I was lost I couldn't understand what was happeningahe was becoming pale. I looked for Bandile and didn't find him anywhere there was dads car and I didn't want to disrespect him like that I called mom her phone went straight to voicemail. I tried dad luckily he picked up.


Me:Dad please come home please


Me:Please dad come.

Him:Okay give me a few minutes I'll be there. Me:Okay.

 I didn't even hang up I trusted mu dad when it comes to fast driving. I picked Elihle up damn she was heavy I placed her on the floor rug took a cushion and placed it under her feets and head I didn't even know if I was doing the right thing. I had a lot of questions finally dad came.

Him:What's wrong?

Me:She fainted.

Him:Is she breathing?

Me:Yes but faintly.

Him:Bring the oxygen  tankI'll take her to the car

He picked her up while I went to get the oxygen.I sat with her at the back seat and helped with the oxygen she slowly started breathing what scared the most were the "hm"sounds she made .When we got to the hospital she had her eyes opened but wasn't talking .I kept saying prayers while they took her away I sat next to my father

Me:Maybe this is a punishment.



Him:No I doubtWhat happened?

Me:She fainted after seeing Angels photo she said something about having the exact same picture.

Dad looked at me then stood looked as though he was calculating.

Me:I hope you're not thinking that she's my sister.

Him:What do you have that she has too?

Me:A wart.

Him:The same wart I have?

Me:YesDad no please.

Him:Does she talk about her family?

Me:No her mother died in a car accident she doesn't know her dad she grew up with her grandmother who passed away.

Him:You supposed to be clever than this.

Me:Dad please.

We sat down both of us lost in our thoughts after 3 full hours the doctor came Dad and I stood up.

Me:Doctor what's happening?

Doc:She is fine and awake.

Dad:The baby.

Doc:She gave birth to a premature baby boy. Me:Where is he?

The doc kept quiet.

Me:Is he alive?

Doc:He is but I have bad news.

Dad:Talk already.

Doc:The child is disableddue to same Genes and he might not live for long .

I sat down trying to process all this I couldn't understand.

Dad:I'll do a DNA test .

Nodding was all I could do 

* * * Elihle ***

I had given birth which was a struggle .I couldn't shake off what I saw at Bayandas house the baby was me granny gave me the exact same picture saying it was me when I was young I couldn't help but cry I didn't even want to see my child.I couldn't accept what the doctors said about the baby being my nephew and my child at the same time. It all adds up now .I got out of the bed and made my way to where the baby was.He was so tiny and yellow I couldn't make out what's really wrong with him but there was something wrong with him I couldn't shake off the fact that he wasn't moving I held his hand.

Me:Cold very cold.

I looked for a nurse.

Me:My baby isn't moving he's cold.

Her:Go back to your room I'll call the doctor Me:your bullshitting me I'm staying.

The doctor came and they pushed me out How dare they?I went back to my room and sat there and cried my baby The doctor came. Him:I'm sorry ma'am but we lost him

I Screamed my lungs out I didn't even get to hold him Bayas mom get in she was also crying.

Her:I'm sorry nana.

Me:He's gone Mama my baby is gone.

Her:Ssh this will pass.

She held my head in her chest I couldn't help but cry I was so hurt Bayanda was no where to be found.I had to be sedated as I was drawing. attention to myself I woke up and I had hiccups I started crying Bayanda came in he looked so horrible he sat on my bed.

Him:our evidence of love is gone

our child is gonesoon the love we have for each other might be gone.

I didn't say anything I just cried God Why do I have to suffer so much?Why can't I find peace? I was breaking.After 3 days I was discharged the Khumalos had spoken to the authorities at school Yandelihle was buried at the Khumalos house.Bayandas dad had called a meeting I was really broken in every way. Looked as though the whole family was there cause it was horrible I sat next to Baya.nda he placed my hand in his and brushed it MrK:Greetings to the Nxasanes and the Khumalos.


Him:I have good and bad newsgood news first we have found the real Angela Thalitha Khumalo.

Everyone cheered I was sad together with Bayanda.

MrsK:The bad news.

Him:The bad news is she is my daughter in-law Bayandas girlfriend.

I stood up.

Me:What?My dad is white.

Him:Here is the DNA test to prove it.

 I looked at Bayanda who was crying.

 Me:I'm sorry I can't listen to this Bayanda can I go to your room?

 He nodded I heard them talk I locked myself in Bayandas room took a pen and paper and started writing with tears flowing down my cheeks"I hope when you read this I'm goneI just lost my baby and now I'm about to lose the only man I love. I don't how I ended up being a mother but I struggled my whole life I found Bayandamy first loverMy virgin breakermy baby daddymy best friend who turned out to be my brother I'm feeling a lot of pain and disgust these things are bigger than me..I'm emotionally drained I love you Bayanda and I hope you will forgive me for this:Goodbye" With that said I swallowed all the pills and hoped to die.


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