part 5 life is a journey

I wanted to know more about this whole thing and the only honest person I know was dad whom I found ready to go Me:You are leaving? Dad:Yes baby girlI have work tomorrow don't worry I'll try and visit Me:Where is Alwande? Dad:Your mom will talk to you about thatDon't pressurise her you know how she gets when you keep asking the same thing Me:She thinks I'm nagging don't worry I will only ask her once Dad:Come here He pulled me in for a hug then kissed my forehead Dad:This is my house let me know when things go wrong I smiled.This man always puts his kids first Me:I love you daddy Dad:I love you He waved his hand as his car drove off.My heart ached now I'm left with mom.I went back to our bedroom Me:Daddy just left Emy:Babes I think there is something deep going on here we might not know it yet but that doesn't mean it isn't there Me:I'm going to let this goI won't mess up my heard for something I don't know whether it will do me good or not Emy:I also don't know brathe sudden change in your mothers behaviourus moving it's just a bit too muchAlwand Me:I know hey Mom walked in Mom:Babalwa I won't be coming here for some time please behave there are children your age coming here don't illtreat them please Me:Got it Mom:Alwande is fine where he isI will send you grocery money and pocket money every month don't spend it on unnecessary things Me:Yes ma'am Mom:Goodbye girls Us:Bye As soon as her car drove off went back inside the house Emy:Your mother is E-V-I-L Evil I laughed at her new song Me:We need to go buy a few things we kinda short Emy:Yeswe will go tomorrow We prepared for bed then slept.Tomorrow midday we took a taxi to Raisethorpe and went to Shoprite I started feeling uneasy Me:I'm feeling hot is it hot? Emy:It's not hot take off your jersey I started shaking uncontrollably it wasn't long before I fell on my back I could hear Emihle scream then I felt someone picking me up I woke up in a car I was tired and my throat was dry Me:What happened?Whose car is this? Emy:Some man saved you he will be here soon Me:What happened? Emy:You were shaking saying things that didn't make sense but I heard only one of those things Me:What was that? Emy:You kept saying dangerhere is the man This old gentleman walked in to the driver seat he looked very respectable Man:I'm Mr Mbatha but you can call me Baba He was driving to where we stay Me:How do you know where we stay? Baba:Story for another dayyour are not ready for that Me:I'm not following Baba:Whenever you need me I'll be there just like today Me:I'm still lost He parked the car infront of where we stay Baba:You will be fine soon I looked at him in confusionagain the voices in my head started this time I ignored them Emy:Thank you for the ride Baba:Take your things from the boot Me:Thank you As confused as I was I had to get out of the car

again the voices in my head started this time I ignored them Emy:Thank you for the ride Baba:Take your things from the boot Me:Thank you As confused as I was I had to get out of the carI helped Emihle with the bags.Baba hooted then sped off Me:We didn't buy anything Emy:I know Me:So where did we get these? Emy:I'm as confused as you arewho was that man? I shrugged Me:Let's go inside We unpacked out things the made a roster between the two of us we had to split our chores I cooked then we sleptI had a bad dream it was as though I was standing on the ground trying to walk out by feet were stuck I saw this Baba guy from a distance he let his hand out for me but I couldn't reach it then the ground swallowed me It was really bad cause I could feel myself breathe under the mud I woke up from that horrible dream Me:I'm okay I'm okay was just a dreambut it felt so real Atleast I managed to fall asleep again...Days passed and schools reopened but my life couldn't get any easier I received a call from my Aunt who is my fathers sister Me:Aunty Aunt:Nana how are you? Me:Not so good how are you? Aunt:I'm fineI e-walleted money for you and your cousin please come to Lusikisiki tomorrow Me:But we have school tomorrowis everything alright? Aunt:You have to be here baby girl Me:Okay I ended the call and looked at Emihle Me:Something isn't right Emy:Why? Me:Aunty just called she said we must be in LU tomorrow Emy:For? Me:I wish I knew We packed clothes for the trip mostly dresses since we aren't allowed to wear pants that side we took the first taxi and arrived in the afternoon Me:Why is there a tent? Emy:I don't know There were people going up and down in the yard with teatea potssteamed bread and that only happens when someone passed on Aunty welcomed us with hugs and kisses Aunt:How was your trip? She took the bag from us Me:It was okay She gave me a smile but she wasn't okay she had a doek on and her face was a no no Aunt:Sit down We sat on the seats Aunt:I'm sorry nanayour father has left us Me:Mbuzeni Majavu? Aunt nodded with tears in her eyes I held my chest cause I knew it was comingThey tried giving me an inhaler I threw it away at that moment I wanted to follow my father I wanted to die along with him I wanted to follow the only man I've ever lovedthe only parent that has showed me love but now his soul has left his fleshI still need him Alwande and I need him he was the only man I ever wanted to be like but now he is no more...My father is gone and he will never return


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