Part 1

I’ve always pictured a perfect life with my perfect familyI enjoy positive attitude around me it helps boost my self esteemnot that it’s low nope but I like to undermine myself we all do that at times now don’t we?Well surely all of you have had of life not being smooth rides and I must say mine was nothing compatible to a gravel road it was beyond that first thing I thought everything is coolmy life is going according to plan but things didn’t turn out the way I had anticipated them to infact they went too side ways but in all that I grew stronger
I was sitting outside With my little brother Alwande he was 4 and I was 16 he was the best thing that ever happened to me though he isn’t mineMom and Dad have been inside the house for some time and I needed to have a word with Dad they were whispering me being myself decided to eavesdrop
Dad:”We can’t do this to Babesshe doesn’t have to go through this she is my child too you know?”
Mom:”Oh please as if that’s trueI can do anything I want with Babalwa whenever I want to”
Dad:”I’ve had enough of your madness I’m going to tell her to pack her clothes up”
I quickly ran back to the stoep where I was seated Dad joined us
Dad:”We are moving”

51 51); font-family: "Open Sans" Helvetica sans-serif; font-size: 14px; text-align: center;">Me:”Where to?”
Dad:”Pietermaritzburg we are going to start a new life there meyour mother and you”
Me:”What about Alwande?”
Dad:”He will join us just not yet”
I placed my chin between my knees and played with my toesthe person on my mind was my friend Snethemba him and I have been good friends even though mom always beats me for a that but we are still close
What I also didn’t understand was why Alwande wasn’t coming with us
I didn’t want to argue I was still digesting the convo I just over heard a few minutes ago and it was really constipating me
My Name is Babalwa Philasande Majavuthis is my story about the journeys I’ve embarked on that being the good and the bad stay tuned


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