I really needed a bath after our short trip so I took a long shower. I wiped my body and on my way out I bumped onto Bayanda

Him:Are you already done?


Him:Why didn't you tell me? wanted to join yo.u Me:Some other time

Him:Hell No.

He said pulling my towel and he picked me up made me shower again.

Me:I hate you

Him:Can you enjoy this moment please? Me:Bathing for the second time is a moment? Him:Yes now please scrub my back so I can be a yellow bone.

Me:Kanene uleliWeak

 Him:My you and your Xhosa wenza uMntungwa abenje.

 He said showing me his rod I covered my eyes Bayanda was naughty and I was slowlu adapting to it judging by my research I have been on the internet eversince Bayanda and I spoke about having sex I already knew a few things and how it would hurt and all that.

Baya:Are you drooling?

He had a smirk on his lipsone that made me look even more cute.

Me:No never.

Him:But you were looking at me smiling.

Me:I was admiring you.

He laughed and pulled me close to him.

 I laughed thinking of the first time we kissed Him:You have the most beautiful eyes ever. Me:You have nice lips.

He kissed me slooowly with his hands hungrily pinching my waist with the grip damn my virgina was on some other now. I broke the kiss my eyes were smaller.

Me:I think we should stop wasting water now. Him:Uhm yeah yeah.

I laughed because he was so horny we wiped our bodies and got out of the bathroom wrapped a towel around my body while he had his on his waist.I sat at the edge of the bed and he sat next to me.

Him:Want me to help you?

Me:Nah hun.

 Him:Yeah right.

 He pulled me and I sat on top of him while he laid on his back we kissed & kissed & kissed he turned me around while pulling off the towel we were breathing heavily his hand found it's way to my cookie he fiddled with my clitoris moving slowly then increasing the paceI could feel how wet I wa.s He took a condom under the pillow okay I didn't know that it was there he placed both his hands above my head and opened shivering from arousal and fear.He inserted it and gosh he was hard and big phof I wouldn't know coz it's the first one I've seen a penny but it looked big. He tried inserting himself for the 1st time I bumped the headboard with my head.

He looked at me.

Him:Bear with me babe please.

I nodded and he opened my legs wider and tried for the 2nd time I was flinching when he was on the umpteenth try I sniffed and he stopped shit was painful my legs were vibrating.

 Him:Should I stop?

 I nodded for approvalHe stood up and disposed the condom I was in so much pain he came back and laid on top of me.

Him:I'm sorry .

He kissed my forehead. 

Me:It's burnin.

Him:Let me kiss it better.

Before I could even answer he was kissing me with his hand on my breast playing with my nipple my my He went down to my neck I was moaning in English which is softly he sucked my breasts and went to my belly button I even forgot why he was doing  thathe reached my bottoms he kissed my thighs then went to my inner thighs I was shocked and embarrased like tf you doing down there? He made me open my legs cause I kept closing them. His tongue was going in circles he muffed like he really did it sent tingling sensations to every part of my body my toes were twirled This was too good suddenly I felt myself peeing but differently coz the loud "ah ah" became"aaah" What the hell was that?he came up and kissed me then we cuddled and used the bed cover to cover our lower parts since his hands were hiding my breasts.

Him:I hope you're feeling better now.

I couldn't utter a wordNigga I'm beyond better.


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