Hlalifang Tivavone

Mom:"Do you think you are grown up now heh? Do you think you are grown up?"

I wanted to laugh at her English but mom isn't one to mess  with when she is angry and right now she is livid. She happened to see me with my boyfriend on her way from town she passed me like a stranger and when I got home she took a belt and lashed me like it's no ones business which isn't of course. 

Me:"I am sorry."

Mom:"Nyori nyori you drive me crazy wena man! Damn you."

She clicked her tongue and walked away breathing heavily. I quickly took off my uniform and washed it then I decided to cook just to soften her heart. She was sulking I know.

My name is Hlalifang Tivavone I'm 17 years old doing my grade 11 in KwaMashu High. I live with my mother well fosteee mother but she treats me like her own daughter. She recently told me she found me wailing at a dumping site with nothing but a black plastic bag wrapped around my tiny body. I won't lie and say that didn't shock me because it did I just didn't understand how someone could love a child that's not even theirs. When she went to the hospital she found out that my mom did name me and she was Tsonga she killed her self after being discharged at the hospital so that's just spilt milk. Mom honored my late mothers memory and kept the name. I think MaMbuyazi loves me a lot because I am a girl whereas she only gave birth to boys and 2 men those being my brothers Vusi is in Free State he is what I call a hustler. He taught me how to shoot guns because of the love I have for them. Then there is Sbongakonke who in CPUT that one is a lost course he hardly ever comes home well last time we saw him was after the first semester of his first year mom has given up too. Then there is me  well I'm not even popular so let's go to Lindani and Lindile they are twins I am not sure if they are 12 or 13 but it's somewhere there. I was really bruised when I checked myself. 



Mom:"Do you think you are going to school with that scruffy hair? bring the comb I will change it." 

I always do hairstyles using no extensions not because we can't afford them or any other reason except I was allergic to them. This one time I tried plaiting my hair long braids you see by the end of the week my face was a mess. Then this other time I did short braids that would fall over my face it didn't even take a week for me to have pimples. So now I braid my hair with wool or just hair my face is even clear except for normal teenage pimples on my forehead. 

I smiled when I came back with everything she would need to fix my hair she smiled back. One thing I know mama never beats me for no good reason and I know she loves me hence she puts me on the leash at times. 

Similo Ndabeni

I walked inside my moms house hassle free whistling I inhaled the smell of banana bread. I knew mom was busy in the kitchen so I would most definitely find her alone I am pretty sure dad is engrossed in her daughter. Hlumelo knows how to charm dad even to this day I doubt she even has a boyfriend with how close she is with dad. Not that I am complaining this will make her choose a guy who isn't a loser. By the way my family is rich and in the process I learnt how to get rich too. My sister and I used to stay overseas with my parents of course we had gadgets for assignments and entertainment but my twin and I well more myself was interested in hacking. I loved it and creating games or softwaresmy twin on the other hand was more like mom. Blood crazedshe liked winning to a point where she got bewitched because of her love for being at the top but that's a story for another day. We made a mean team before we even turned 18 and well mom and dad found out we killed for money they were really disappointed but they too are or were gangsters so I don't know why it became a big deal when me and my twin did it. I have this beautiful girl of mine I love her and I could count a few reasons. Baby got a banging ass body the pussy being the bonus the pussy being the bonus she doesn't even ask questions when I disappear I just tell her because she is snoopy and telling means she don't leave me. EXs are loose ends that just hang only to bite you in the ass when things get bad for them I knew she loved me more.. 

I have recently gotten so busy with creating a game that I have neglected her then I realized having her around isn't the best of ideas. We aren't married yet and I know we are going to get on each others throats if we keep living together. 

I hugged my mom from behind she gave me her cheek I kissed it then stepped away. She hit me with the dish cloth. 

Mom:"That's for not coming to visit when you came out of jail." 

Me:"But you weren't around." 

Mom:"Does it matter why are you here  anyways? Are you in trouble?" 

Me:"No!! I mean no.. Buuut I do need a tiiiny favor from you." 

She folded her arms and raised her eyebrow. 


Me:"Can you talk to MaXaba for me I need her to move out." 

She laughed clapping her hands on top of that. 

Mom:"What did black barbie do now?Or do you want cheat?" 

Me:"What?" I shook my head. "I am not planning on cheating on her matter of fact I think she is the one cheating on me. With a lesbian." 

Mom:"I have to meet that lesbian I am joking. So what do you want from me? I am not getting rid of a girl you brought to your own house. I have my shit going on son I am sorry." 

I scratched my head. 

Me:"Fine mama but tomorrow we are coming over for my welcoming party make sure there is booze." 

Mom:"mhh where is that Swati friend of yours?" 

Me:"He around recently got back to Durban."

Mom:"Invite him over I miss his goofiness." 

I rolled my eyes and hugged her walking out of the house. Mom loves Nathi like his own. 

Me:"I am driving around I will come back for my loaf of banana bread." 

Mom:"Leh esihogweni(In Hell)" 

I laughed walking out. 


We all stood below her feet. 

Nipho:"I think we should pour her a glass of water." 

Someone screamed behind me I turned around startled. My eyes widened at the image in front of you. 

Her:"Who are you?!" 

Nipho:"Do you have a twin sisi?" 

I blinked this girl looked like me. I have both my parents features but dads are the strongest. 

Her:"Who are you?" 

She looked freaked out. 

Me:"We just came here for Sandile nothing more." 

Her :"You came for my dad but mom is the one on the floor?" 

Her mom on the floor we made way for her well she shoved past us. The workers were surrounding us but they didn't come close she got up slowly with her one hand against her forehead. She looked at us. 

Her:" Oh God it was real Nombu help me up."

Nombu:"Ma are you okay?" 

She helped her up I walked in first with the kids behind me. My dads wife looked so broken she was crying. I'm still shocked that Nombu is dads daughter she looked almost the same age as me. I guess cheating was a habit that he didn't get rid off even after it killed mom she still continued with his dirty deeds. 

Nombu :"I will be in my room." 

The lady scratched her head. 

Her:"Okay so you are Sandiles kids uhm what are you doing here though?" 

Me:"I came to see Sandile it's my brothers birthday and he didn't return my calls. He hasn't even been home for full 2 weeks." 

Her:"Okay okay uhm he is not around he hasn't been here for a week so I'm afraid you will have to come back later." 

She gave me a side smile. 

Me: I will wait. "

Her:" By later I mean it might take weeks. "

I chuckled. 

Me:" We will come back thank you. "

She stood up and opened the door for us.  We walked back to the car with our heads down. 

Nipho:"She is bullshitting us."

Me:"I know." 

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