I was so tired when we got to Joburgyou'd swear I'm a baby cause I was kneeling on the seat. I never thought I'd come to this place Bayanda kept looking at me shaking his head then laugh.

Me:You will stop laughing at me Bayanda. Him:No bra listen I'm happy.

Me:You will not call me bra.

Him:You will stop saying I must stop.

Me:You will stop telling me to stop.

Him:Fine you win.

Me:Of course.

We stopped at a station Baya hired a cab for us and it took us to Sandhurst. We stopped at a beautiful house wasn't big but fancy. Me:Wow I didn't know you had a house.

Him:I don'tcome.

He opened the gate a guy walked us in. Baya:Sure bra.

Him:The house is all yours.

Baya:I hope my parents don't know about this. Him:I got you back bra.

They fist bumped and the guy left Baya looked a bit uneasy. I decided to let him be. He showed us our room I took off my clothes while he went to God knows wher.e He came back and shook me.

Me:What the hell bra?

Him:You're not gonna sleep on me and you called me bra.

Me:I'm sleeping on the bed.

Him:You know that's not what I meant.

Me:Can you leave me alone I've been sleeping on my back for a whilenow that I wanna change sides you wake me up.

Him:Please babe I want us to do something for Yandelihle I don't think you mourned enough. Now that he mentioned itI still feel the pain of my babies passing I didn't grieve enoughhe died human right?

Me:Okay what do you want us to do? Him:Cleanse our self.

Me:That's crazy but okay.

Him:Good come with me.

He took my hand I followed him to the backyardthere were candles under a tent like thing and there was his scan and a picture of him in an incubator.

Me:He was gonna be a cute fella.

Him:Yeah he was.

Me:What do we do now?

Him:You must say something from your heart then blow the candles.

I nodded he was sane right?

Me:My sweet thingit hurts knowing I couldn't hold you it breaks me knowing how you died but God had better plans for you he knew how long your lifespan wasypu were proof of our love me and your daddy ofcoursewe have lost our first child and it hurtsgo well my baby I know you resting in peace now thank you for troubling me much when you were in my womb Mommy and daddy will always love you.

I blew the candles and wiped my tears. Bayanda packed all the things and we went inside .We sat on the couch and watched a very nice movie called Pompei It made me cry it's about 2 lovers from different worlds the guy is a slave and the girl is a princess

The slave is soo hot and he's a very good fighterthese two had the love at 1st sight kinda thing though it was difficult for them to be together

these two had the love at 1st sight kinda thing though it was difficult for them to be together their love grew stronger unfortunately in the end the die get burnt by a volcanoe while kissing it made me cry. Baya:Ncaw stop crying.

Me:This is sad did you buy food I want to cook. Him:Wow finally she wants to cook thank goodness.

Me:Please what do you want to eat?


Me:I'm being real.

Him:Me toolook this might be our last time together atleast having sex won't be so bad

 Me:It will because we siblings but I can't live knowing I let this one go.

Him:Exactly so we on the same page? 

Me:Yep let me drink my glucose 1st.

Him:I'll wait I drank my glucose.

Then went back to the couch he seemed to be in deep thoughts.

Me:I wonder if I'll be able to love again.

Him:I'll never meet a girl like youlike I've never met one before.

Me:I love you Bayanda

Him:I love you Elihle.

His fingers were brushing my buttthey moved to my waist he used one arm and made me squat on top of him.

Him:Damn you light.

Me:You have juicy lips.

He smiled and kissed methis squatting thing wasn't easy but it was nicewAnd the kiss was slower than all the times we've kissed it ends here all I could say was that the love making session was full of emotions did I say session? I meant sessions 


It's been 3 days and these kids have not been found Bayanda was a good kid not the ordinary good kidhe became a gangster at 18 after he found out his dad and I were leaderswe didn't want him in but he kept pushing until he himselfstole from us that's how good he was he stole a car and hid it in my garage no police no trackor just him.We said he'd do the light things but he became stubborn he has the best recordno charges and only 2 bullets in his skin I'm actually scared for his life because he's a mini Vuyo .I was already in her old home together with Fox I hate seeing the way she lived.

Me:She's a strong girl.

Fox:Just like her father you'd swear she's. yours.

Me:Of course she's mineshe lost her whole family.

Fox:There's an uncle in Durban.

Me:I need to speak to someone from this area. Fox:You'll intimidate them looking so fierce in black.

Me:We have to look fierce in leather.

Her:And weaves.

Me:You know it.

 We got to the car and drove slowly waiting for at least a person or car to pass fortunately we saw a guy coming our direction.

Fox:What a hot young man?

Me:Shut up.

We parked on the side and greeted the guy. Me:Afternoon sir.

Him:Afternoon Ma'am.

Me:I need your help.


Me:Ow where are my mannersI'm Yolisa Khumalo.

Him:I'm Sive Ndabenihow may I be of help?


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