I woke up a bit later I tried getting out of Bayas embrace but I ended up waking him up. Me:Sorry.

He turned around and slept again I went to the bathroom and peed whew it's been long.I wore a robe and went to the kitchen it was dark outside we've been sleeping for hours. Bayanda walked in as I was drinking milk he had only his boyleg. He kissed my forehead. Him:How are you feeling now?

Me:I feel better but I have cramps on my vaginal passage.

Him:You'll be okay but you need to exercise. Me:Why?

Him:You will know.

Me:Mhhm okay.

Him:Let's watch a movie and eat I'm hungry Me:Which is which?watching a movie then eat or eat then watch a movie.

Him:I was thinking both maybe.

Me:Should've said so but I'm not a fan of movies.


He looked and sounded really disappointed.

Me:YesI can't be a fan of something I'm not used to.

Him:Yoh let's go swim then.

Me:At least I'm used to that.

He laughed he pulled me to the bedroom and made me wear his boxer shorts and nothing on top.

Me:I'm not going to swim without something hiding my breasts.

Him:It will be fun trust me and I'm teaching you to be comfortable around me.

Me:But know I don't like it.

Him:You will enjoy it though in the meantime come I'll cover them boobs for you.

Me:You're really turning me into a bad girl.. Him:No I'm not we're in this together. 

I laughed and we ran off to the pool we swam played mhm and kissed damn this guy is making me love him not that it would matter though cause he doesn't love. We got out and slept we didn't even bath we were tired next day I woke to a good breakfast.

Me:Look who outdid themselves.

Him:Arh I'm tryna be romantic.

Me:Let me give you 5 stars for that.

He sat next to me on the high chairs but his body was facing the opposite direction. Him:How about a kiss?

Me:No not now.

Him:Fine get dressed we're going somewhere. Me:Where?

Him:You'll see.

Me:Uhm do I need to look good?

Him:For who cause I already have you?

Me:I might find a potential boyfriend there. Him:Hmm.

Okay what did I say wrong?Bayanda just changed his facial expression like thatfrom sweet to sour I didn't finish eating. I threw away the rest of the food okay I kinda miss Lethu my bestfriend he was the first and only friend I have I wonder what he's up to I washed the dishes and cleaned.Bayanda was showering I finished and went to shower as well. The weather was perfect for shorts but nah I'd rather not I bathed and finished Bayanda was already dressed in a white muscle T ShirtNavy Shorts and had adidas flops he also had clothes for me.

Me:Okay someone looks good.

Him:Simple but good is my middle name. Me:And here I was thinking Hercules is your real nam kanti you just loved the guy on the cover and you wanted to be muscular like him. Him:You're making fun of me but check I'm hot hun you should know better cause I lift you up like a baby when we kiss.

Me:Hey don't make fun of an underfed child. Him:It's so not like thatyou're just not a fan of eating.

Me:Yey eating is a process.

Him:Then you sayou're underfed


Him:Here is your 13-14 short please wear it .

It was a high waist jean short it wasn't a bum short NO.

 Me:Hayi Hayi Bayanda.

 Him:Please just this once.

I huffed holding them in front of me

you're just not a fan of eating.

Me:Yey eating is a process.

Him:Then you sayou're underfed


Him:Here is your 13-14 short please wear it .

It was a high waist jean short it wasn't a bum short NO.

 Me:Hayi Hayi Bayanda.

 Him:Please just this once.

I huffed holding them in front of methey were really cute.


 I wore the shorts and a white vest with adidas flops beats me how he got the perfect size in everything .My hair was curly so I let it be I took a look at the mirror mhm I. looked good but took.We took pictures and drove to Cascade mall we did shopping for Bayanda and he hid somethings from me he also bought a bottle of wine I was just excited because I'm in a mall not that I cared about what he bought.

 This guy shops like a woman damn we bought something to eat on our way home and as always I had to feed him we got home and I sat on the couch was super tired. Bayanda unpacked his plastic bags while I dozed off he woke me up and it was a bit dark outside. Him:Come I'll give you a back ride.

Me:Ha-ah I'll walk.

Him:Okay cool.

I followed him to the bedroom wow it was beautiful trust me he had the lights dimmed and rose petals on the floor a basket of goodies and the wine.

Me:Wow okay I like this indoor picnic.

Him:You may sit.

Me:Thank you sir.

He had those nice sponges and it was comfortable. He fed me strawberries and then he would kiss me .We were drinking the wine two .Okay after 3 glasses each I was drunk and he was too I found my eyes buried in his We kissed he removed everything on the sponge as we stripped each others clothes slowly but I was already horny he took one ice cube and put it in his mouth as he rubbed it on my neck breasts stomach and thighs I was on some other planet. We had nothing on he took a condom and entered me this time with more patience I could feel some kind of connection as my eyes were turned backwards and soft smooch on my lip.He was gentle in every waythough I could feel the pain I let him be. Finally he went in I moaned with pain then it became pleasure my this was good Bayanda Khumalo had the only thing that was a pride to me my virginity and by far no regrets I had. He popped the cherry nicely.


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