part 44 elihle's diary

Yolisa I was patiently waiting for Vuyo at some restaurant it wasn't that full and our table was reserved so no hassles He came looking hot as alwaysmarriage isn't perfect but when two people are sincere and inlove then it makes things easier for them he kissed my lips and sat down Me:Judging by the look on your face this isn't a romantic lunch is it Him:No Babe look sorry can we eat Me:Our order will be hereI bought your favourite Him:Your the bestI was thinking I sighed our order came Me:Mhhm Him:That Sive boy has a lot of potential Me:Meaning? Him:He can take over Me:Whoa Vuyo as in become leader of the crew? Him:Yes Me:But we are here mos He held my hand Him:I know my love you two can work together I mean my health isn't stable Me:What about Bayanda? Him:Bayanda carries a lot of anger in him he boils up easily he might be good at what he does but he will need help I surrended Him:Babe please Me:You've made up your made I guess Him:I want to train him first Me:What? Him:YesHe needs to be the most powerful and feared man I want him to protect you guys when I'm gone I looked at him then laughed Me:You are not sending the boy to Free State Him:That's where you gain knowledge babe please give me your full support Me:Fine you have all my support He smiled then ate Vuyo is really fond of this boy and it scares me * * * Elihle I had apologized to Bayanda for what I said earlier I was so bored having to stay at home although I enjoyed my siblings company but geez the twins can be annoying hahAthi and I were good in-laws but we not good siblings she's a spoilt brat and I hated it For the past week I've been trying to farmilirise myself with everyone and the hood the Khumalos were nice to me I was recovering shame I was in town I had just bought myself paint boardssketch boardspencils

paints all the necessities I then took a cab back home When I got home I went to the back and started painting I even lost track of time mom came looking for me Mom:I hate people who starve themselves Me:Aw mom I looked at her then smile Her:Is that paintwait you paint let me see? Me:Don't touch it it's still wet Her:Wow wow your father must see this Me:Why? Her:Maybe we can help our little girl with joining the worlds famous gallery Me:You lie Mom Her:Believe me I smiled Me:I take that as a compliment Her:You must what else can you do? Me:I draw anything and everything Her:You can draw me too? Me:Yep Her:Let's go inside we will talk when daddy comes back My father has been away he's on business this weekSive called shame and we talked things through we were friends nothing moreBayanda?*Shrugs * * * Sive I was up and down trying to catch up with work electricity can be troublesome if you ask me My mind was everywhere especially after what happened with BuhleShe burst all my tires after I broke things with her she even hit my wound several it had to be checked and re-stitched I knocked off surprising I saw a Bentley where my cab is supposed to be I huffed I guess I'll walk to the taxi rank I was shocked when Ultra-Mels father came out Me:Mr Khumalo Him:Sonyou seem a bit off Me:The company isn't doing well Him:Eskom is the only electric company in the country Me:Yes but every branch has it problems Him:I see get in the car I need to talk to you Me:Uhm I He gave me a look I went inside the car Him:You are a brave young man Me:Thank you sir Him:Is your salary good? Me:Yes but not that good Him:Is it better than R500 000 a month? Me:Half a million? Him:Yes Me:Whow that's life He stopped the car and played with his phone this man scared the shit out of me Him:What would you say about a trip to Free Statethe Haiti afterwards Japan? Me:I don't know Him:How would you feel if you were to lead a gang my gang to be specific? I swear I swalled my tongue like whatup manI'm not a thief or a killer what I did was temporaly?kona what was this about R500 000 a month and the travels?Should I take this offer?Why and Why not?


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