A knock came through on my door I knew it was dad. I kicked and punched before opening for him. 


Sandile:"I will see you by the end of next week." 

Me:"Really dad?" 

I asked bored. 

Sandile:"Yes really now I have work." 

Me:"Okaysee you next week." 

He left I knew what time he was going to come out of work. I drove to his workplace after the kids got back I didn't use the parking instead I parked on the next street.  I saw his car drive out if I had money I would rent another car. Maybe I should've exchanged with Samantha he drove inside an estate which had high security so there was no way I could go in. I knew dad had another life but I had to be certain considering I am the kids parents too I had to have information about the other parent. I punched the steering wheel in irritation. I decided to go grab some take outs from steers because this wasn't going to work. When I got home the kids were watching TV. 


Nhlakanipho:"Maka Boy." 

I clicked my tongue. 

Me:"Did you wash your uniform?" 


Me:"Iron?" he nodded "homework." he also nodded. Nhlanzeko chirped in. 

Nzeko:"He is lying he didn't polish." 

Nhlakanipho looked at him. 

Nipho:"Has she asked if I polished?"

I let them bicker while I took my baby to the kitchen I made him food. He showed me his drawings I really think he will make a good artist and I can't wait to send him to a good school of Art. But I need a job. I sent them to bed then I went to my dads office. He didn't log out on his email he had so many ticket purchases. They were all business class flights and I was certain they weren't work related otherwise he wouldn't have made payments himself. They all pointed to Pretoria he just bought one a few minutes ago for tomorrow. I bit my nails contemplating on what to dobut following him is risky. Especially because I won't have transport from the airport. 


Sinempilo Xaba

Being born under a rich family has it's advantages and disadvantages. I liked the power it came with moreover how everyone at school worshipped me. It felt as if I was their God everyone wanted to be my friend. I was  slay queen slash trust fund baby slash not so academically gifted. Mom always said it's fine I can be a trophy wife as long as I have my banging body and to add she made sure I kept it that way. I enjoy the exercises with her she even went as far as getting me a personal trainer. He would come 4 times a week even after school he was there. Not to blow my horn but I look sexy as fuck. I am 23 by the way I don’t work but I have my parents money to spend. Besides my boyfriend is rich and he comes from a rich family and well known. I was leaning against the car watching him make his way towards me

I don’t work but I have my parents money to spend. Besides my boyfriend is rich and he comes from a rich family and well known. I was leaning against the car watching him make his way towards me he still looked handsome except his complexion was lighter than normal. I ran to him his arms were already opened for me. I jumped on them we shared a rather very intense kiss I even moaned. 


Sim:"Hey baby." 

Me :"Prison did you good I see." 

He is cousins with well known thug well his family is a breed of thugs. I didn't like them and their lifestyle but unfortunately they weren't the ones in need of approval but me so I forced myseld to like them. He is or was a Geologist before he go arrested 6 months back. Their trial made waves he even had attitude with just pumped the other lawyer. They robbed a bank and evidence was found in his car they did it on purpose I know I mean who gets arrested when their family runs one of the biggest firms. His family has blood of a lawyer but then I found out by default that he wanted to shift the attention to him and his trials. While their people finished stealing. The bank did get their million back but lost millions after that. The attorney was lenient because he told them where the money is.  I chose him and I stuck with him but it's not as easy as it hims. I have fought off whores because my man can't say no to him I got tired of it and let them see him for the monster he is then they run afterwards. 

Sim:"Ucinga njalo(you think so?)" 

I laughed he wasn't that good in Xhosa. He grew up overseas so his accent is kind of funny but he does know Xhosa then his English gets my panties wet. 

Me :"Ngiyazi(I know so)" 

He laughed I removed my legs from his waist. We walked to the car hand in hand I was so happy to have him back. 

Me:"So when you decided to sacrifice yourself? Didn't you for one second think of me?" 

He rolled his eyeshe was the one driving. He hated my driving for reasons known by him and him only.  He blatantly ignored me. 

"Similo Ndabeni I am talking to you." 

Sim:"Ah Jesus I haven't even eaten KFC and you are on my neck already." 

I huffed and folded my arms. 


I sulked he just chuckled how can he? I am angry. 

Sim:"Keep this for me." 

I looked at him he was struggling to take out something from his jacket. He finally got the black suede small box and gave it to me. My mouth was hanging when I opened it I squealed. 

Me:"Is this?" 

He smirked. 

Sim:"So what do you say?" 

How typical of him to not ask me the actual question. 

Me:"Yes duuh." 

He hit my cheek with his finger damn the ring looked good on me. 

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