Part 11 the wishes

Graham I have never loved not because I don't want to or something happened to me in the past but I just enjoyed the thrill of having girls falling on my feet. They call me a player but I have never told none of them I love emwould you love a loose bitch that throws themself at you? Well I wouldn't. Honestly after hearing about Bellas bucket list or wishes I wanted to take advantage she is one of the few girls my friends and myself combined haven't fucked. But spending time with her I learnt that I was falling in love with her it was about her completing me and loving her. I don't know how the hell I got the audacity to climb the wall to her room but I'm glad I did. I felt her move out of my arms she was breathing heavily she tiptoed to the bathroom. I followed her I found her with an oxggen she was sitting on top of the toilet seat she almost fainted. Me:"Are you okay?" She breathed in and out for some time then placed it down. Bella:"Yeah now I am" She was still breathing heavily but better than when I found her. Me:"Are you asthmatic or something?" Bella:"Yeah yeah but I'll be fine we should go back to sleep" She looked nervous I am scared of people who are sick. Witnessing mom sick for all my teenage years scarred me . I don't think I want to ever lose someone because of sickness. I literally wouldn't survive. . . . Isabella I suffer from Dyspnea which is a feeling of shortness of breath it can be treated with air receiving lots of it and they have medicines. I think I was just overwhelmed with everything Graham did to me so much that it blocked my airways It happens when I'm either too happy or too sad. We went back to sleep I woke up to Graham kissing my forehead. I rubbed crud off my eyes he was dressed already. Me:"Hey are you leaving?" Graham :"Yeah I don't want to bump on your parents" Me :"They have left already It's not polite letting you leave like that" I couldn't look at him I was fiddling with my blankets. I got up and went to the bathroom I took my toothbrush and mouth wash. Me:"'Uhm here " He was looking at me I could feel his eyes on me. He followed me to the bathroom. He was looking at me I could see his smirk at the mirror. Graham:"So why aren't you saying much?" I rinsed my mouth and wiped itHe placed the mouth wash at the sink I placed it back on the cabins. Me:"I always don't talk much" Graham:"Hm can you come to my moms funeral?" Me :"Yeah when?" Graham:"Tomorrow " Me :"I will come

can you come to my moms funeral?" Me :"Yeah when?" Graham:"Tomorrow " Me :"I will come Follow me please " We went down to the kitchen Mel was watching TV it's only her who plays music loudI could hear it from the kitchen. I gave Graham his plate. Graham:"You eat breakfast from this thing?" Me :"Yeah they make it and put it here but I do not eat the eggs that were made a long time" He chuckled. Grahan:"So can I eat everything here?" Me :"Yes you can eat everything here" Graham:"Thank you for your hospitality" Me :"Any time" We ate in silence. I placed our plates in the dishwasher. Graham :"Are you always this organised ?" I turned around he was just an inch away from meI gulped Me:"I can't help it let's go check out horsey" He grabbed my arm before I could take a step He held the back of my neck and brought his face to mine. I closed my eyes as his small but full lips moulded in mine. I don't know what made me think such but I always assumed whites can't kiss because of how small their lips are reason why Kylie Jenner made hers bigger it's dumb I know but I'm me. But here was Graham showing me flames. He slipped his hands inside my pants and gripped my butt.We heard someone clear their throat we stepped away from each other.It was my sister laughing. Mel:"You dropped Nosihle for my little sister?" Graham :"Your friend and I weren't dating" Mel:"Oh you dating my sister?" Graham :"Yes and I love her " My jaw droppedwhat? Mel was as shocked tooshe rolled her eyes and left. Me:"You didn't have to lie like that " Graham:"I wasn't lying I have fallen inlove with you what I did last night was me showing you my love " Me :"I thought sex was a way of showing someine love" He chuckled Graham :"Yeah that too but I really feel deep about you" I was blushing real hard I tried pulling down my cheeks. He chuckled and pulled down my hands before pinching my cheeks He sucked my lower lip. Graham :"Hey am I not loved? " Me :"Maybe" He brought me to his chest and hugged me. Graham :"Let's go check horsey" He took my hand.


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