The fire was now spreading throughout our thatched roof. And they were falling on us Gogo was coughing so much it scared me the people were still singing it showed they wanted us in ashes. 

Me:Gogo where's your blanket?


I found it and dipped it the water bin that was there and covered her for oxygen and so we could have high chances of survival. I took gogos phone and remembered Sive is back Gogo didn't have airtime I was under the blanket and I was even sweating He called and I could feel my body temperature increase. 


Me:Help they are burning us please come please.

Him :Give me five minutes.

He hung up

Me:Gogoare you still with me?

Her:Lili mntanam be strong for me.

Me:Gogo let's pray we will pull through. Her:I'm old.

Me:Sssh gogo Sive is coming.

I was saying the same prayer over and over again"Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done as it is in heaven..."Gogo was saying it in Xhosa I was crying I could feel my leg being burnt but I had to be strong for my granny I had the door break and I was picked up by someone "Please save gogo please". The people were no longer there. My books uniform all gone. We were driving to town I think not that I've been there but I know its direction. Sive kept brushing my hair and Viwe was driving gogo kept coughing. 

Sive:Please stay with me don't sleep. 

Me:It's too painful I can't handle it it burns so bad. 

I was crying gogo passed out cause her head was just there.

Sive:Elihle you are a very strong girl please hang in there.

Viwe:Kims don't sleep please skwiza. Sive:Can't you drive faster bra?

Viwe:I'm trying okay.

 Finally we got to the hospital and we were rushed to our rooms. My left leg was burnt from the knees half way through. The pain was just too much I felt asleep and woke up the next day feeling better Sive was besides me I woke him up his eyes lit up.

 Him:You are awake?

 Me:How's my grandmother?

 Him:She'll live but because she's old she needs to stay longer.

 Me:But she's awake?


I started crying imagine public hospital are hall like so people were like what the fuck. Me:I'm happy we survived though we have nothing left. 

Him:You have gogo. 

Me:That is an exceptionmy uniform school work. 

Him:We will fix that great thinking on wetting the blankets. 

I smiled. 

Me:I had to save us. 

We spoke about our dreams how I wanted to become an artist and how he can't wait to get married to me. Later on I was discharged I was leaping and coughing a lil. 

Me:I have no where to go. 

Sive:I have that under control. 

Me:I'm even scared to go back ezilalini they will kill me. 

Him:The police are watching them so they won't 

Me:So where are we going?

Him:My home no one will see you relax. Me:Fine can we pass my home first. 

We passed my house

It smelt like Ash it looked bad. I went inside the hut gogos mini trunk wasn't burnt. It had Birth certificate IDs my moms photosMadonwabesMy baby photos I decided to take it. We drove to Sives house. He parked his carwe went to his flat It had a bedmirrorbathroomcouch the nice things mhm rich kids. 


Him:Are you hungry?

Me:No can I sleep?

Him:Get under covers I'm out. 

I heard the door lock he left and Elihle is sleeping in a bed imagineI can't wait to tell gogo. 


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