Me:So you are familiar with this place?

Sive:Yes I grew up here.

Me:Awesomethere is house down the valley it looks abandoned can you tell me what happened?

He exhaled as though he is in deep thoughts he looked at us carefully.

Him:How can I trust you because I don't know why you asking such?

Me:This is harder than I thoughtdo you perhaps know a girl named Elihle?

Him:Yes Yes I do but I've been trying to find her with no luck do you know where she is?

I smiled thinking maybe he loves her and this might work in favour of separeting those two. Me:Well looks like we both need something. Fox:I'll be in the car I'm too old to be standing here.

Him:The community was jealous of Elihles family I don't know why cause they were underpriviledgedthey said she was a curse in this community they called her an albino she was picked at in schoolthen when she was in grade 11which is the year before last they burnt her grandmothers rondavel .I haven't seen her since then.

Wow no wonder this girl doesn't wanna let go this love thing is new to her.

Me:So what were you to her?

Him:What are you to her?

Me:I'm her mother.

He laughed he really laughed and I kept a straight face he stopped.

Him:You're not joking now are you?

Me:Are you gonna tell me what you were to her? 

Him:I had a crush on her and seeing her leave broke methe mere fact that her uncle abused her to a point where social services took her to an orphanagewhere the hell were you as a mother? 

Me:Story for another daydo you know where her uncles stay? 

Him:I can give you his address but I think you are too young to be her mother.

Me:I'm old enough to be your mothercome I'll give you a pen and a paper.

He wrote down the address before I could say thank you my phone rang.


Caller:We calling from St Annes private hospitalAre you Mrs Khumalo? 

Me:Yes this is she.

Caller:Your husband has been admitted to this hospital we need you to come as soon as possible.

Me:Okay I'll be there.

They hung up.

Me:I'm sorry son I have to go thank you so much.

I got in my car and drove away.

* * * Sive ***

Mythis woman didn't even hear me asking for her numbers again I lost Elihle .Luckily her number plate had NP which was Natal Pietermaritzburg so this woman was from around Pietermaritzburg I called my guy immediately.


Me:Can you search a Yolisa Khumalo for me? Him:YOLISA KHUMALOlet's see she's a well known Town planner been around Africa.

Me:I want to know about her kids.

Him:uhm ok ok uhshe has a child who went missing 16 years ago and has 5 kids which is 6 kids.

Me:How old should the child be?

Him:18it was a coloured weird hey. Me:Weird

it was a coloured weird hey. Me:Weirdcan you get someone to find where she stays please?

Him:Yes money talks.

Me:Name your price.

Him:I'll send you the details.

Me:Sure bra.

Well looks like things are coming right for Me God is good all the time .


I had just woken up it was during the day I found Bayanda pacing around it was as if he was going crazy.


Him:HiWhen did you get here?

Me:Can you calm down please.

I said giving him a hug I made him sit down.

Me:Now talk to me.

Him:My dad is in hospitaland it seems bad.

I kept quiet and exhaledseeing where this is going.

Me:What happened?

Him:He had a major headache.

Me:Don't you think it's because of us.


Me:What we are doing is a sin?It's abomination.

 He raised his eyebrow

 Him:I guess we have one option.

 Me:To go home and make peace Him:But are you ready?

 Me:I'm not but we can't keep running away from this.

 Him:I'll book us tickets.

 Me:I'll go pack.

 said as I went to our room and started packingI told myself that I'll never love again. This whole thing left me broken and I gave it a thought this is not something we can run away fromwe are siblings we are just bringing ourselves bad luck as much as I've enjoyed my stay here it's time to face the music "Hey". Me:Yanda you scared me.

 Him:I'm sorrydo you think we'll get used to us being siblings?

 Me:We have todo you think I can pass this second semesters?

Him:Yes I believe you can .

Me:I guess you will remain in Pietermaritzburg while I go to Durban.

Him:Are you sure?

Me:Yes I am.

We huggedthe following morning we took our bus to KZN we got to Bayandas stop he kissed my forehead.

Him:Call me when you safe.

 Me:I will.

 Him:See you around.

 he lefti  can't believe so much has happened all I know is that I will never commit suicide. Never Again. finally I was in my room I took Grannys mini trunk I had totally forgotten about it I looked through the photosWhy did gogo lie to me?The note yoh I totally forgot about itit was a short note"MntanamI wrote this because I am nearing my death I know you grew up thinking your mom passed away but she is notthe woman who passed away was your nanny she stole you for reasons I don't know She asked me to take care of you..If I die before you reach higher grades take care of yourself and find your father Vuyolwethu Khumalo in Pietermaritzburg Gogo loves you" God!I should have read youWhy? R E G R E T S...R E G R E T S


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