I heard my dad walk in with Siyamanga Omphile Khumalo my 2 and a half year son he looks exactly like his father I will explain a bit later how he came about. I got my feet out of the pool and walked carefully inside the house. I unlocked the sliding and got in he jumped me like me hasn't seen me in ages I smile although he came unexpectedly I love him with my whole life and my own life.I 

"how are you ma?"

Well you might be wondering how his second naye is Omphile mom was Tswana from North West Marikana if I'm not mistaken I only went there before her and dad got married. Yes you might have notice the was mom died from depression. Being the first born doesn't help because you see it all the pain the fights cheating and still conceal how you feel towards it for the sake of your mother to not worry about you. She died when I was pregnant with  Manga part of me thinks her dying is also part of me being pregnant. She wasn't really happy when I told her the news she just looked at me blankly then shook her head and said "You have hurt me Bontle your father my God."she said  lowly dad never spoke to me after mom passed him the message. I was drenched in tears when I dropped the ice cold bucket of water on her head figuratively speaking on top of that that bloody testicle face wasn't taking my calls. Like dickface I have your shit in my womb I want to meet your ass so we can talk about this shit before it is visible. But the mistake I did was to rush to the bathroom leaving a text message that read 

'You impregnated me on purpose wena shit stop ignoring my goddamn texts and meet up so we can deal with your shit. How can you be so fuckin selfish? You tricked me I wish you could just die. '


Mom knew who Nkanyiso was stop ignoring my goddamn texts and meet up so we can deal with your shit. How can you be so fuckin selfish? You tricked me I wish you could just die. '


Mom knew who Nkanyiso was well she knew him as my study partner who was my friend and nothing more than that. I was the innocent type of girl and momma didn't assume anything but deep down I knew I was sneaky as hell fowl mouthed and lover of sex. I was just given academically I would tell her I'm going to be studying after school or that I was having an cross-night with my classmates at the schools library. It was open 24 hours and very much secured so she would give me her car keys with fruits and plenty of water. I guess this was the fruit of my disobedience. When I came back from the bathroom she looked at me with her eyes glossy I knew momma was soft hearted hence she he was still with dad regardless of his sex escapades. Nhlanzeko is the proof of that it's dads son the last born he is 10 years old then there is Nhlakanipho he is 13. Shame I have never cried like that day. She would brush my baby bump regardless of dads evil glares and call the baby Omphile she looked like she grew more tired by the day. Then she just didn't wake up from all the tiredness eternal sleep took over I guess she needed the rest. Afterwards Sandile who is my dad acted civil towards each other or maybe it was the funeral preparations we had no help on. My dads family never really liked my mom then they pretended with us dads kids. I guess that's because we were related to them I think they were being unfair considering mom treated Nhlanzeko like her own son but the family still didn't like each other. They attended the night vigil together with the Magapa family moms sideafter the funeral they all left. Mom rested at a cemetery because the Khumalos decided the woman who gave their son children was not their wife. Shame they hated her even in her death like she is no longer around can we all get over it. They haven't stepped inside the premises since the funeral. I think after moms funeral dad and I got closer because we both felt guilty of moms death. I still think it's both our faults too moms death hurt me so much I couldn't cry I was afraid it will hurt my baby. Mom had fallen in love with it and I knew delivering him healthy would bring great joy she even went to check ups with me ask for scans too she was the best baby daddy ever. I couldn't ask for more and now I was about to deliver she was nowhere to be found. I'm getting carried away you see? My name is Bontle Nosipho Khumalo I'm am 21 almost turning 22 year old single mother who got pregnant at her teens I am also bisexual. Now I have to explain how that is possible on top of everything I already promised to explain. Sigh.

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