I was beyond the word heart broken firstly I lost my sonmy heir and now my girlfriend is my long lost sister I should have seen this coming. The whole family was thrilled about these news especially my grandparents. Mah:Bayanda you will be fine.

Me:Mom those words aren't really comforting. Dad:Bayanda don't disrespect your mom like that.

Me:I'm sorry but dad you should have been man enough and not cheat on mom. Mom:Don't talk to your father like that. Me:Care to explain how Elihle came about? Mkhulu:Yolisa.


Mkhulu:Where is the girl?


Mkhulu whistled.

Him:She's at her weakest point ngoku she mustn't be alone.

Malume Sphe and I stood up and went to my room We found it locked we knocked but we got no response.

Me:She can't be this quiet this girl cries loudly. Sphe:Kick the door then.

The whole family was there I broke the door Elihle was laying on the bed with foam coming out of her mouth.

Me:Call the ambulanc.

Mom:Bandile take the kids away Vuyo get me the car keys.

I took the note placed in my pocket and followed mom she took out the Gusheshe and drove to the hospital .This is the 3rd occasion it was draining .We got to the hospital and the doctors to her in.

Mom:Come here baby.

She hugged me.

Me:Mom I can't break things off with her neither can I lose her I can't mama.

Her:She will be fine have faith.

Me:Did she have to be my sister out of all the things?

Her:I can't answer that my love.

We sat down I buried my heard in my handsafter forever the doctor came to us we stood up.

Mom:How is my girl?.

Doc:She is in a critical condition you must pray for a miraclethe pills she took are very strong they did a lot of damage in her intestines and she might suffer from heart problems.

Me:Will she wake up?

Doc:She's in a coma.

I sat down and sighed God this is difficult. A week passed followed by weeks I was dying slowly though I hid it but it was killing me slowly especially after reading the note she left it broke me. I went as far as wanting to stop school I didn't stop praying she woke up 6 weeks later .My father called me he said we were needed at the hospitalI wasn't ready to accept her being my sister I couldn't. Bandile and I drove to Pietermaritzburg we went straight to the hospital my parents and grand parents were  there also dad and mom

I wasn't ready to accept her being my sister I couldn't. Bandile and I drove to Pietermaritzburg we went straight to the hospital my parents and grand parents were  there also dad and momthey hugged us.

Me:Is she awake?

Mom:We think so we will all go in now.


I was really lost why the hell am I seeing the faces I last saw? Did they follow me?it's impossible they can't be dead I'm aliv.e My attempt failed Bayanda sat on my bed and held my hand My heart started racing .

Me:How long have I been here?

Him:6 weeks

I kept quiet couldn't I just die?

Me:Please help me sit upright.

He pressed the button I sat upright I looked at everyone they has remorse return all over their faces.

Mah:Elihle death out of all the things?

She asked in a low voice .

Me:How was I conceived?

They cleared their throats and Mr Khumalo spoke

"Years back a year after Bayanda and Bandile had turned 1 I met Alicia Blaze your mother she was white I had just got married phofu it was a year after marriage we started dating and I neglected my wife in the mist of infactuationShe found out a year later and when she moved out of the house Alicia flee. Yolisa came back after I begged before the twins turned 3 your mom dropped you off at the door and left without a trace you were only a month old. My wife took you in and mothered you we became a family life became complicated and your mom had to leave but she came back when you were a year and 6 months old well the nanny whom we think is the one who claimed to be your mother had a special bond with you apparently you were to be sacrificed she took you and ran away with you she gave you to her uncle as she was planning to go see your grandmother unfortunately the taxi got in an accident your uncle took you to your grandmother we looked for you till you turned 16 we thought you were dead and gave up.

I was shocked by all this.

Me:So I'm the mistresses child?

Mah:No you are not never have never been. Me:Are you gangsters?

They kept quiet and looked at each other. MrK:No we are not.

Me:can you please go I need to talk to Bayanda.

They stood up and left.

Baya:I'm glad you are awake can't believe I almost lost you.

Me:I'm sorryI just can't believe things changed so drastically.

Him:I love you.

He squeezed my hand tightly. 

Me:I can't let you go.

Him:I can't too.

Me:I love you Bayanda with all my heart. Him:Let's run away.

I was shocked and happy.


Him:I want us to break up on our own free will let's go to Joburg we will come back when things have settled.

Me:I don't have money and I'm sure I lost my jobs.

Him:I'll take care of it.

Me:We will leave your car right?


Me:I'm in.

Him:I missed you.

Me:I was dead so I wouldn't know if I misses you. 

Him:No matter how difficult things may get never commit suicide.

I shrugged.

Him:Got it?

Me:Got it.

He smiled and hugged me How am I gonna let him go?I can't I won't.


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