Mrs Ndabenis words bothered me a lot I mean which guy in their right mind would do that to me? Unfortunately Smilos family is influential. They own law firms pharmaceutical companies and recently they have opened a child walfare center and home for 0 to 18 year old. They educate them then give them bursaries for Universities I overheard them talking about opening a shopping mall and various other things so the kids can not suffer trying to look for jobs after graduation. So the mayor really can't overpower them when Sim decides to take a hike but I doubt he would ever do something like that to me. He loves me I know he does. 

I received a text from Sipho. 



Me: I don’t do dates 

Her:Let's go out then have drinks like we will never die *Crazy emoji*

Me: *Laughing emoji* send me the club location then.

Few minutes later Sim walked in drunk and smelling like he bathed in weed smoke. I hate the smell of weed and he just had to get behind me I slightly pushed him with my ass.

Sim:"I should have stayed in prison with your new behavior all up in my grill."

Me:"I am cleaning myself up your smell with be all over me."

Sim:"Isn't that the reason you use expensice toiletries and perfumes?"

I clicked my tongue and wore my heels. He snaked his hand around my waist I removed them and wore my shoes.

Me:"Go to bed."

Sim:"I am even thinking of telling the security guys to not let you out.".

Me:"You would do something like that?

Sim:" I can but I won't better not act loose there. "

He leaves my dressing room and my mouth is literally hanging I have been so loyal to this guy and he starts acting up now? What the fuck is that for? I think he is pushing me to disloyalty bit by bit. My phone rings while I drive to the club I press the steering wheel. Moms voice echoes the entire car.


Me:"Hey mom are you okay?"

She hardly calls but when she does she covers up for lost time.

Mom:"I am fine I was just checking up on you I heard the Durban Times wants to interview you and your fiance."

I bite my lower lip and rub my ring with my thumb it doesn't feel like I am engaged.

Me:"You know that's impossible mom Sim prefers a private life. None of his family members are on social media now imagine what would happen if we were on TV."

I hear her groan.

Mom:"This is also about you Sin It would be a headline I tell you. Why doesn't this boyfriend of yours want to be out there because he has the looks."

His family is gangster therefore their lives are always in danger they are not social media people because that would make it easier to track them down. And they are very private people but 8 really can't tell mom that.

Me:" For starters these girls would drool over my man and I can't be fighting girls on social media. My baby rather remain a mystery."

Mom:"But think -"

Me:"Mom let me call you back when I arrive home okay?"

I hang up whew that would have been a long conversation. When I get to the club I see Sipho standing by the door she looks a bit girly today but still a snack. Her dreadlocks are loose she has skinny pants on but they are a bit saggy she has skinny pants on but they are a bit saggy then black combat boots and a white long sleeved T-shirt. She has her eyebrows done it  is unique for a lesbian but she looks good. She smiles when her eyes meet me then she scans my body. I chuckle flipping my hair back her arms are already opened for me. Her hugs are pretty good.

Sipho:"You good? You look a bit conflicted?"

She holds my hand and leads me inside. It's weird how she noticed my mood.

Me:"Just my mom messing with my head."

The waitress comes and this lady orders the same cocktail as mine I thought lesbos drink beer especially those that look lile her but I did say she was different.

Sipho:"Let's take shots so we can talk about it hey?"

I smile and let her order 4 blowjobs we down them make faces then laugh.

Me :"Mom wants me to make my engagement a public announcement and my fiance wouldn't show up."

We are both a bit drunk I can see.

Sipho:"Why wouldn't he?"

Me:"He is a very very private person he is not even on social media."

Sipho:"Then why don't you guys respect that his privacy?".

My eyes widened isn't this one supposed to be on my side?

Me:"Who are you siding with?"

Sipho:"I am looking at it from both perspective now why aren't you respecting his privacy?"

Me:"I have been doing it since we startes dating My whole life I have lived around cameras then he just came and changed everything. People don't even believe I am engaged."

She is looking at me this whole time with a deep scowl I know I am about to cry.

Sipho:" No baby girl don't hurt me with those tears your fiance should learn that in relationships there must be compromise. You have kept him private your entire relationship if he loves you he must do this one this for you. Unless there is no compromise in your relationship. "

Why is she saying things like that when I'm drunk? She takes my hand and pulls me to the bathroom. This club isn't full and well it's very safe. She opens one of the toilets and we both go in. She lets me cry in her arms and that moment I wish she had a dick really because I can't deal with having no sex. I pull away ready to say something but she cups my face I'm so hysterical I can barely breathe. Her breath fans my fans before I know it we are sucking faces like our life depend on it. She does it so well and differently I can feel that I am kissing a girl but it doesn't stop me from getting aroused. She breaks the kiss and I am panting her on the other hand looked chilled as a cucumber. Did I not do it correctly? Her lips break into a smile. I hide  my face with my hands she chuckles. She laughs 

Sipho:"Hey no harm done it's not like you pregnant."

I can't help but laugh I punch her shoulder playfully she pretends to be hurt I just laugh.

Me:"I am sorry."

Her T-shirt is messed up.

Sipho:"I had no choice you looked like a monster when crying."

Me :"What?"

She pinches my cheek

Sipho:"I am kidding let's go finish up before I go down on you right here right now."

I gasp quickly sprinting out of the toilet I thought there would be some awkwardness between us. But she acted like she did before we kissed anyway I will worry about me not being entirely straight when I'm sober for now I will dance with this good dancer and probably kiss her again.

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