"I'll drive you" Me:"Okay thanks" I didn't want to moan in pain because that would worry Graham I don't want him to worry about anything. When we arrived at his house he took my bag and drove me home. Graham:"Maybe it's hyperthermia " Me :"Or Just a cold" Graham:"Okay let me help you " He took my bag and held my hand Mel saw us but he stood from far and watched. Graham :"I don't want to leave" Me :"When dad hears I'm sick he'll surely come back don't worry I'll be fine by morning" He gave me a chaste kiss and left Mel walked in right after him. Mel:"You are pale" Me :"The water was warm I swear " She went to my closet and took out a onsie We aren't close but we are blood sisters. I started crying because of the pain she gave me my pills. Mel:"Let's go" Me:"Where?" Mel:"Hospital you are still shivering " My eyes were closed during our drive I only woke up when I was feeling warmth . Melinda wasn't anywhere to be found not that I'm surprised she wouldn't have stuck around she doesn't want me knowing that she cares. I think she does it to convince herself more than me. The doctor walked in. Doc:"Isabella" Me :"Hey Lindsay " She had recently completed her masters she was my doctor and not that old. Lind:"Would you like a wheelchair I know how you love the sun" Me :"Am I still okay?" Lind:"The period still hasn't changed but it seems as if you'll be in pain if you don't do as I say" I nodded she smiled and left a nurse helped me in my wheelchair. I wheeled my self I stopped when I saw Jack. Wait why is Jack here? Jack :"Heey why are you here?" Me :"Uuhm Hypothermia " Jack:"This ward is for people who are dying and have cancer" Me :"I came here to see a friend" He studied me for a minute. Jack:"Does Graham know you here?"I shook my head "Tell me why you here or I'll tell him you are here " Me :"Jack please" Jack :"I'm not joking" I looked at my hands and played with them. Me:"I was born with liver cirrhosis and blood cancer my parents found out 5 years ago and it was already late. They took me to a doctor that said I will die 10 months ago when I didn't die they told me it's because of the under qualified doctor I have so we changed doctors and now I only have till December or end November " .


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