We were now heading back to Durban my I had an amazing long weekendbut now it was back to reality I was glowing sana you could see I was good from a distance .Bayanda had the tendency of introducing me as his girlfriend. Finally we were back at the estates Yanda kept tickling me I was giggling like a babyhe lifted me up and placed me on the bonnet then got between my legs mhm he bit his lower lip. Him:Thank you for the amazing weekend.
Me:I should be the one thanking you since you made it possible.
Him:Well Whatever.
He kissed my earlobe and his lips travelled to mine.
Him:Things I wanna do to you now.
Me:Easy tiger I'm new in this business.
Him:Fair enough thenone last kiss before we part ways.
We kissed again he kept saying"mhm mhm"I bit his lower lip and I could feel him smiling we stopped and looked at each other.
Me:We better part ways now before things get out of hand.
He was brushing my thighs.
Him:I wouldn't mind.
Me:I have to go study okay?
Him:Me too but I'll come visit midnight.
Me:Yeah you will bye-bye
I took my bags and headed to my roomI rested then started doing my school work CA wasn't childs play after two hours I was done and I started painting drank water then slept ofcourse Bayanda came we cuddled innocently nothing much happened. Well I could see that our relationship was good though we were to attached to each other Bayanda would take me and fetch me to workwe'd go as far as visiting one another at night with our books ofcourse we knew how to prioritise as much as this was nice the"Love" wasn't there .3 months down the line he hasn't said anything just that he refers to me as his girlfriend it was really becoming boring Nkanyiso was scarce very scarce he couldn't take my calls or reply to my messages and I let him be.So Anawo was my 1st female friend and of course the only one she had come to clear her mind there was this club we were going to I wasn't planning on drinking I took money with me because these days I was a huge fan of food

she had come to clear her mind there was this club we were going to I wasn't planning on drinking I took money with me because these days I was a huge fan of foodI also don't know how but hey it happened.So I couldn't pick any clothes Anawo gave me clothes to wear just that they were tight
Me:I think it's better if I stay behind.
Her:You crazy wait here I'll bring you something.
Okay that scared me cause she only wore short things She came back what exactly what I had expected a short and Crop top
Me:Ha-ah no.
Her :Ungajwayeli lah I've never worn these and they are perfect for you.
Me:Why do you and your cousin make me show off my body?
Her:Because you have a good skin.
Me:Saying that to make me feel better I see. Her:Mxm you're sick in the head.
I laughed and wore the things she gave me then I wore heels and a sleeveless coat Baya bought me.
Her:Wow now you look awesome.
Me:Thanks we look awesome.
Her:Seat I have to fix that hair.
She curled my hair and made me wear nerds I looked gorge.
Me:Mhm you're the best in this.
Her:Now we ready.
There was already a Microbus and people were with their GFs Anawo was with his BF so I sat next to Bayanda and he placed his arm around me.
Him:You look beautiful.
Me:Thanks you look handsome.
Him:I thought you weren't gonna notice. Me:well I did.
The seats were turned so we were facing each other they were smoking hubbly bubbly it had a good smell but their eyes were so small and red they were even laughing weird right?After some time they parked at some club and we got out these people were rich kidsyou could tell there was like 10 of us we got a table and they ordered alcohol and drank Baya bought me a can of Monster .People were starting to get drunk you could tell by the level of noise. Ana:You need to drink atleast two cans? Me:Hay I'm fine.
Her:Come on don't be a party pooper.
Me:Fine one can.
She gave a can of Pine Twist damn this tasted so good I ended up drinking the 3rd 4th and on the 5th I noticed some guys weren't here I looked around and found Bayanda flirting with some girl they looked so close.
Anawo:You okay?
Me:I need some air.
Her:I'll go with you.
She followed me we sat out side.
Me:Do you think Bayanda loves me cause I love him.
Her:Has he ever told you.
I  began crying that's what happens when you love a person.
Her:I thought you guys were dating.
Me:That's what people think but we're only friends with benefits.
Her:Honey why would you hurt yourself like that?
Me:I wanted to mingle a bit and I had a crush on him.
Her:Wow but I think he really does love you. Me:Can you go get me another can .
She stood up and immediately I took a cab back home it dropped me off I took off my heels I don't know what happened next
* * * Baya ***
saw Anawo coming to me she looked angry Her:Your girlfriend is missing.
Her:Duuhyou are busy bitching.
Me:When last did you see her?
I was panicking she was once almosra rape victim.
Her:She was outside with me pouring her heart out.
Me:Saying what?
Her:She said she loves youbut you're not in the same page dude what's wrong with you? So she loves me God I'm so stupid why didn't I see that? Being the only guy that has been with her I should've noticed. I took a cab back homethe main door to her flat was locked I ran to my room found the key she gave me. I looked for her in the bedroom she wasn't there but her clothes were there I heard the shower water running I went inside the bathroom when I saw her there I became sober. The shower water was Ice cold judging by how pale she was she's been there for some time I took her and placed her on her bed I took my fleece th blanket I wrapped it around her for the first time I shed a tear for a girl. I carried her to the car.
Me:Damnit Lili don't die on me I love you.
As I sped to City Hospital.


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