Part 1

Sinister Mind- 


Episode 1

I still remember how I got pregnant I had long been sexual active. Not everyone is in on that preventing mood more especially me so all guys I slept with in High School I used a condom. Then Nkanyiso the swear words I have for him have depleted currently but I know they will come back. He has always been the private type something I loved more about him. Our relationship was only known after a long time of being together we were both cheaters. I always caught him but I'm a chick and girls can cheat on you for years and she only gets caught when she wants you to or for other reasons. That particular day Nkanyi took me to his house for the first time since we started dating.

Me:"Why the change of mind this time around?"

I joked punching his shoulder he laughed shaking his head. He didn't talk much neither was he the most popular guy he was just y known.

Nkanyi:"This is my grandmothers house."

Me:" I thought you said your home."

He shrugged making a face nxah this jerk.

Nkanyi :"It's one of the same thing mama is always around and Granny isn't here."


That day he was different with my body he didn't even crease my uniform when he took it off. He even took a long time down there since he always complained about how he didn't want his face wet. I felt his manhood against my mound during our heated kiss.


Nkanyiso :"I am infertile nje baby."

I was way too horny to argue against that and believe me after that I got so obsessed with not using a condom. He was infertile anyways so why did we need a condom? We both go super addicted with each others private parts we once did it behind classes during sports. Everyone was at the grounds so we weren't really worriedI got pregnant somewhere there. When my parents went to his Grandmothers house with me leading the woman cussed calling all names that time Thabiso who was Nkas friend stepped out of the house in his boxers. I have never been so ashamed shame that bastard lied to him. My pride didn't even allow me to run behind him afterwards okay except for the angry texts I sent him all the time well he was ducking me at school and I couldn't even cause a scene just to ask him why he lied. Then mom had to died

I failed matric he moved away although he knew I was pregnant he saw it. Infertile my foot I really hate him. And I hope he is dead wherever he is.


Back to the present dad was in his usual attire. Boots and just simple clothes he was an Industrial Engineer a hands on one I presume.

Me:"Mkhulu I am going out tonight.".

He was drinking coffee and I was emptying my sons bag so I can see how much he will eat my son hated eating and it frustrates me so much. And Mkhulu is dad we call him that because of Manga he made us all call him that.

Sandile:" And who will stay with the kids."

Me:"I don't know dad call someone in I need a breather. Look at my hair I don't even know was the last time I combed let alone shaved."

He scrunched his nose in disgust.

Sandile:"I am sleeping over so I will stay with them."

I laughed.

Me:"Utlwang monna yo o buwa matlakala (listen to this talking nonsense)"

Sandile :"Nono"

Me:"Hawu how do you say you sleeping over at your own house? The things you do surprise me."

Sandile:"Don't talk to me like that."

I smiled at him.

Me:"I appreciate you looking out for your kids and grandchild it means a lot."

I wonder what he told the woman who he spends almost all his time at since he is here. My siblings were so happy to see him besides his absenteeism. Dad always makes sure he takes care of us financially of course. I made super while texting Samantha she is the one who got me in a partying mood. I am wondering if dad thought I was going out to dinner or partying but he has seen my true colours over the past 2 years. Imagine me hiding things from him I do respect him but not to my moms level.

When I was done with super and making sure the kids have eaten done their homework studied and washed their uniforms I was ready to go. Samantha walked inside the house screaming like crazy.


I ran out of my bedroom with only my underwear.

Me:"Dad is around."

She giggled she sure was high.

Sam:"Daddy Sandile finally got back from his trip."

I think she has a crush on my dad. I swear.

Me:"Let me just get dressed."

She stood by my door with her hands on her waist.

Sam:"Your ass is bigger are you doing something?"

Me:"30 day challenge but my stomach is still a bit big."

Sam:"Seeing you wearing that dress you better make sure you suck it in."

I rolled my eyes at her there was a club that was lit in town. Club Dubai it had strippers and every fancy thing with that aquarium touch. We took shots and drank some cold Corona. I saw some guy make his way to the bar and by the throb inbetween my thighs I had to get him. I nudged Sam.


Me:"Do you have condoms?".

She giggled taking a box from her bag to mine.


I fixed my boobs and lowered my mid thigh red dress. It's gonna be a long night.

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