In my time of being a stay at home sister who was a genius at school I watched reality shows a lot movies too and I used Google countless time. And in that time I have also tried hacking into peoples accounts. I realized it is not as easy as the TV makes it seem. I tried hacking dads office Computer out of boredom the first few attempts weren't even that easy so I dropped it. But this week I managed to hack his phone it's easier than a computer. He had Whatsapp and that's what I intended on hacking he had the exact same location for the past 3 nights. It wasn't even  hotel but a house at some Surbub an hour away from home. This man surely has another family he hardly has time for us because of his business trip but he sleeps only an hour away from home. Mama must be turning on her grave. The kids were making so much noise sometimes it's like I live in a daycare then Nhlanzeko acts like Manga is his age Jesus Christ. I love them unconditionally but I can't wait for them to grow up and be able to mantain themselves. At least Nhlakanipho is in grade 8 shit it's his birthday in a weeks time. I call dad while making my way to the living room..


Me:"It's Nhlakas 14th next week."

Sandile :"How are you?"

I sigh hushing the rascals they are fighting over the remote. I trip over a toy I am getting out of this house today.

Me:"I am good so what do you have in mind?"

Sandile:"Will you ever stop being rude to me? It's not entirely my fault that -"

Me:"Dad please can we discuss the matter at hand?"

Sandile:"You are an angry soul Nono and it will be your destruction you are not the same little girl you were when your mom was alive."

Me:"Don't mention mom!"

Sandile:"My point exactly you directing your anger to me."

If only he knew I will get angrier as soon as I know what he gets up to when he is not around this is minor. I pinch my nose bridge.

Me:"Let me call you back."

I hang up the old man doesn't even bother calling me back.. My son comes in screaming his lungs out I pick him up.

Me:"Who hit you?"

He shakes his head and lays his head on my chest I wonder how he is such a calm person. It must be his dad because I am not calm as much as Nkanyiso was a conniving bastard he was an amazing person which explains why I fell for him.

Me:"I will buy you ice cream go watch cartoons."

I prepare lunch for them and cover it because it's not midday yet. I take a quick bath and dress up I have been stalking Sin. She checks in all the time which will make things very easy for me. I decide to be a boy for a change. My dreadlocks are pretty long so I let them loose so they can make me look manlier. Nhlakanipho looks at me when I come out fully dressed

he even has his arms folded with a deep scowl on his face.

Nipho:"Why do you look like a boy? Are you gay?"

Me:"Take care of your brothers I will be back before you know it and mind you business while at that"

The drive isn't long and I am happy to see that she is still alone. I can't describe her beauty let alone measure it.


I pulled the seat opposite her her eyes widened then she frowned obviously irritated by my presence. Not that I cared though.

Sin:"What do you want?"

Me:"I'm already doing what I want." 

She raised her eyebrow.

Sin:" And that is?"

Me:"Sitting here with you do you mind?".

I asked pouring her water on the empty glass she shook her head.

Sin:" Why bother asking me?"

I smiled.

Me:"Am I making you feel uncomfortable?"


Me:"That's good My name is Sipho by the way" 

She looked rolled her eyes.

Sin:"You are a woman"

I chuckled.

Me:"Something I am very much aware of it's Nosipho in full if you feel Sipho is too manly you can call me Nosi."

I wiggled my eyebrows at her.

Sin:"I'm Sinempilo."

She smiled well now we getting somewhere.





I don’t know why this man - woman came to my table she really looked like a man till she started talking. I am straight but she made me feel some typa way I liked how she didn't come out as someone who is interested in me although she very much is interested in me. I could see how she bit her lip when I spoke no lie she was sexy and I wanted to kiss her right away. She had inviting lips but  she's a girl and I have Sim who goes beyond satisfying me in bed so I don't think I should ruin our relationship with a girl. But why am I worried about her it's not like her and I will ever be anything.

Sipho:"You driving?"


She tucked her hands in her pockets and nodded while biting her lip that action got me feeling hot. I think she saw how I reacted to it.

Me:"Alright then I will see you."

I said walking away she went for my hand I slowly turned around. She was a bit shorter than me it must be the heels I had on.

Sipho:"Can I?"

I nodded she wrapped her hands around my waist and hugged me tightly kissing my neck. I gasped and quickly stepped back.


She smirked arrogant thing.  I drove home in total contemplation. When I got home Sim was busy on his computer he is creating a game I don’t know how and I'm not interested. He just told me it's gonna take a while he was away for months and when he gets back he is doing me like this.

Me:"Hey baby I'm back."

As much as I hated what he was doing I was still crazy over him.

Sim:"Who were you with?"

Me:"You still have me followed?"

Last time I checked I told him to stop but he said when he leaves prison he will for the time being it was safer. And the Media was all up in my behind.

Sim:"Yes and I'm glad I did I didn't think you would go for girls."

Me:"Wow so you think ngyaku jolela? (I am cheating on you? )"

Sim:"Itshiwo nguwe sthandwa sam(you said it my love)"

Me:"Talk to me when you have brains."

I clicked my tongue and left I could hear the bastard laugh behind me. He never takes me serious.

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