Part 14 the wishes

Mel:"So have you had sex with him?" Me :"Who?" I dished up for myself Mel was treating whatever hangover she had. Mel:"Graham" Me :"No" She laughed. Mel:"Okay" Mom walked in dressed formally I guess she was going to work. Mom:"I'm leaving for the week Isabella will you be okay? " Mel:"She will Graham will probably be here" Me:"I will be okay " Mom:"Behave you have money on your account and there will be every one looking out for you" Me :"I uhm actually wanted to spend some time with Graham at his place if that's okay" She frowned and tapped her fingers on the counter. Mom:"Please be safe you don't want any complications now do you? " Me :"I will" She hugged both me and Mel then left Melinda rolled her eyes and left. She is always so dramatic I hate it at times but I'd rather not say it. I took out my phone and asked Graham if he was okay with me visiting him he even wanted to pick me up but I was going to drive. I packed a few things And headed to his place he was waiting outside. He stood up and came to me. Me:"Hey" Graham:"I thought you were joking " Me :"Why would I joke about things like that?" Graham :"I don't know I just didn't think you'd come. Thank you anyways " He took my bag and went up to his room the house was clean as if there was a feminine touch to it. He took out his PS4 Me :"You want us to play?" Graham :"Yeah if want to" Me:"Where is Emily?" Graham :"Her friends hershe hardly stays here. I want the year to end so she can stay at a boarding house. Where do you want to go after high school? " Me :"UJ I'd love to go to UJ " Graham :"Guess you'll meet me there then" I didn't reply this is the reason I never got close to people.They get too attached and it's hard for them to let gp when the time comes. Graham decided to order in we ate in his room. Me:"Let's do it" He scowled like he always does. Graham :"Do what?" Me :"It as in the deed" He choked. Graham:"Excuse uhm but are you sure I mean when I said we will fulfil all your wishes I didn't mean that" I touched his hand and looked at his brown eyes. Me:"I mean it I really want to do it" Graham :"Oh thay gave me a boner" We both laughed it was late so we hit the sack that's how he said it when he asked us to go bed. He didn't only kiss my lips first but I had forgotten about my request when his lips met my neckHis warm hands grabbing my waist then brushed the front of my stomach all the way to my breasts he made me sleep in only my underwear well that was a compromise because he wanted me naked. Graham:"I love you so much you know that right " He pushed in a finger his thumb pressing on my clitoris and rubbing me I shivered a bit. Me:"I..I love you more Graham" He swept his tongue on my nipple before pulling it inbetween his teeth I was already panting I couldn't even stop moving my waist that's how aching my medium I was. He didn't end there I soon lost my underwear and my legs were wrapped around his neck he blew air my breath hitched many many times. He sucked both my folds and clit then licked me. Me:"I'm close" He placed me down and stood up his boxers had precum he was showing from his boxers. He came back with a condom. Graham:"I heard it's painful with a condom" Me :"You've never done it to a virgin before?" Graham:"No and I have never had it without a condom either" Me:"Don't use itI trust you" Graham:"It's not about trusting but comfortability I know I'm clean " His lips latched on in mine he did what he did back home which makes me go literally crazy. He had his one hand under my back making me arch it even more He pushed himself a little I didn't feel a painhe pressed himself but circled it. I cried out in frustration He kissed my neck then pushed him in I bit his lip. Graham:"Easy I won't hurt youintentionally" I didn't say anythinghe looked at me I stared back at his eyes he tried again and finally succeeded . Me:"Graham" I'm used to pain but him looking at me with so much admiration made my ears wet He kissed my eyes. Graham:"You okay?" Me :"Yeah" He cuddled If I were to choose a death this would be the way I'd want to die. Scooped in Grahams armsas if nothing in the world mattered. He woke me up with food. Graham:"It's just cereal" Me :"I love it if you made it" I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth when I came back he was sitting on the bed eating as well. Graham :"Wanna go skinny dipping tonight?" Me :"Where?" Graham:"We can break it at the local pool"My eyes widened he laughed "I'm joking we can drive to where we camped " I punched him lightlyI am afraid of law don't bite me. I sighed when I looked at the calendar time was really ticking.


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