I leaned against the door frame and watched him in admiration he was making breakfast and whistling. He used to stay alone before I moved so he is quiet the cook. We are cohabiting and my family is cool with it his on the other hand doesn't approve much of me and my stay here. I love Sim and he loves me too even though I'm a snob most of the times and I don't even know how to clean he still loves me. 

He finally acknowledged my presence he came to me hugged and kissed me I giggled during the kiss.


Sim:"How do you feel?"

His hand lazily rests inbetween my thighs I have a T-shirt on and no underwear. I could never wear and underwear when he gets back from home or his job because his appetite just builds up.

Me:"I'm good fiance."

He spanked my ass.

Sim:"There's your breakfast and shake."

Me:"Thank you I'm not even going for a jog today."

He squinted his eyes under his glasses his eyesight is weak.  I think it's because he is always on his computer he is a geek and his study has different types of devices. I never pay attention to them because I don't think they will ever be of need.

Sim:"And why did you quit school again?"

Me:"I rolled my eyes I hate being mocked."

Sim:"Why do you even pay a dime to these peoples critics?"

I sat down with my fruit salad and shake. 

Me:"You know how I am baby." 

I know he was rolling his eyes. 

Sim:"I know that you are lazy and when someone says something bad to you you give up because you are spoilt." 

This one doesn't even care of how I feel he just blurts offensive words anyhow. I looked at him with my eyes teary. 

Me:"They said things about my dad." 

He sat down next to me. 

Sim:"Are you your dad?"  I shook my head "Then you shouldn't be worried." 

Eversince my dad stepped down from being a minister of finance to being a mayor people have their own assumptions about why he stepped down. Some say he was opening teenagers thighs others say he was stealing SAs money. Like what the hell?I had managed to calm down when Sims twin walked in her and I are the worst of enemies. 

Amile:"You back from prison but your blood doesn't even know?" 

Sim chuckled and got up to hug her he spun her around and she was having the time of her life.

Sim:"I had to feed my woman before I come to you guys."

Amile:"Mom will kill you dawg." 

Sim:"I know." 

She was ignoring me so I chose to take my food to the lounge she grabbed my wrist before I could make it out. Her eyes scanned my hand. 

Amile:"You proposed?" 

I yanked my hand out of hers. 


She laughed. I decided to leave them cause I sure wasn't going to be congratulated by her. 

Amile:"She hasn't even bathed and she  already has her ring on." 

I heard her shout from behind me. Ugly bitch. 


I have become obsessed with finding out about dads other life to a point where I almost hired a P.I but I'm not about to waste money. Sam has been pestering me to try and find Nathi she just doesn't get that it was only for that night. Everything was good and I'm not about to get into a relationship

she just doesn't get that it was only for that night. Everything was good and I'm not about to get into a relationship my son is young and I doubt I want to have  man around him yet. I'm sure I will know if I'm ready when I'm ready for now I'm good with casual sex. Weirdly dad booked himself a ticket back the next day but he didn't come home. I drove to his workplace and they told me he was away on business which meant he is in Durban but he doesn't even want to be known. Why did he even bother booking a plane ticket? Or maybe he had to do something there. 

I was a Butchers Block waiting for Samantha we just wanted to have some lunch. I am the one who is always late which explains the surprise look on her face when she saw me. 

Sam:"You are early." 

Me:"I know Chomi I'm trying to be a prompt human being for once. Considering I am looking for a job now." 

She raised her eyebrows she laughed when she realized I was serious. 

Sam:"Chomi nin manje(when now?" 

Sam was mixed race but not deeply her mom was half indian and her dad black she does look like an Indian but not much. 

Me:"Since this week started ingane yam iyakhula(my baby is growing)" 

Sam :"Have you found anything?" 

I shook my head no the reason she doesn't believe me is because I'm always looking for a job but I do it with my mouth like even now I haven't even updated my CV. I don't have a reference it's tough getting a job out there with no work experience. Besides I have a phobia of working I don't know if I'm the type to work or not either way one day I will work. 

I was laughing with Sam about something we were already a bit busy. For the first time since my last girlfriend I felt the warmth under my chest because of a girl. She wasn't a girl but she didn't look old. She was a definition of a lady with rich taste of fashion. The wind seemed to be caressing her face she looked up from her phone. Her eyes I loved her eyes and I think I am in love with her. I could hear Samantha talking but I couldn't make out what she was saying. I finally snapped out of it when she sat with her friends behind me. 

Me:"You were saying?" 

This one was smiling like an idiot. 

Sam:"You like her?" 

I shrugged. 

Me:"I think so." 

She chuckled. 

Sam:"She is straight?" 

Me:"And a Spaghetti doesn't go soft when it's warm and wet." 

She laughed. 

Sam:"That's Sin the Mayors daughter. You saw the ring on her finger right?"

Me:"Who couldn't? That's a big rock. But I want her and I'm going to make a plan to get her." 

She smirked shaking her head. I was going to get her. No joke. 

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