Part 10 the wishes

Isabella He rolled over and placed his leg underneath mine his cold hand brushed my stomach I gritted my teeth he was so cold. He kissed my cheek I looked at him he was still in tears. Seeing him this weak hurt me. He smothered me he circled his thumb on my belly button slid his hand downslowly. I wanted to push him off but if he was going to be my virgin breaker at some point I have to do something like this right? Both our breaths were increasing. His middle finger parted my folds he pressed on my clit then rubbed his finger up and down. My legs opened widerI brought my knees up he pulled his hand out and got inbetween my legs this whole time he had never stopped kissing. Honest I don't blame all the girls going crazy over him he has the touch and he puts his lips in good use. Graham:"Can I do something to you? " He whispered all our rooms are soundproof but I guess that was part of the things that are done in bed. Me:"Something like what?" Graham :"Let me show you but it's not sex" I nodded missing the taste of alcohol at the tip of his tongue that would brush against mine now and then. He undressed me with such patience. He left me completely naked He sucked the skin on my neck I was sure he would leave a mark.He brushed my breasts while leaving a trail of kissed all the way to my vagina. He kissed the top partHe placed legs on his shoulders I could see my flexibility when he could touch my breasts .He sucked each one of my folds He inserted his tongue on my entranceHe inserted his tongue on my entranceI let out a sound sounds only Graham and myself have heard Sounds only Graham can make me release. I was shy no lie but I hoped he doesn't remember any of this when he is sober. He licked my clit then sucked and licked continuously till an overwhelming feeling that I liked but never felt before was happening when he was at my entrance. Me:"Graham" He let go of my leg only to insert his thumb at my entrance While his tongue worked with my lipsI whined before I felt like I was peeing the difference is it felt some amazing he still licked my came to my face. Graham:"Thank you" Me :"For what?" I didn't understand cause he was the one who had made me feel good. Graham :"Making me happy" He kissed me one last time then we cuddled I did want to get dressed but he held me tighterI can't believe I just did that in my dads house.


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