“I think this will be enough for two days”I said to myself as I carried my woods for fire on my bald heard. 

I placed it inside our hut where gogo was busy cooking maize which were going to have for super.

Gogo:Uphi uMasonwabe?(Where's Masonwabe) "

Me:Andaz(I don't know). 

Masonwabe was my older brother he was super stout and a sly fox he made me steal money for him at school. I heard him shout my name I ran to him. 

Me:You need to stop shouting it’s unattractive

Him:I wasn’t trying to be attractivegive me my money. 

Me:I didn’t make any money I had an assignment to do. 

Him:Geez you're only in grade 11 why make such a big fuss besides it’s still the first term. 

Me:You know I have trouble with english mos so why are we having this conversation? 

Him:Tomorrow I want i10 Rand or I’ll let that Asive girl beat you up. 

Me:Mxm you so cruel for a big brother. 

Him:Cumon Uĺtra-Mel you know I love you. 


I left him there. Well at home we had 2 rooms a six corner for Masonwabe and a Hut for me and gogo then there’s a shack for chickensand two cows. 

Speaking of cows I totaĺly forgot that I herd I ran to where I left them mind you I was always bare foot and I used to get hurt before but I have gotten used to it. 

As I was walking back home with a whip on my hand and cows. 

“ksks”I turned and couldn't see anyone as it was already late. 

I was literally chasing the cows making sure whoever made that sound doesn’t follow me

“Elihle ndilinde”It was Sive he was Asives older brother. 

Asive didn’t like me she always made my schooling life miserable she would start a fight with me every chance she got and his brother was something else he was a spoilt brat who usually helped me a lot he would charge my grandmothers phone and nigga was hot. 

I called him China since he had small eyes that would totally disappear when he smiles or laughs. 

Me:You scared me. 

Him:I’m sorry I brought you this. 

He gave me a torchnovel and gogos phone. 

Him:I was hoping I would get a kiss. 

I smiled. 

Me:No I don’t know how to kiss. 

Him:I will teach you have I told how beautiful your eyes and your smile are?

Me:Everytime we meetI have to get back home. 

Him:Okay see you and send me a message when the torches battery are flat. 

Me:Will do. 

When I got home I closed the cows inside their kraal then I went to the kitchen gogo and bhuti were eating. 

Me:Gogo here’s your phone. 

Her:Enkosi mzukuu(Thank you) 

We ate then made our bed then slept. I used to wake up do my home work and study using grannys phone but today was better I had a torch now.


Before I knew it it was time for me to go to school it was so cold heh. These Autumn mornings want me dead I boiled my water wore my old school uniform.


Her:Thatha izihlangu kuyabanda(Take the shoes it's cold) 


Her:Sundiphendula (Don't back chat). 

She wanted me to wear her takkies not that I minded but what was she going to wear but she's hardheaded. I guess today running to school will be better I'm wearing shoes. Though they were torn I was still grateful. I was recapping on my way to school I was writting accounting and English. The school was still empty so I had the chance to go through my work. I studied till the bell rang. Asive was in my class and she always made sure she makes me a laughing stork at every chance. She decided to sit behind me in class she was beautiful and tall she looked just like her brother but her brothers eyes were so different. Our form teacher came in and marked the register we prayed and sat down Asive was sniffing. 

Her:Yuh ha-ah I can't take thisExcuse me ma'am. 


Her:Can Elihle sit by the corner her armpits aren't pleasing at all. 

Ma'am:You didn't need to be rude Elihle go sit at the back there's a vacant space. 

I stood up with tears rushing down my cheeks and took the walk of shame I don't have money for roll on or soap for that matter I used green bar for my teeth then someone mocks me. I wrote my accounting paper it was fine then English I won't say much about it after school I took my plastic and hurriedly ran out I was followed by a group of matric boys "Girl your cracks are tearing your gogos shoes don't worry I'll bring you a facebrick and soap tomorrow". 

I didn't even turn to see who it was. Along the way I met up with uSive and he asked to walk me home. 

Me:Fine but half a kilometre away. 

Him:Hah why?

Me:I don't want you making fun of me I've enough from your sister. 

He stood in front of me I pressed my arms against my pits. 


Me:She made fun of me because I can't afford iRoll on. 

He laughed I looked down he stood besides me. 

Him:She can't stand your beauty and she knows that I'll marry you. 

Me:Oh please . 

Then my plastic decided to release all my books breaking my one and only calculator in the process. 

Me:No no no not when am writing maths tomorrow . 

 Sive quicly picked them up I snatxhed them from him and ran home. I was beyond embarassed joe I got home and cried I'll fail. Thy will be done oh Lord. I went to collect water later that night I heard someone throwing stones at the toilet and whistling I was certain it's Sive I slowly went out and it was him. 

Me:Sive it's late.

Him:I know but I had to see you. 

Me:What are you hiding?

Him:Did I tell you that you're beautiful today. 

Me:Sive gogo will notic. 

Him:Fine take. 

He gave me a plastic he kissed my forehead and ran away I couldn't help but smile it was the first time he ever did that. I went back inside took my torch and looked through the bag. Yoh! There was a calculatorschool shoesWhite socks and a school bag I was speechless. 


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