Now I had to think of a plan as to where I'll put these. Gogo will think I have a sugar daddy or somethingI just slept with them then the next day I hid them in the shack. When I was done bathing and wearing my uniform I tip toed to my brothers room and stole his roll on.

Him:What are you doin

Me:NothingI just came to say I love you.

He looked at me with the corner of his eyes. Me:Okay bye.

He searched for something.

Him:How much do you think we will make from these?

Me:my things.

Him:I know so estimate.

I took them from him angrily. 

Me:You're horrible ugly brother nx. 

I went to say goodbye to gogo. 

Her:Who was calling you last night?


Her:What did he buy for you?

Me:I'm not following.

I gave her a confused look. 

Her:Come sit down. 

Me:Gogo I have to go. 

Her:Eat your food you didn't eat yesterday. Me:I'm not hungry. 

Her:Sit down and tell me who bought you all those things. 

I swallowed

Me:It was Sive. 


She clapped her hands. 

Me:Uhm yes granny but he's not my boyfriend.

Her:I know.

Me:You know?

Her:Yes I know everything you two get up too.

I smiled.

Me:Look at what he bought me. 

Her:A good boy just like his father and grandfather.


Her:Go to school.

Me:Hah Gogo.

 Her:It's getting late. 

 I wore my things I took my calculator nePen I was only writing maths. It felt good to wear shoes can you imagine how i felt when I was the only yellow bone without shoes and me being a colored brought me a lot of attention. I got to school it was time to write and as always Asive had something to say Her and Sive are total opposites. 

 Her:Class Albino got new school shoes. Everyone went "Ncoooh". 

 Her:Can you even use them?can you even talk?Ow you're saving yourself the humiliation of being stinkers twice.

Everyone laughed and again I was crying why am I so weak? We wrote our paper after school I was collecting tinz and anything that was metal. Gogo and I sold them for money. Luckily I had more than 10 things in my plastic bag. When I got home gogo had already packed hers in two big sacks. Me:Gogo I managed to collect a few things. Her:Put them here tomorrow we gonna wake up early at dawn and walk to the main road. Me:Okay Gogo. 

I took off my tunic and the rest of the uniform. I fed the chickens the did my chores. Masonwabe fetched the cows for me luckily and surprisingly. The next day we woke up very early. I wore my dress

a barret on my head and a jersey made of wool it was my mothers. 

Me:Gogo can I wear my school shoes? Her:Ewe mntanam(Yes my child?) 

We took some water for the way and Started with our journey. Gogo was pulling the Sacks I was carrying water after an hour I could see she was tired. 

Me:Gogo let's test. 

Her:Ha-ah we're close now. 

Me:Okay let's exchange. 

Her:I'm fine. 

Me:Fine I'll stand here. 

She looked at me and shook her head. I opened my hand she gave me the rope and I pulled them. I was faster than her finally we reached our destination we were both tired. After hours of sitting I saw a familiar car park along the road closer to us it was i4x4 that belonged to Sives family and he was driving it. He walked towards us I was. praying he doesn't say anything wrong Him:Morning Makhulu. 

Her:Ewe Ndoda. 

Him:Ultra-Mel aybo Elihle. 

Me:Hi Sive. 

Him:Makhulu what are you waiting for? Her:IVan yentsimbiI forgot to thank you for the things you bought for her. 

He cleared his throat and sat down yoh that meant he was staying for long. 

Him:Yabo (see) Gogo take that as an investment.


Him:Ewe Makhulu I have to make sure my future wife is happy.

 Her:WifeMy child is not going to get married anytime soon.

 So they are gonna act as if andikho

 Him:No Wena Makhulu I'll wait for her to finish school then I will marry her. 

Mkrm Mkrm Thixo Sive is so talkative and playful.

 Her :Mhh okay

 Him:So how many cows do you think she deserves? 

 Her:We will discuss that when the time comes.

 Him:I want to save.

 Me:Here's the van thank God.

 Sive looked at me and smiled. They counted the things and gave us R330.

 Me:We'll buy rice as well? 

 Her:Yes but first iRazor to cut your hair. Me:Gogo please can I grow my hair pretty please?


Me:Please ma oh yini. 

Her:Fine let's go buy food. 

Me:Thank you granny. 

Sive:Gogo as my in law I'd like to take you anywhere.. 

Gogo:Noko mntanam we are fine. 

Him:It's too far mah and you are old. 

Me:I'll put her on my back if I have to. Gogo:Come let's get in the car Eh!IGriza. 

We went to the supermarket and bought cooking oilRiceCabbaģe and maize meal then Sive took us home. 

Gogo:God bless you my child.

Sive:He knows what I need.

 He looked at me i smiled taking out our. things

 Me:Bye-Bye Sive. 

 Him:Bye future. 

 We went inside I cooked Rice and Cabbage my favourite meal God I thank you for my Grand Mother. 


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