I must say being with Bayanda made me feel warm it was as though I knew him before I even met him. He had that thing I don't know what to call it but it was amazing. At night I woke up and remembered that I slept over. This guy was so cute man damn his lips were slightly open I can't believe I'm in bed with my crush yey I felt important being in a man's arms Bayanda slighty opened his eyes and I quickly closed mine. He chuckled. Him:Why are you awake?
Me:I'm not.
Him:I. felt you looking at me.
Me:I was you scared me.
Him:Am I that ugly?
Me:Mhm Bra.
Him:Mxm come here.
He kissed me heyi I don't know why I took my own sweet time to kiss a guy but maybe they weren't gonna be good kissers after some time he broke it and he kissed my forehead. Him:Can we get to know each other? Me:Backgrounds?
Me:You first.
Him:I'm Bayanda Khumalo 21 in June from Pietermaritzburghave a twin and 3 other siblings.My mom is a Town Planner and my dad is a Lawyeruhm Yeah and I will tell you the rest when we meet againyour turn.
His phone rang I sighed it seemed as though he was talking to his dad. I'm not going to tell him about my background I mean we are sooo different he has rich parents and I on the other hand have no family at all Baya gave me his robe. Me:What's this for?
Him:My dad is at the gate.
Me:Your father can't see me here.
I wore the robe and sat on the bed Bayanda had a wart like man in his back exactly where I have mine it was the same size and black. There was a knock on the door Bayanda opened his"dad"came in what a fine looking men.
Baya:You back from the world?
They laughed.
Him:Yes Son where's your brother?
Baya:His room.
Him:Go call him Bayanda cleared his throat and looked at me.
Baya:This is Elihle dad.
Him:Hello ntombi.
I stood up for a handshake he shook my hand and looked at me in the eyes then finally spoke.
Him:I was begin to think you're gay or your mom is crazy when she said you're ladies man.
Baya:Let me call Bandile.
Him:You can stay here we will talk when you're not busy.
Baya:Yeah uhm sure dad.
Him:Don't bring more Khumalos to this world.
Baya:Don't worry she's sealed but I'll need to send cows to her house.
Him:Elihle take care of yourself if he does anything stupid kill him.
I laughed this man seemed cool.
Me:I will do so.
Him:Good Son we'll talk.
Baya:Sure dad..
He closed the door then left.
Me:Your dad is so handsome.
Me:Not your kind of handsome you guys have both your parents features.
Him:That's what people say can I have my robe.
Him:I wanna see your body one last time. Me:That's if you don't invade my privacy when I'm busy showering.
Him:Mhm I'd love to catch you again. Me:Goodnight Bayanda.
We went to bed and dozed off.
It's been a month and Bayanda and I still haven't taken our relationship to the next level he said I must think it thoroughly it is sex after all. It was the Easter weekend we had a date and we were going to his parents house in Pietermaritzburg. I was excited Nkanyiso was still the same person he would send me money on the 4th night

his girlfriend hated me not that I cared though. Bayanda was such a gentleman but I noticed he didn't "love" he spent his time with girls pone girl from next door told me no girl has ever lasted a month with Hercules. I said okay I avoided every topic that had to do with my family I mean those talks. So on Thursday I packed clothes I bought I even bought boylegs and matching brasI shaved and bought cosmetics that had a good scent new towels and all. Bayanda knocked on my door and I let him in.
Him:You're ready?
He took my bag and we went to his car and drove to PMB I thought it was far but it really wasn't.
Me:PMB is small.
Him:Very can I go take my sister from her soccer practice.
Me:No problem.
We drove to the stadium his sister seemed angry she got in the car and banged the door Baya:Athi.
Baya:What's wrong with you?
Her:I had a fight.
Baya:With who?
Her:Doesn't matterjusy take me home please.
Baya:You didn't even greet.
Her:Hello Sis.
I smiled and looked at her.
Me:Unjani?(how are you).
Her:Ngiyaphila wena?(I'm good and you). Me:I am also good thanks.
Her:Aren't you supposed to talking like Afrikaans or English?
Me:Nope I'm plainly Xhosa.
Her:I'm so old please don't lie.
Me:I'm for real.
Her:Life isn't fair.
Her:I will tell daddy you said I'm a coconut. Baya:Arh vele you don't know your parents languages.
Her:Bayanda I was having a chat with my in lawso how old are you?
Me:I'm 18.
Her:You're not even that old I mean you and I can be besties.
Baya:No girlfriend of mine will be besties with you.
Girlfriend?Heh wow Bayanda parked infront of a gate I assumed it's his parents house. Athi:Are you going to the other house? Baya:We don't have the whole day.
Athi:Fine NxBye-Bye Elihle.
She left and showed his brother a middle finger I couldn't help but laugh.
Me:You two?
Baya:This child is so ghetto.
Me:Lol I can see that.
Him:She's always involved in a fight at her school.
Me:Wow that sounds so coloured.
Him:Your also coloured.
Me:Uyafisa(you wish).
Him:I don'tuhm welcome.
Me:Wow this is nice.
He parked the car in the garage and we went in the house was beautiful it had a pool too hm hay these people are rich Bayanda showed me the bedroom.
Me:Can I have an hour sleep?.
Him:Yes Babe.
Babe?did he call me Babe I think I'll enjoy my 5 days vac. It might be early but this is what I wanted. 


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