Part 13 the wishes

. I was thankful that schools were closed and well that means less of Graham I opted with watching a movie which there weren't any that I liked except Greys Anatomy which is a series. Mom had left after she gave me cookies. Mom :"Honey your boyfriend is here to see you " I hope it doesn't look obvious that I has been crying. I felt Grahams footsteps He stood in front of me in different clothes. Graham :"Are you okay?" Me :"Yeah I'm fine" Graham :"Why is your voice hoarse then?" Me :"I'm sad about your mom and everything " He sat next to me and hugged me. Graham :"Everything will work out just fineyou just wait and see" Me :"Can I spend these holidays with you at your place " Graham :"That would be lovely since I'll be really busy next semester " I don't know where that request came from but I needed to be with him.Though I didn't want him seeing me like this Graham is my weakness and strength at the same time. He is my obsessionI shivered when his hand touched my bare boob. Me:"You cold " Graham :"It's winter out there" Me :"Mhhm" I closed my eyes and just drifted to sleepWhen I woke up I was inbetween Grahams legs my head on his chest. He had one tight grip around mehe opened his eyes when I shifted. Graham :"Hey" Me :"Hi" Graham :"I've been longing to kiss you day" He dragged me up so we can be face to facehe didn't kiss my lips first. Just my jawline then lips this kiss was insinuating something it had some tongue here and there . Before I knew it we were both on the floor with Grahams on top of me and his hand inbetween my thighs the pants I was wearing were really really light and big so he lowered them I let him be. He unzipped his pants. Me:"What are you doing?" Graham :"You want me to stop?" Me:"I wanted to know " Right now both our pants were on our legshis manhood pressed on my clitoris my entire body vibrared.He did it again but this time with a bit of movement from myself tooHe rubbed his crotch from my entrance to my clit..I pulled his lip even harder this was enough to give me an orgasm. He took my hand and placed it on his manhood I rubbed it up and down his body tensed. Graham :"Fuck Bella" He pushed one finger at my entrance I moaned louder but my moans were swallowed by his kisses. "Isabella " That was my sister

I moaned louder but my moans were swallowed by his kisses. "Isabella " That was my sister we both made no movements. "Isabella mom says you and Graham must come dinner is ready " Me:"Coming" I hit my head back against the floorGraham kissed my neck. Graham :"I need the bathroom ASAP and you need to remove your hand from my dick" I quickly removed it and blushed. Me:"Sorry" He kissed the corners of my lips. Graham :"Cute " He pulled up my pants I fixed them while he fixed his. I don't know I just keep falling deeper and deeper for Graham it's the things he does to me in my own home. They make my head spin. We both went to the bathroom and watched our handswe walked in at dinner hand in hand. Emily was there too.Thankfully dad wasn't. Mom:"What happened in there?" Me :"Mhm" Graham :"We just fell asleep was my fault" Mom smiled and well Melinda glared. After dinner our help collected the dishes. Mom:"Honey show Graham and his sister the guest roomsseparately " All guestrooms are upstairs near my room which meant I can tip toe to Grahams room. Graham :"I brought my car we can go" Mom:"My daughter loves your company so do I" Emily :"Can I sleep with Melinda?" My eyes widenedMel as in my sister? The devils accomplice. Mel:"Come lets go" She even smiled at her.I looked at mom. Mom:"She's not that bad I will be in my study" Me :"Okay good night" We took opposite directions I was walking up the stairs when Graham just picked me up. I giggled . Graham :"I still owe you an orgasm" I giggled with a scoff. Me:"Can I just digest my food first " I did want the orgasm I have been shifting in my seat throughout dinner. Graham :"I'll just sleep I'm too full anyways " I locked the door and went to the bathroom I needed a shower my underwears were wet . I drank my pills first Graham walked in as I was undressing he looked me. Me:"Can I help you?" Graham :"I bath twice too" I raised my eyebrows. Me:"Soo?" He laughed within seconds he was standing in front of me undressing. Graham :"I need to shower " I smirked and went in first he followed this whole time I avoided removing my eyes from his torso I noticed his strawberry blonde her turned brown under the water. I was turning around to give him soap when I bumped on him I mean his second him. Graham:"Fuck" I looked at his face he looked like he was in pain. Me:"I'm sorry" I tried rubbing it but stopped when I realised this is what he wanted he smiled and wiggled his eyebrows. He wrapped his hands on my arms and kissed my nose. Graham:"I love you my clueless cute beautiful girlfriend " I hid my face on his chestlistened to his deep laughter. Graham Ryder my Mr Ryder.


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