Part 1 the wishes

Mom:"Are you feeling okay today?" Me :"Yes " Dad always said I just need to meet the right person who be able to untie whatever curse I havethey took me to church they took me to healers. But I don't talk to anyone. Mom:"Have a good day Melinda your sister is leaving" Melinda:"She can go" She says I drag her name down unfortunately I can't change who I am .I don't even have friends even nerds don't want to be anywhere near me so my biggest guess is Graham will never be more than just the guy I dream about. Dad:"Where is Mel?" I don't understand the story behind english namesall I know is dads family is rich I don't pay my attention to the people around me except Grahammy concious thinks it's an obsession but not really. I got inside the back my sister always takes the front I don't fight with her on that. Mel:"Mara Isa it's like 30 degrees outside a blazer" I didn't say anything she clicked her tongue and looked forward she turned the music up she was driving me crazy on purpose. I don't like loud musicor cramped up places. I took out my wishlist and looked at it well it was a bucket list of things I wanted to before I turn 16 in December. 1.Kiss Graham. 2.Have my virginity taken by Graham. 3.Go to Abhu Dhabi. 4. Skinny dipping in a stream with Graham. 5. Get drunk for the first time but not in a party. 6.Go camping. 7. Give Graham a promise ring. 8.Eat space muffins and make out with chocolate I laughed to myself when I read I do that was just my inner crazy woman. I think if I had a friend or a right friend things would be different. We got off at schoolMelinda took out my bucket list she laughed and ran to the school grounds where her friends were and well almost the entire school was sitting on the benches it's sports day and I forgot everyone was in golf t-shirts.This was going to be a bad day for me. Mels friends Nosihle was the one who stood up and shouted. Nosihle :"I have something to share with everyone hello attention " She clapped her hands everyone looked at her I closed my eyes. . . . Bathabile Mom and Dad said I shouldn't date because I have Liziwe or Lizzy But my cousins love is surely love from a relative with Lwando it's different. He shows me things Lizzy can't show me he does things Lizzy can't do. There are places Lizzy can't go to with me that's where Lwando comes in and there are places where Lwando can't go to and that's where Lizzy comes in. Apparently all of this started when I was still young I was never alone even at day care I was always with the teacher. At church I was too playful some people assumed I had ADD they said I liked attention and there is no such thing as fear of being alone. Some said I was bewitched. It didn't help that I had no siblings my cousin was the only option as rich as she was she didn't think she is better. Lizzy:"Hey hey" Me:"Hi" Lizzy :"Guess what? " Me :"You got a school" She screamed I screamed with her too of course I am normal. I act like a normal teenager. Lizzy :"But it's far from yours like down there and yours is up there " Me :"Where is it?" Lizzy:"Cape Town UCT" My eyes widened I was shocked and surprised. Me :"And I am going to UJ oh Father Jesus" We used our June reports for applications all we have to do is make sure final results looks even better We took our bags and walked to school. Lizzy:"You will be fine I promise besides mom has a suprise for you" Me :"Whose mom?" Lizzy :"My momshe wanted to take you with her so you can go for treatment " Me :"She wants me to go to East London?" Lizzy:"For treatment though maybe Bizana is the reason you aren't getting well" I shrugged. Me:"Maybe but if I leave for PE that means next year I can't go to University " Lizzy :"But then when you go to Uni you won't have any fears and you won't need anyone who isn't Liz" Me :"You are right but has she told her brother? " Lizzy :"It was supposed to be a suprise act surprised when they tell you" Me :"For sure" I laughed Lizzy:"Here comes boyfriend see you in class " Me :"Okay" I hugged her my boyfriend isn't good looking but his love is all that mattersHe wrapped his arm around my neck and kissed me. Lwando:"Long time no see " Me :"Hi" He pinched my cheek. Lwando:"I miss you" Me :"I'm here" Lwando:"Come by my house tomorrow " Me :"Oh that's what you meant?" He chuckled and pecked my lips He always takes me indoors I wish he'd ask me to dinner or lunch even if it's at Hungry Lion.Going out with him would please me.


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