I finally arrived at the orphanage I was welcomed by this middle aged woman. Her:Hey.

Me:Hello Mah I'm Sive.

Her:I'm Matron RuddHow can I Help you? Me:I'm looking for a girl by the name of Elihle Her:Coloured right?

Me:Yes Mah.

I was beginning to get excited.

Her:She left for university early this year

Me:You don't know which universiry?

Her:No My child I have no idea I'm sorry.

I was dumbstruckNow what do I do? 

  * * * Elihle***

The doctor walked and to my suprise it was Nka I wanted to jump out of the bed and hug him I couldn't even hide how I felt I was beyond happy but he seemed cold.

Me:Hi Brother

Him:Hi uhm can we talk in private.

Bayanda looked at me and I nodded he left and Nkanyiso sat besides me.

Me:So you moved here?

Him:Yes my Woman also moved here. Me:That's nice I missed you where have you beenyou ignore my calls and texts.

Him:I'm sorry I've been busyhow are you though?

Me:I still work hard for the things I have juggling two jobs and school is no childs play. Him:I hope you study.

Me:Very wellI still held on to your teachings and Sives words.

Him:that's gooddo you buy groceries?

Me:You know me too well but I've been eating pretty well this month and last month Him:That's goodguess what?

Me:You're getting married.

Him:No I'm expecting my first child.

Me:You lie I'm happy for you.

Him:I'm also excited

Now back to being doctor must I call your boyfriend in.

He:He's not my boy..f yes call him.

He chuckled and left he then came back with Bayanda.

Him:Elihle might suffer from Hypothermia she experienced a lot of cold.

Baya:she might she might not.

Him:Yes and there is something else.

He huffed.

Him:You are 9 weeks pregnant.


Him:You are 2 months and a week pregnant

I thought my ears were deceiving me I can't be pregnant.


Nka:And you can go home today.

Bayanda sat down I couldn't hold back the tears.

Me:Can I go home now?

Nka:Uhm yeah let me just do a few things

It was almost mid day I was getting dressed in the clothes that Bayanda brought me I couldn't believe it. I was even considering abortion but I can't kill I've sinned enough by having sex before marriage.

Baya:Are you ready?

I nodded and we left I was holding my tummy and crying I hated Bayanda for not using protection but I hated myself more for being careless.

Baya:Elihle please don't do anything stupid. Me:As if I'd afford that.

Him:Don't talk like that .

I kept quiet we finally got home I went straight to my room and cried.

Me:Gogo I'm sorry for disappointing youI've wronged you and mama in every possible way forgive me for premature sex forgive me for falling inloveI disappointed you as my mentor.

 I was rocking on my bed I looked at my stomach and shook my head thinking of how I can't afford being pregnant.I can't trust Bayanda to take care of me .What about school?What if I lose my bursary after being fortunate my I'm ungrateful .

Me:Dear God forgive me for what I'm about to do but "Not so fast".

Me:Bayanda ndiyeke.

Him:Ssh Babe please.

He knelt infront of me.

Me:I can't afford to have a baby and I can't live of your parents money.

Him:No no you won'tlook I'll take care of you and the baby with my money.

Me:What money?You're still in school Bayanda. Him:Please stop crying my Lili Flower.

He hugged me "Bayanda!"His mom barged in. Her:What's going on here?

Baya:Mom please.

Her:Okay sorrywe've found your sister we need to go now.

Baya:Angel you found Angel?

Her:Yes now comeI'm sorry child.

Me:It's fine you can go Bayanda.

He kissed my forehead.

Him:I love you.

He stood up and left with his mom.


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