I didn't  know whether it was the alcohol in her body or she was cold because she was shaking uncontrollable.We finally got to the hospital and they put her on the bed I was running behind them.

Nurse:You can wait here we will take care of her

 I stopped and sat down buried my head in my hands .Damn I'm a jerkI took the poor girls innocence and expected her to go with the flow Anawo called me


Her:Don't take out your frustrations on me. Me:Bra please.

Her:You found her? 

Me:Yes I did now can I hang up I'm kinda busy

Her:mxm zinqa (Ass).

She hung upI drove to KFC to buy something to eat this girl had appetite these days and it made me happy 

* * * Elihle ****

Damn my head was pounding and my body hurt .I closed my eyes then opened them checking my surroundings.  I was in a hospital bedweird hey. A nurse was busy with another patient.

Me:Uhm Hi.

She smiled and came to me.

Her:How are you?

Me:I'm okaywho brought me here?

Her:It was your boyfriendthe doctor will be with you in an hours time I nodded and looked sideways "Heyyou are awake".

Me:Bayanda hi what a surprise.

I was lying I knew he found me and I heard him saying he loves me but I wanted him to tell him now.

Him:Can I join you?.

I shifted and he slept next to me

Me:Nice seeing you here.

Him:If you might know I'm the one who brought you herewhat happened?

Me:I also want to know.

Him:Mhhmk moving on Nawo told me what you told her.


He sighed.

Him:Why didn't you tell me?

Me:I didn't want you to flee .

He laughed.

Him:You think I'd do that?

Me:It's not like a know you that much.

Him:But you know me more than I know you. Me:That doesn't mean anything.

Him:So you really wanted to hide your feelings for me?


Him:Till when.

 Me:Till you learn to love or when you get tired of me.

 He kept quiet and looked at me.

 Him:I love you okay ?

I closed my eyes and breathed trying to calm myself down He kissed me I broke it the looked at him.

Me:I love you too.

He smiled.

Him:Your face is red from blushingso we're official now?

Me:Yeah I guess..Babe.


Me:I saw you carrying a bag of food. Him:Beseku kade(It was long over due)"

Yes I was happy .

* * * Sive ****

I had asked a friend of mine to look for Fada family luckily he found  them so all I had to do was drive there on my way I got a call from Buhle gosh she had a bad timing


Her:Are you okay?

Me:Yes yes I amyou?

Her:I'm good too


Her:I'm good toohow's home?

Me:Home is goodcan I call you back I'm currently driving.

Her:Okay I love you.

Me:Love you too.

Already I felt as though I was cheatingbut I had to find her .I parked my car infront of the house there was another car I knocked"come in" I had mixed emotions I thought of how she teased me and called me China. There a manwoman and a girl .

Man:Can we help you son?

Me:Yes I'm Sive Ndabeni

Him:Ndabeni Ndabeniyou look familiar or I know your father?

Me:Maybe you know my father.

Him:Heh Mfazi please make this young man and me tea.

Woman:Asemahle go make some tea.

Me:No no I'm fine tata.

Him:Okay how can I help you?

Me:I'm looking for Elihle I heard you stay with her.

Woman:Heh Jesus!

Man:Nkosikazi shut upNyana it's been over a year since that girl went missing.


Him:Yes we are sorry son.

Me:Uhm okay thank you nisale kahle.


I was sad all my effort for nothingSouth Africa is so big I might be looking for a dead person I saw someone running behind me.



She gave me a note.

Her:Elihle isn't missingMom and dad illtreated herHer friend and I helped

Me:Elihle had a friend?

Her:Yes he was gaygood luck on finding her. Me:Thank you so much.

Her:you are welcome.

 I looked at the note it was an address to a home orphanage as some of you call it I drove to Durban hoping and praying I'd find her.


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