We had to call it a night before it got late Similo was already breaking a record with his calls.

Sipho:"Will you be able to drive?"

Me:"Yeah don't worry."

We hugged then parted ways I was about to get inside the car when someone grabbed the handle first. I screamed.

Me:"Fuck you Kira ."

The idiot smirked he is normally Sims driver when there is urgent business.

Kira:"Passengers seat and car keys please."

I clicked my tongue but gave him the car keys I was in no mood to argue especially with Kira. He is a jerk.

Me:"So you have been watching me?"

Kira:"I don’t get paid to watch you bossnyana has someone for that already. I am here to ensure you get home safely."

He parked the car in the garage. I was welcomed by the smell of beef from the door. Sim plopped his head from the kitchen and scowled when he saw me.

Sim:" You drove home drunk? "

Me:" Your goon drove me. "

Sim:" Okay do you want me to dish up for you? "

Me:"No I will eat in the morning."

He didn't say a word why is he not angry? And when did he get sober to a point of even cooking he always amazes me. I went straight to bed I didn't even bother undressing when I woke up I was naked. Sim wasn't even besides me as per norm. I cleaned myself up and went to the kitchen he was busy on the stove.


He came towards me and pushed me against the wall he gave me a breathtaking kiss I could barely breathe when he broke it.

Sim:"Are you hungover?"

He whispered against my ear I felt goosebumps all over.


I am horny 


He picked me up and kissed me again he laid me carefully on the couch one of his knees balancing  inbetween my thighs his feet on the floor. I was already naked I have gotten so used to walking around the house naked.

His lips sucked my skin I remained expecting but he teased me with the tip of his tongue. Then he went full mode to mufftown

I remained expecting but he teased me with the tip of his tongue. Then he went full mode to mufftown I could feel my orgasm build up when he stopped.

Me:"What the fuck?"

He came back to my lips. He was rubbing himself against my bud.

Sim:"I love you" 

He whispered against my lip.

Me:"I love you."

Sim:"Never cheat on me okay or I will kill both of you."

Me:"I won't."

I knew what he was capable yet I was shoving my tongue down a females throat a few hours ago. He penetrated me leaving no space for me to think of my immorality. Best morning ever.


I really expected my father to come back today it's been long since he has been gone It's Niphos birthday today. I woke up early and prepared a feast for them then I woke them before time. 

Me:"Hey baby."

Manga :"Mama I want to sleep again." 

Me:"But you have school." 

I picked him up he laid his head on my shoulder I know his eyes were closed. Throughout his bath he was yawning I decided to let him sleep last night I found them passed out on the couch. Which means they disobeyed me they will get punished. 

Me:" Let's go sing happy birthday to Nipho." 

His eyes shot open. 

Manga :"There's a cake?" 

Me:"We will eat it after school you and I will buy it." 

This pretender he didn't even look half asleep like he did just a few minutes ago. 

We sang for Nipho who was grinning like an idiot I see he thinks he is grown up this one. 

Me:"I will pick you guys up from school in the afternoon we have to go somewhere." 

Nzeko:"Ice rink? " 

He shouted happily I laughed then Sharon thinks she can take him away from me.

Manga:"It's not your birthday." 

This rude child of mine. I tried calling my dad throughout the day but his phone was on voicemail. He hasn't sent money this week and I am slowly running out. We did buy a cake and drinks with snacks at Spar then I picked the 2 up from school. 

Me:" So guys where we are going no matter what insults they throw don't take it to the heart." 

Nipho:"Where are we going?" 

Me:"You will see.". 

We arrived after some time Manga was in Niphos arms. There were guys busy on the yard. 

Nzeko:"This is a beautiful house." 

Me:"And they are renovating it." 

I pressed the door bell someone yelled coming. A seconds later the lady who was playing lovey dovey with my dad opened the door for us. 

Her:"Hey can I help you." 

Me:"Good afternoon I'm Bontle these are my brothers Nhlakanipho and Nhlanzeko and this is my son Siyamanga." 

She looked confused. 

Her:"Oh okay." 

Me:"Yes we are Khumalos all of us." 

Her:"Ooh you are relatives." 

Me:"Kind of we came to see our dad it's his second borns birthday. I tried calling him but he didn't pick." 

Her:"Wh- who is your dad?" 


Her:"You are all his children?" 

She was even stuttering. 

Me:"The 3 of us the little one is his grandchild."

She blinked a thousand times next thing hw was on the floor. Uh oh 

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