My ugly brother finally came home he was in a jolly mood and I'm sure he stole something that gave him a fortune.


Me:What do you want?

Him:To talk please accompany me to my room.

Me:Hah what for?

Him:Are you coming or not ?

I stood up and followed him he wasn't that old he was 3 years older than me and a dropout he gave me a deodorant. 

Me:What do you want in return?

Him:Nothing you've been giving me money to buy beers so I thought why not? Besides you stink. 

Me:Mxm thanks. 

I was about to walk out I asked something Me:How did you make this money?

Him:I broke into a shop. 

Me:Mhm interesting can you teach me a few techniques?

Him:Get out of my room. 



Me:FineI'm out. 

The following day I took the cows to the dam for drinking and watched them. I was looking at my self in the reflection I saw that am actually pretty but I need to lose the bald hair. I saw Sives face on one side then the other on one side I jumped inside the dam with fear and eventually remembered he had an identical twin. I almost drowned I was super wet. I got out and looked at both of them I was so pissed imagine I was wearing Masonwabes gumboots and they were filled with water I was so angry. 

Me:Are you two insane?

They just laughed I didn't even know who's who. 

Now I had to seat by the sun and let in dry me good thing I didn't have breasts Me:Who's Sive between you two?

Both:I am.

Me:Nx who is Siviwe?


Me:You guys are so irritatingSive come get a kiss 

He jumped infront of me I laughed. Me:Gotcha. 

Viwe:How are you Skwiza?

Me:I'm not your skwiza. 

Sive:You are can you give me a 23rd birthday gift by kissing me. 

Me:You are so old. 

They sat down I was in the middle. 

Viwe:It's not even his birthday now give me a kiss for being honest. 

Sive:I knew you were after my Ultra-Mel. You heard ?My Ulta-Mel


Me:Do you always have to be where I am Sive? 

Viwe laughed. 

Sive:Yes but today it's different.

Me:How? Sive:I came to tell you that I'm leaving.

Me:Where to?

Sive:Pretoria I found a job. 

I tried smiling but dismally failed

truth be told I was sad as old as Sive might be he is the only friend I had here and as much as I pretend not to like him I enjoy his presence. Viwe:Don't worry I'll make sure he behaves. Me:I'm not worried about that you idiot. Viwe:Ncoo you don't want him to leave. 

Sive:I know you'll miss me but I'm trying to build a future here an empire for us.

I sighed.

Me:It's not like we're dating but I will miss you. 



Viwe:yoh I'm going back home.

Sive:Tell Asive to pack for me.

Viwe:I can't deal with her stinking attitude bye Skwiza.

Me:Bye-Bye Siviwe.

Him:So you are my Skwiza?

Me:Don't push it.

He left.

Sive:So can you take care of yourself for me? Me:I always take care of myself.

Him:You know what I mean.

Me:I do.

Him:Let's go you will get a cold from those wet clothes.

I smiled.

Him:You love smiling neh?.

Me:I do.

He was walking me home when some uncle who hated me walked towards us.

 Me:Sive leave.


 Me:I don't want trouble.

 Uncle:Mfo kaNdabeni.

 Sive:Eh Malume.

 Uncle:Are those for Lobola?

 Sive laughed.

 Uncle:My son you're bringing yourself bad luck with this girl. 

 Sive:What do you mean malume? Uncle:Albinos are immortal and that's because they suck on human blood. Sive:Malume Elihle is not an Albino. Uncle:You are blinded by love.

 He then left.

 Sive:You're okay?

 Me:I'm used to it your sister is always saying the same thing. 


 Me:Forget I said anythingBye-Bye Sive see you in June. 

 Him:I will miss you. 

 Me:Me too. 

 He smiled and we parted ways I finished writing my exams and I missed Sive a lot. Asive has backed off a little. So this day I came from home and gogo was sitting outside on the bench she looked miles away. Me:Gogo I'm pregnant. 

 Her:Bring my whip. 

 Me:I'm kidding Gogo I've been greeting and you were quiet. 

 Her:Sit down. 

 Me:Is everything okay?

 I saw a tear escape her and that tore my heart apart. 

 Her:When last did you see your brother? Me:I think 3 days ago. 

 Her:Mhhm your brother is no more. 


 Her:Your brother was stabbed to death by his friend. 

 Me:Gogo UMasonwabe hayi. 

 I couldn't help but cry I cried so much that I could hear my echo. As much as we fought he was my brother and he is now no moreHow could this happen? My heart felt cold I felt broken gogo also cried I couldn't handle the pain I was beyond hurt this was too much death be not proud. 


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