I didn't know whether I should open my eyes or not cause honestly this was horrifying more than when I went through fire. I couldn't feel any pain so I wasn't hurt or anything except the bleeding from the punch. There was someone groaning I opened my eyes slowly breathing heavily. Me:Bayanda. 

Him:Get in the car. 

The men was laying dead on the ground Hercules arm was shot. He made a call a few minutes later a few men with black cars came Hercules seat at the back seat with me his twin was gonna drive the car. Hercules:Drive to Hilcrest bru. 

Castor:With her?

Him:She has seen enough. 


He drove the car like crazy it only took 20 minutes I .was traumatized to a state where I could say anything I was just there because I was there I had no shoes on .They drove to a house at the very top it was beautiful but my attention wasn't there not even my soul. They parked at the garage.

Cas:Help him out I'll open in the meantime. Me:Hel..p.hh..im? 


I moved to the other side and helped Hercules out he kept groaning in pain. We went inside the living room.

Hercules:Call mom bra.

Cas:She's on her way from Maritzburg. Me:I'm sorry Hercules I really am .

Him:I prefer Bayanda and someone had to do what I did .

Me:Why do you like have a gun with you though?

Cas:You don't need to know and please wipe those tears.

Me:I would if you could stop pacing up and down. 

I sat back on the couch damn I was scared. Minutes later the mother came. 

Her:What happened

Baya:Mom Can we fix this now and ask questions later. 

Her:Fine follow me Bandile clean the car. Him:But mom

Her:It was an order girl follow me. 

I reluctantly stood up and followed her she went in some kind of Mini Clinic. 

Her:You gonna take the bullet out. 

I looked at Bayanda. 


Her:Yes you I have a cut in my hand. 

Me:Can't you wear gloves?

Her:I can but I can't use my finger

the cut is too deep. 

She showed me I had tears gosh this was beyond beyond. 

Me:Oh God help me. 

I was in tears already Mrs Landlord gave me the equipment I kept wiping my tears throughout the procedure. 

Baya:Stitch it. 

Me:I can't.

Baya:You can trust me.

I felt like dying there and then but I did what I had to do and after a long time of poking someones skin.

Me:I'm done.

I cleaned my hands and cried. His mom gave me looks not bad or nasty looks then finally said something. 

Her:Heh so unyana wam usemathandweni neNhlotyana(My son is inlove).

Baya:Nabani? (With who). Her:NaleNkazana(With her).

Bayanda laughed.

Baya:She can hear you. Her:UnguMxhosa(Are you Xhosa).

 I nodded.

 Her:You guys go back to Durban.

 Baya:Thank you Elihle.

 Me:No Thank you

 Madam pulled me aside.

 Her:This stays between us no one was shot you never met me got it?


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