It was time I visited my dads other home we last spoke yesterday when I was telling him about Niphos birthday. I guess he is still waiting for me to call him back how convenient of him. I almost texted Sin but thought against it I did have her number but I should probably wait till she decides to give it to me because her and I will meet again. I am still not sure of what I want from her but I shall wait and see. It was dads knock time and I was waiting opposite his house behind the trees there. I thanked God his neighborhood wasn't that private. I could see the house their fence was made of short hedges I guess it's safe. A lady came out smiling holding a baby on her hands. She was very beautiful I saw dads genuine smile when he saw them..I couldn't help but step out of my hiding she handed him the baby placing her hand on his shoulder. He has a ring on I blinked at the sight in front of me. How dare this man do mom like this? Us like this? He is married and has another family. I blinked unable to breathe my father has another family. I sat down and cried they had gone if they see me they see me. I heard the sound of a car then someone crouched in front of me. I shrieked when I felt his hand on me that was definitely a mans hand ans scent.

"Ma'am are you okay?"

He sounded really worried I looked up to find a stranger staring at me with concerned eyes.

"We can go inside I will make you something to calm you down."

Me:"Where is inside?"

I asked sniveling not that I was gonna go inside with him I was just curious as to which house he stayed him.

Him :"There you look like you need a cup of hot chocolate."

I chuckled I just needed to distress maybe alcohol or the thing inbetween his thighs. I just didn't know what maybe I should go out. It's the weekend I am sure the kids will be just fine. He was pointing at the house my father went to.

Me:" I just saw your father drive it I can't do something like that."

I wiped my eyes with my hand he handed me a handkerchief I blew my nose and kept it. I doubt he wanted my mucus.

Him:"He won't mind he knows I am old enough."

I stopped crying and looked at him he didn't deny the fact that Sandile is his father. Dad has a son as old as this one.

Me:"No I can't and that man looks like your brother.

He chuckled.

Him :" Well that's because he is my step dad."I sighed in relief in relief " Listen to me telling you my secret yet you don't want me to get you a cup of coffee. "

I sniffed standing up and wiping my butt.I have heard what I wanted to hear 

Me:" Don't worry I should get going anyways."

Him:" I can give you a ride home?"

Me:"Don't worry I am sorted."

Him:"Give me your number then so I can check how you are."

Me:"I can't -" then a plan hits me I can use him "Okay."

He smiled handing me his phone I put in the correct number and save it.

Me:"You will find a new contact on your phone know it's me."

I walked away I got inside my car and cried once more.. I decided to buy groceries so my face can go back to normal before I go home I know Nhlanzeko is very observant. I bumped on a lady just before I got to my car I knew who she was before she even said a word. I didn't say a word.

"Please stop.". I turned around with one hand already on my waist. I can't fight but I am intimidating as ever and I have looks that can kill.

Me:"What do you want Sharon?"

Sharon:"You know who I am?"

I gave her my dramatic look of disbelief. Then I chuckled.

Me:"The woman who caused my mom a heartache you know cheating with my dad was okay. It's normal for men like my dad to have plenty of woman but to drop you baby at moms doorstep then years later pretend like you still fucking."

She was on the verge of tears I didn't care I too was battling with my own emotions.

Sharon:" I just want to see him. "

Eh evil is out to play today I swear.

Me:" You are not going to see him you will never see him. Tell yourself you don't have a child like you did 9 years ago."

I packed the things in my car ignoring her the memories were fresh. I was 14 years old when she dropped him literally shoving him in my mothers arms after degrading her in front of us. Calling my mother a domestic worker simply because she wasn't working all she did was take care of us dad included. Even if she was a domestic worker it had nothing to do with her. Then she thinks she will take the brother mom and I raised while she acted childless on Instagram I don't even know how she did it. I for one can't imagine my life without my son dad better put her on a tight leash otherwise my friends and I will deal with her.





Just when I thought I should spend the day indoors with my boyfriend he decided to go out with his cousins. Son of a bitch he left me. 

 "I don't even understand how you allowed that much security at her boyfriends house." 

 I looked up to find Smilos mom looking rather angry. 

 Me:"He says it's for safety." 

 She clicked her tongue and sat down. 

 Mom:"It's stupid qha you still stay at home." 

 I think she is rather too judgemental. 



 My eyes widened. 

 Me:"Uhm pardon."

 She rolled her eyes. 

 Mom:"I mean you just seat here go out with fake friends who are with you because your dad is rich which also makes you rich. Have goals go back to school do something with your life because that ring might be the only thing you will have when Milo gets tired of spreading your legs. Men enjoy treating their women but sometimes we must challenge them now my son is out with guys and you are waiting for him to come here and ravage your vagina. I feel sorry for you. "

 I blinked then eventually cleared my throat when her insults have sunk in. 

 Me:" Sim is not here. "

 Mom:" And I did mention he is out with the guys wise up girl just because they say the vaginal muscles tighten after intercourse doesn't mean he won't get tired of yours because it's of a rich kid. Wise up!" 

 Then she left she just cam here to insult me I see. 

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