part 6 life is a journey

It was the day of the funeral I have been in auntys room for the previous 2 days my mother hasn't even been here yet Me:I can't do this Emy:You have to say goodbye to your father it is the only to find closure I nodded my voice was gone from the crying.I bathed then wore a cream white dresss with a black coat and a doek . Trust me with being clumsy.The funeral started we sat at the front I saw mom get inside she was dressed like a trophy wife even had sun glasses on we don't do those sort of things in the rural areas The funeral went well though I couldn't hear half the things that were said hardest part was when they were going to put him in his last place of rest that's when my mothers mother came in I call her Khulu instead of granny Khulu:Drink thisit will calm you down I drank the sugar water atleast I managed to throw soil on top of Father my hero has fallenhe was killed by a so called accident of which wasn't even explained further.I saw mom making her way to the car I ran to her Mom:Yuh Babes you should stop crying look at you Me:Maybe if I stop then you can cry Mom:Honey I can't cry for a dead man Me:You not even going to mourn for him? She sighed Mom:Okay your father and I were filing for a divorce which was finalised long before he died and please stop acting like he is your real father Me:What is that supposed to mean? Mom:Figure it out and please stop talking your voice isn't pleasant at all Wow.I decided to step back and go back to the house Uncle who is the only brother called us Uncle:We have to cut your hair I was sad my 5 year old dreadlocks was going down but I respect culture and I loved dad The following day we had to go back I was baldbad lookingswollen face Aunt accompanied us to the taxi rank Aunt:Take good care of yourself Emy:We will She gave us money for the road and pocket money before giving me a note Aunt:When you miss your father more than ever read this I hugged her then we boarded to school Me:Let's buy some food in town I won't be able to cook Emy:Me too I had those navy pins adults give you when a relative has passed onso everyone could see.I wasn't in the mood for lessons so I bunked and sat behind classesI heard footsteps coming my way trust me when I say I was ready to run but it was my friend Senzo Senzo:What are you doing here? Me:Getting away from people Senzo:What happened to you?you don't look fine I looked at him and tears were already dancing Me:I lost my father

he passed away last week we buried him this Saturday Senzo:Oh Baby I'm so sorry He crouched infront of me then pulled me in for a hug he brushed my back Senzo:It will pass trust me on that one I nodded then moved awayHe wiped my tears Me:Why are you this side anyway? Senzo:For a smoke but I'm not going to do it infront of you since you are asthmatic Me:Good thing you kept that in mind my mom would kill me The thought of that made me chuckle Senzo:When are you going to be my girlfriend I love you Babalwa I looked at Senzo dating him wouldn't be a horrible ideahe's cute and richa bad boy and one of the most wanted guy at school and maybe he might shift my attention from dads passing Me:How about now? Senzo:Your kidding I shook my head noHe hugged me then attempted to kiss me Me:Too soon I giggled running away from him the bell rang I went to the class the day continue with people pitying me and shit after school Senzo walked me home Senzo:Do you have any idea how happy I am that you mine? Me:I wish I did Senzo:I bought you something He took out a red and white gift box Me:It's not valentines Senzo:Was meant to give it to you last week but you weren't here so I kept it in my car Me:Senz I love it His friends showed up with his car Me:I guess you gotta bounce He kissed my lips not a deep kiss but a baby kiss then ran to his carI put the things in my bag Emihle was making lunch Me:Can you teach me how to kiss? She laughed but stopped when she saw how serious I was Emy:Who do you want to kiss? Me:I just want to be ready incase I get a bae Emy:Finally she sees the light oh father God you are good okay uhmlet me kiss you Me:Hah uphambene(Are you crazy) Emy:Kanti how do you think we going to do this? Me:Maybe a more civilised way Emy:This is the only civilised way now come if I kiss your upper lip kiss my lower lip like you pulling it in a sexy and smooth way but don't use your teeths a lot just your lips and your tongue stays inside I will tell you how to use it We did this deep kiss of hers.She broke it Me:Wow this feels good can we do it again? Emy:You pretty good and girl your lips are so soft and juicy gaard dzam Me:Stop it man She laughed Emy:Cuz I have a request for you Me:Hm Emy:I have a crush on Senzo can you put in a good word for me I really love him I blinked many times Me:My Senzo I mean my friend Emy:Yes you guys will never date so please can you? For a moment there I went dead not knowing how I will do this after all this is my first boyfriendhow will I fix this?


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