Before he or I could even react. His dad was already inside I quickly covered myself with a blanket. 


Him:I've been busy. 

Yoh I was sweating under those blankets I kept my eyes wide open. 

Sive:How can I help you.. 

Him:Yehe lenkwenkwe who's in your bed? This stupid child called Sive just pulled the blankets.

S'Dad:What's going on?

Me:Uhm Hi Tata. 

Him:Heh umlungu(a white girl) 

Sive:She's coloured. 

Me:I'm Xhosa tata. 

I was on my feet facing down I stole glances at his face he was old not that much though and he has Sives eyes. 

Him:Unjani ntombi?(How are you) 

Me:Ndiphilile tata wena unjan?(I'm good how are you?) 

Him:GoodWhere did you get her? Sive:KwaFada. 

He smiled. 

Him:Fada?Heh your mother used to worked in Maritzburg?. 

His eyes sparkled and a smile grew on his face.

Me:Yes tata.

Him:I've heard great stories about your grandmother. 

Me:You did?. 

Him:Yes Your mother was a good woman and my father admired your grandmother. Me:Granny only told me a few things. Him:Mhhm what is your name?

Me:Oh Elihle tata.

Him:Nyana don't ruin this child.

Sive:Haha I won't tatabut she'll be hiding here for a while.

Him:ow why?

Sive:The community burnt her home. Him:That's horrible

we must talk Sive. I'm going to town.

Sive:Please don't tell mom about this

Him:Don't worry Bye-Bye maFada. Me:Bye-Bye tat.

He left I let out a deep sigh. 


Sive:I'm glad you met my father in law. 

Me:He is too chilled. 

Him:Too much mom is the crazy on. 

Me:Like who?

Him:My beloved sister . 

Me:You're a bad brother. 

Then Viwe barged in.

Sive:Come in.

 Viwe:Mxm Kimss. 

 Me:Hi Viwe.

 Him:How's your leg?

 Me:Still working.

 Him:I see you met daddy. 

 Me:I have. 

 Sive:Where's your mom?

 Him:Main house. 

 Sive:Join her. 

 Him:Wow that's cruel of you broByee LeKimz. 

 Me:Bye Viwe. 

 He left. 

 Me:What's the story behind my family and yours?

 Him:My grandpa and your grandma dated when they were working togetherMkhulu was a principal and your Gran was a teacher unfortunately your Granny was married off and grandpa married my grandmaYour grandfather passed on leaving your Gran with your mother and uncleYour mom fell in love with my father but at a mid age she had to go find a job and my mom ended up marrying my dad. 

Me:This is complicated hey. 

Him:But we will finally bind our families together. 


Him:Yes I will marry you. 

Me:haha you're a dreamer. 

I slept againwill I really bind Fada and Ndabenis?We will see


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