Sive shook me yoh I've been sleeping for days. I sat on my butt and rubbed my eyes. Me:Did I sleep for too long?

Him:Nope but you need to eat.

Me:Haha in front of you I'd rather starve. Him:Hehe haibo we will eat together.

I looked at him and laughed.

Him:You like smiling and laughing.

Me:It makes me feel good and better about myself. 

Him:And me hawget out of that bed. 

Me:I'm not dressed. 

Him:Okay wai. 

He took his gown and gave it to m. 

Me:Face the door and don't turn unless I tell you to. 

Him:Not even a tiny peak? 

Me:Not even that one. 

He laughed I got out of the bed and stretched. 





Him:Make it quick I'm starving. 

Me:You can turndamn your gown is big. Him:It looks good on you thoughcome sit. We ate grilled meatwors

worspap and chaka laka. It was delicious but I wasn't used to meat so I was full fast because of it. 

Me:I'm full. 

Him:You're sure. 


Him:Come bath so I can clean your wound. He gave me new towels and underwears. Me:Really?

Him:yes unless you wanna go around naked. Me:Hell no.

Him:It wouldn't be a bad idea though.


He showed me cold and hot water. Bathing in a shower was too awesome. I mean it was like rain but better my hair was wet heh aybo why wasn't I told being rich is this good? I'm so going to work and become filthy rich I closed the water and lotioned my leg was so painful I was red around it. I wrapped a towel around my body and Sive came in running with a bag and he locked He looked at me and smiled. 


Him:I stole Asis books and you will start updating your books. 

Me:Haha no ways. 

Then there was a rough knock "Sive give me school bag" 

Sive:Go away I'm expanding my family. Her:With my books?

Him:You're so blonde. 

Her:Huh I'm going to tell daddy. 

Him:And I will tell him your secrets. 

Her:Mxm fine. 

He laughed. 

Me:Hah you. 

Him:Just sit down. 

He took cotton and savlon then started cleaning my wound. 

Me:Hl shuu. 

Him:Xolo but I have to. 

He continued cleaning my wound and I cried He bandaged it I was sniffing. 

Him:Askies kaloku. 

Me:Thank you. 

He hugged me I drank my pills which made me drowsy. I fell up I woke up early and started writing Sive was sleeping on the couch how sweet of him to actually buy me stationary I found myself smiling "Stop starring". 

Me:Ahem I wasn't.

Him:If you say so. 

He stood he wasn't wearing anything but boxers his structure was finally out there. Nx what am I doing? He went to the bathroom and came walala ebhedini.



Him:I love you.

I smiledhe likes joking around.  He  slept later on I joined him around 4:30 I was halfway asleep when he just pulled me closer to him I tried freeing myself but nah I was woken up by a loud knock. 


"Nqo Nqo!"

Sive:Who is it?

Person:Vula kwedin it's your father.

M awe!!Our father in heaven please deal with earth father. 


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